Friday 30 April 2021

Necromunda and Inspiration Lost


I recently spotted a cheap stack of Necromunda books on Ebay and managed to snag them for a really good price and when they arrived I found myself struck by just how inspiring the old GW stuff used to be!

I managed to get the Necromunda Rulebook, Sourcebook, Outlanders, Getting Started and the Painting and Modelling pamphlet.

Now I will be taking a more indepth look at the awesomeness of the rules and sourcebooks in the future but I found myself really drawn to the Painting and Modelling pamphlet that was included in the original boxed set.

It's literally an eight page booklet but it's full of awesome stuff that I can't help but feel GW is now missing. You get a simple guide to painting figures up to a decent but not unachievable standard. It also gives you a few examples of conversions:

I've got a few of the old Necromunda Goliath and Orlock plastics and for their time, they were pretty good, even if the Goliaths had arms like gorillas and I really miss the simplicity of plastic figures. You can paint up a force relatively quickly and easily but the new super detailed stuff seems to me to be just too much. I don't need a lowly grunt to have as much detail as the mightiest of heroes! 

There's also a section on the brilliant cardboard terrain and how to make it a bit sturdier:

I love the old cardboard terrain GW made back in the day. It allowed you to have a great table to fight over without spending an absolute fortune. Yes it may be not super realistic but I'd use it today in a heartbeat if I had it as it really gives the claustrophobic feel of Necromunda's underhive simply and easily. 

Finally, it even includes a bit on how to make some simple terrain of your own! Remember when GW actively encouraged you to have a bash at making terrain from household materials resulting in most of us having a box of assorted tat to delve into when we want to make stuff? 

It's simple and easy but fun to make and I'm hoping to have a bash at making it myself! Gone are the days when GW encouraged such creativity and inspiration as now its all about super expensive plastic scenery kits resulting in so many boards beginning to look the same. 

Remember the old pics from White Dwarf with utterly amazing handmade terrain like this:

I personally find this sort of thing more inspiring than looking at the new stuff. It's got so many small details that draw the eye and while it's stunningly made and painted, I do think I could aspire to making something similar with a bit of work!

Finally, there's the back cover with some lovely 'Eavy Metal gangers, Goblin Green bases included:

If you can find it, it's a really inspiring little pamphlet that one can find all manner of inspiration for their hobbying and I plan to use it as the basis for some industrial terrain for my Inquisitorial agents and possibly the odd gang or two to fight over.

I've got a load of supplies stashed in my bits box and a fair amount of small odds and ends already done but need a load more to really give the cluttered and ramshackle battlefield of the far future and plan on spending the month of May in a bit of a terrain making bash.

I've also been keeping my eye out on possible bits and found this at Lidl:

With a bit of work, it will be getting turned into a raised gantry and cost me £5.99 and I'm looking forward to getting to work on it!

Hopefully I'll have some more posts in the coming days with a load of terrain as well as some more indepth dives into the Necromunda books but until then, All the best!

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Battle Report: Polypp Infestation!


Well I'm back at work and its been really busy which is fantastic! To celebrate, I managed to play a quick battle report yesterday evening featuring Inquisitor Fisher's party scouring a settlement to destroy a deadly Polypp infestation.

The Background

Following the mission to deal with the Sump Beast, Inquisitor Fisher has been dispatched to investigate the sudden loss of communication with a small settlement called Finbar Station. The settlement is located several hours from Freeport City and Fisher quickly assembles a team to find out what has happened after her Astropath informs her that she can sense strange Psychic emanations from the region. 

Rushing to Finbar Station in her shuttle, her team lands to find the settlement strangely deserted. Cautiously moving towards the settlement's main structure, Geralt points out a strangely glowing patch of fungus like material. Polypp spoor! Drawing their weapons Inquisitor Fisher and her team cautiously enter the building, aware that the settlers of Finbar Station are dead and the dangerous Warp entities must be destroyed before their infestation can spread further. 

The Forces

Inquisitor Fisher's party consists of Fisher who is armed with a power sword, las pistol and has medium armour, Vash Hammersworn who is armed with a Thunderhammer, stub pistol and has heavy armour, Geralt the Wolfbane who is equipped with a bolt pistol and sword and wears medium armour and Chin the Suicide Warhead who is armed with his fists and has medium armour. He is also capable of exploding!

The Polypp infestation consists of a mixture of Shamblers and Beholders who may randomly appear as the team explores the buildings maze like interior. There is also the chance of bumping into a Gorgon or even the Shoggoth.

The Setup

The game takes place in the interior of one of the buildings that makes up Finbar Station. Fisher's team begin the game in the bottom centre entry room and must move through the structure dealing with Polypp spawning points and possible ambushes. 

