Thursday 15 February 2018

Still Alive!


Well I've not posted any updates for some time but I have actually had a rather productive few weeks hobby wise as I've had a much needed two whole weeks holiday from work!

With Christmas, New Year sales, Harry Potter nights and all sorts of work related excitement, I must admit that the last two weeks have been bliss and a much needed chance to recharge my batteries, relax and paint some stuff!

I've been sorting through our spare room (or library!) which has been chock full of stuff since we moved last year and it's starting to look habitable but more importantly, it's given me an excuse to sort my unpainted miniature stashes into one relatively small pile and I've found picking up and painting the odd bits and bobs that I have collected over the last few decades rather rewarding.

First up, here's some simple scenics I put together for my upcoming Rogue Trader demo at Waterstones:

 Ultramarines investigate some ruins

While they are nothing too exciting, I had a general lack of ruins for my 15mm scale guys to fight over so put this stuff together over the course of an hour or so using cork tile and sand with a little bit of polyfilla to add texture and quite like how they turned out. I need to make another dozen or so for the demo but it shouldn't take too long to do now I have the process sorted.

Next up, I reworked my Ultramarines to be non metallic in-keeping with how my painting style seems to have developed and even managed to finish the missile launcher trooper which has sat primed but unloved in a box since I was at university!

Heavy Weapon

Better yet, I painted up some thuggish sorts with pistols to represent The Riot Squad, one of the local street gangs on Farpoint as well as a random old lady (who looks like she may have stepped out of Monty Python).
Thugs look askance at a shifty old lady

I really like the expression on her face and although the sculpting is rather chunky, she looks the part (ironically she's supposed to be a small child but looks far better as an old cantankerous lady). The gangers are rather fun, although their guns are a bit oversized and have lots of character.

I've also finally found time to paint up my SD adventuring party for Somewhere on the Border!

Bold Adventurers

These are all original sculpts by myself and painting them has got my fingers literally itching to make some more as I really enjoyed painting them!

But there's more! I also finished a Dwarf Technomancer and her robotic minion!

 Shoot him in the face Clyde!

I've also got a sinister rusty rogue robot finished!

Dakka Dakka Dakka!

He's going to be seeing use in several games in the not too distant future, both as an Ork dreadnought in 15mm scale and as a rogue Golem in Somewhere on the Border.

There's more! I've been humming and hahing about trying to put together a 28mm scale fantasy army for some time which got me thinking about my old Leviathan project which got me rummaging for bits which resulted in me painting up some stalwart Dwarves!


Yes, Leviathan is getting a bit of a fresh look at and I'm just going to concentrate on painting stuff and enjoying the retro charm of the classic and characterful sculpts.

Finally, I've got some Aeronef painted for a bit of a random side project that's been rattling around in my head for quite some time too.

Imperial Patrol Nef

It's a bit of a random one that I suspect will be a slow one to develop but has thus far been rather fun to paint my way through.

Kahuna Island Nef

You may notice that I have four different projects all on the go at once but it seems that is just how I roll and it's stopping me getting bored with any one project and I must admit that I've surprised myself with just how much stuff I have managed to paint my way through in the ongoing challenge to clear my unpainted leadpile.

With this in mind, I suspect that I will be flitting around in a similar style for the rest of the year but it's keeping me working at painting and enjoying my hobby and that's the main thing!

All the best!