Kryomek Papertech

I've been finding myself making some paper proxies for wargaming on a super small budget so have decided to create a page with all the images in one place so folks can download and colour them to their heart's content.


Originally from the Kryomek game, these little guys can be used to represent penal troops from whatever setting you like. They are armed with a selection of light weaponry and the odd heavy weapon.

There's also some EVA heavy troops in there too so you can have some tougher types!

 Nexus Cyclo 1 plus EVA Troops
Nexus Cyclo Troops 2


I've also got a bunch of Helions, the basic eating machines of the Kryomek. Equipped with teeth and an attitude, they can also be used for other games that require xenos gribblies to menace humanity.

Kryomek Helions 1

Next up, here's the first of my Warriors with a selection of weapon options:

Kryomek Warriors 1

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  1. More great stuff! I really like the orange convict pants that pull together both the guards and cons. One wonders if the guard are just trustees.....
    Everyone con looks pretty happy, I guess the clamp on their head might have something to do with that?