The first room has a low danger rating whilst as they explore further the danger will increase with more chances of being ambushed as the Polypp intelligence becomes aware of their activities. The objective is to clear each quadrant of spawn points and destroy the Shoggoth which lies at the centre of the building.

The Game

I fancied trying something a bit different for this game and used a bit of a hybrid of the Space Crusade rules using Havok dice. Each character has three actions, to move a square, shoot, close combat or perform a special action. 

For example, Fisher can attack using her power sword using two Havok dice with a skull giving one success and a blast icon giving two successes. The Polypp Shambler would then roll two Havok dice to resist the attack (they're pretty hard to kill!) 

Characters can use one action to rest which allows them to roll a single dice to see if they recover a health point, something that came in really handy in the game.

Entering the first room with the deft application of his Thunderhammer, Vash is confronted by a Polypp Shambler who moves forward to attack him but is charged by Geralt. The ensuing melee sees Geralt fail to kill the warp beast and Chin moves forward, his metal fists thundering into the pulpy creatures hide, wounding but not killing it. 

Fisher allows her underlings to deal with the creature and sets out to destroy the first of the spawn points.

The Polypp attacks Geralt and badly wounds the Wolfbane and a second Shambler appears at the doorway accompanied by a Beholder. Its only the first room and things are looking grim for the team but Fisher destroys the spawn point so no further beasts will appear in the room and her team moves to engage the foe.

Chin destroys the first Shambler with a series of punches and kicks, his robotic limbs a blur of furious movement and the creature dissolves into a foul smelling pool of slime. This frees Geralt to charge the Beholder and a series of swings of his sword bisects the floating monster.

Finally Vash moves to smash the final Shambler with his Thunderhammer but rolls incredibly badly only succeeding in causing a single point of damage to the warp beast.

In return the Shambler attacks Vash and causes a wound but is eventually destroyed as the entire team piles in and it too dissolves under the scrum of flashing swords, blazing pistols and robotic limbs. With the first room cleared, Fisher attempts to open the doorway to the next room and steps in.

Despite the higher chance of an ambush, the team only encounters a single Shambler in the room and quickly destroy it and the spawn point. (in the first room I rolled a single Havok dice per turn with a blast icon having an ambush occur. In the second there were two dice rolled, and in the third, three and so on).

Geralt busts through the door of the third room and draws his bolt pistol to cover his team as they move into the room. Appearing from the depths a lone Beholder moves to attack the Wolfbane, its eye beam cutting a deep gash in the wall behind him. Geralt responds by opening fire, lightly wounding the creature but not slowing its advance. Vash moves to support Geralt whilst Fisher is accompanied by Chin towards the door to the next room, confident that her two companions will deal with the spawn point and any creatures they encounter.

Unfortunately two Shamblers appear, one moves towards Fisher while the second trundles towards the Beholder who is engaging the other half of the Inquisitorial party. Again the Beholder's eye beam blazes, this time catching Geralt and causing another wound.

Hefting his Thunderhammer, Vash moves round the corner and brings it crashing down on the top of the floating creature destroying it utterly. Nodding his thanks to the Mechanicus, Geralt pauses to patch his latest wound and moves to support Fisher and Chin while Vash moves toward the spawn point.

Combined assault by Fisher and Chin destroys the Shambler before it can act but the remaining Polypp moves forward to close with Vash and attempt to stop the destruction of the spawn point. Vash once again swings his hammer, but it takes his entire three actions to beat the creature to pulp and is badly injured in return. Fortunately no further ambushes were struck and in the subsequent turn Vash managed to destroy the spawn point.

The team then moves into the final room and discovers another Shambler which moves towards them. As her team moves to attach the Polypp and deal with the spawn point, Fisher notices a door to her left and senses she's near the source of the infestation. Opening the doorway reveals a shadowy storeroom that seems to be partially filled with a dully glowing mass. Suddenly the glow intensifies and Fisher finds herself face to face with the Shoggoth. Gripping her Power sword, she charges in, the crimson glowing blade in her hands blurs and cuts deeply into the otherworldly flesh of the Shoggoth.

The Shoggoth slams its great bulk down, trying to crush Fisher but she nimbly skips out of the way avoiding the blow with ease. Meanwhile the Shambler moves towards Vash, the Polypp intelligence knows it's in serious danger and strikes Vash down, leaving the Mechanicus sprawled and unconscious but before it can infect him, Geralt and Chin rush in to kill it.

As Vash falls, Fisher once again strikes out at the Shoggoth with her blade, again cutting deeply into the beast but its unnatural vitality allows it to keep fighting and this time Fisher is too slow and the beast catches her in its sweeping attack sending her crashing back into the wall. 

