Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 97: Mercenary and Combat Cyborg!


I've finished painting a new figure for my collection and have a revamped one done too!

First up theres Rosario Ramirez, Mercenary:

Rosario is a native of Farpoint but having no interest in mining, joined one of the many mercenary guilds that make their home on the frontier in search of a more lucrative and exciting profession. 

She's both competent and highly motivated and has been much sought after, working mostly short term contracts. Her latest employer is a bit of a mystery but pays well and has dispatched her along with a small team to the seedier parts of Freeport City, Farpoint's capitol. She has spent the last week surveilling a compound near the Starport and suspects she's' going be getting some action soon.

Rosario is originally one of the Syntha marines from Void 1.1 but she's generic and interesting enough to make for a good freelance gun. I'm painting a few more similar figures at present to give me a decent little Merc team to work for unknown employers doing shady deeds.

Next up there's Cassius the Combat Cyborg:

Unlike the clunky Servitors of Maximo, Vash has developed cutting edge cybernetic bodies for his own followers and his latest construct is Cassius. Once a lowly security trooper that was badly shot up in one of Inquisitor Fishers skirmishes with the Orks, Cassius now finds himself encased in Ceramite and armed with a Lightning Claw and rapid fire Bolter to bring the Empress' Justice to the uncouth.

Cassius is another old Syntha model from Void 1.1, this time an Assault Androsynth and was painted by me about 8 years ago and has been sat in storage ever since. I've reworked him quite a bit with a fresh coat of paint to jazz up the red and black and he now sports Non Metallic Metallic gear and I plan on using him in an upcoming game as Master Lee is out of action for the next four games!

Speaking of games, I managed to play out a bit of a playtest of a scenario idea I had for Planet 28 using the experimental D100 method that was posted over on Facebook a while back. It was brilliant fun to play and resulted in some nail biting moments. I didn't get any photos as some of the figures weren't completed and the scenery still needs working on but I'll play it again this weekend and will post a full battle report.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Some serious firepower! Great work!

    1. Many thanks!

      I'm hoping to get a few more Mercs painted up soon!