Bellowing and hooting, the Shoggoth attempts to summon reinforcements but is interrupted by Geralt charging through the doorway and opening fire with his bolt pistol, the explosive rounds detonating in the beasts flesh, sending the creature into thrashing frenzy before it dissolves into a pool of foul smelling slime as Geralt's sword finishes it off.

Stooping over his boss, he hoists Fisher to her feet and nodding her thanks she moves to examine the source of the infestation. Hidden amongst the cargo is a strange, dully glowing container. Obviously of Xenos manufacture, Fisher pulls out a stasis generator and slips the artefact into it for later study. 

Sudden sounds of combat ring out from behind them and she turns to see Chin striking down another Shambler as he stands over the slumped form of Vash. Rushing forward Geralt slings the unconscious Mechanicus over his shoulder and glances at Fisher. There are far too many of the creatures approaching from the gloom for them to deal with. Fisher snaps at Chin " Identification Fisher, Code Tsunami!" and the robots eyes flash red as its suicide protocol is activated. Bounding forward, fists swinging, the robot dives into the mass with a yell of BANZAI! and as Fisher and Geralt make a run for it, he detonates, the fusion bomb in his chest unleashes a wave of fiery destruction on the Polypps and the structure allowing a somewhat singed Fisher and Geralt, still carrying Vash over his shoulder to escape to the safety of their shuttle.

As the shuttle takes off, Fisher contacts her ship, The Shrike to open fire with its lance batteries and Finbar Station vanishes in an apocalypse of orbital laser fire. Fisher is a fan of the nuke 'em from orbit approach as it is after all, the only way to be sure.

Upon her return to The Shrike, Fisher sends Vash off to medical to be purged of any Xenos taint and Geralt wanders off for a bath as she heads to the bridge to report to the Governor General why one of the planets settlements is now a crater of smouldering glass. But where did the artefact come from and who would be foolish enough to unleash a deadly Warp infestation on a planet? Only time will tell and once Vash is back on his feet she intends to study the strange object and divine who needs to face the full might of the Imperial Inquisition!

Well that was an interesting game, especially as it was thrown together without much thought! Does the artefact appear to be suspiciously similar to the Item that the two mercs stole from the warehouse in Freeport City recently for a mysterious employer? Who is behind the death of a town and using Xenos tech in such a dangerous fashion? Only time will tell but until then, All the best!

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 117: Conclusion


So here we are, the last day of my second lockdown daily project log. 117 days of posts, ramblings, miniatures and battle reports and as much as I've hated being stuck at home and off work, I have to say that I have found myself reengaged with my hobby in a way I've not managed for as long as I can remember. 

During the period, I've painted 154 figures or terrain items and played 25 games using seven different rulesets. I've rediscovered 28mm and created characters I've really enjoyed playing, be it Inquisitor Fisher or Vash Hammersworn and their companions who have been embroiled in an ongoing narrative sort of campaign. The Boar Company have returned to my gaming table after three whole years of sitting on a shelf and their world of Aeroth and the borderlands are coming to life with new forces and characters.

While Covid has been a massive disruption and worry to our lives, I've found my hobby has really helped me get through it and am hoping that my return to work won't herald the end of hobbytime like it has done so often before. I suspect that it won't this time around as I've discovered just how stress relieving painting a figure or playing a quick game is and no matter how tired I may be of an evening, I'm sure I will be able to heft a paintbrush or dice and push some figures around the table.

I do hope folks have enjoyed my rambling posts over the last four months and I plan on keeping going, possibly not every day but at least once a week with whatever I'm working on or playing and I'm keen to actually tick off some of my Wishlist items but that will be a post for another day and until then, All the best!


Monday 19 April 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 116: Wishlisting EDITED


I'm nearing the end of my Lockdown project logs with me returning to work on Wednesday and I wanted to take a pause from my usual posts to have a bit of a wishlist for what I'm hoping to do for the remainder of 2021.

This lockdown has really got me enthused about sculpting, painting and gaming and despite all the stresses of being off work and having to stay home, I've really reengaged with my hobby in a way that I've not been for quite a while now and am keen to keep this going.

First up, on the Sci-fi and Fantasy front, I hope to keep going with my skirmishing so expect to see more characters and warbands for both turning up in the coming months.

I've discovered or bodged several rulesets that works with small skirmishes which allows me to play a fun game with as few as two figures a side in 30-40 minutes, something I can throw together of an evening after work and not have to spend hours working on. Similarly the low model count means I can add reinforcements or new forces without spending untold hours painting stuff, instead spending what free time I have working on a single character or some other oddment that I fancy adding.

The games themselves have been really great fun to work on with each giving me new ideas for future games, forces and scenarios and it's been a bit of a renaissance for the old hobby mojo which is utterly fantastic and something I'm keen to keep going with!

But where to go from here? The answer in the short term is to keep going but what do I want to try out in the future and for that, I am posting out my random jabberings to see if I can get my ideas straight and focused somewhat.

There are several games that I'd love to try, if for no other reason than to relive the 90's and with my newfound enthusiasm, I think I can make a bit of a go at them in some form or other.  You may note that many of these are older GW stuff and I had previously posted that I was trying to move away from GW and for the most part this is true as I've no real interest in the newer GW stuff. Yes the rules are a bit more modern and the figures are technically far more advanced than the old stuff, but there's something really pleasing about these old, characterful sets that I can't seem to bet past so in no particular order, here's some of the odds and ends I want to try out in the coming year:

I've got a real soft spot for Man o War as it was a great game that just didn't seem to catch on back in the 90's and I've got the rules, cards and tokens (somewhere!) but no ships. and think it would be a fun project to sculpt some of my own. Coupled with the fact that a game can be played with as few as 3 ships a side, it might be a good project to try something a bit different. The only downside is the fact that playing a game isn't a super quick process, often taking well over an hour to play a small game.

Necromunda was another game I played loads back in the mid 90's at high school with my Orlocks regularly getting thrashed by Goliaths and Spyrers but the campaign system was great fun and each ganger, even the lowliest Juve had real character and personality. Games could be quick and brutal but I'd need to build a literal ton of scenery to do it justice so maybe it will be one for a longer term goal.

Gorkamorka is a brilliant game with a strong Mad Max vibe with post apocalyptic vehicles thundering around a desert landscape with gangs of Orks fighting over scrap. I'd love the excuse to convert some suitable vehicles for it and wonder about incorporating it into a Necromunda/Rogue Trader sort of a game. It's definitely something to think about and could be a really good way for me to build up my Orky warband or possibly convert the rules for Rusty Robots and the Scrapyard as the setting and combatants...

Moving onto Fantasy, I do love the setting and campaign system of Mordheim but the aesthetic doesn't really fit my cartoony sculpting style for fantasy but I may put together a few sculpts that would work and see how I get on.

Speaking of Fantasy, I've been working my way through sculpting the contents of my own style classic Warhammer Quest with Rats, Bats and Spiders already done. It will probably take a good six months of work to get the remainder done but I plan on chipping away at it!

There's also Warzone. With the promise of new figures from Res Nova and a kickstarter tentatively due in late autumn, I think this will be a project for next year as I'm super keen to play both the classic edition and the new set once it's released so will be keeping a close eye on developments!

I've also got a bit of an eye on playing Star Mogul, especially as I found my copy of the rules that I printed back in the day and once I've got enough suitable figures, I plan on sorting out a mini campaign out on the fringes of Imperial territory.

Another wishlist for the year is to play a game of Inquisitor. It's a bit of an oddball but I do like the RPG like elements to it and I already have the figures so may have a bash at it when I've got a day to spare and get my head around the rules!

Looking back at this post, I realised I'd forgotten to add Twilight and War of Ashes to the wishlisting! Both are beautifully imagined worlds with unique races and I'm determined to at least get the stuff I have painted and try a few games!

Finally, almost against my better judgement, I really want to play a game of either Rogue Trader or 2nd edition 40k but both of these options are distant hopes more than doable objectives as I'd need to really crack on with painting and painting full squads is not my forte so maybe I can do something similar in 6mm...

We shall see if I manage to actually carry through with any of these wishlisted hopes but at the very least, I plan on keeping on going with what I've been doing and see how things go but in the meantime, All the best!

Sunday 18 April 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 115: Battle for Redforge


As promised, I've managed to play out the first of my mini campaign featuring the Boar Company's search to bring the rogue sorcerer Marik Goldhelm to justice.

The Background

As the fiercest winter in living memory eases and the snowbound Axeblade mountains become navigable, Grimli Ironholm, leader of the Boar Company prepares his force to venture out into the frontier to reconnect communication between the many small settlements dotted around the region and ensure their safety from marauding beasts. He also has a personal quest, to track down his nemesis, Marik Goldhelm and remove his head.

The Boar Company departs early in the morning and after several days trek, stop at one of the Order of the Tower's way stations on their way to Pinecliff, the largest settlement in the area but whilst swapping tales over an ale next to a blazing fire that evening, Grimli discovers Marik has been spotted at a nearby settlement called Redforge. The settlement is small and what reason would Marik have for visiting it but for the purpose of doing evil?

Summoning his battle brothers, Flint and Gunnar, the three decide to set out before dawn the next morning to catch up with Marik and bring the full weight of the Boar Company's justice upon him and his foul followers for too many times has the rogue dogged their path and performed evil upon the inhabitants of the border. Swearing a mighty oath, the three dedicate their lives to the death of Marik and the remaining Boar Company troops do likewise. Now only death will prevent them from their task.

Departing the way station in the cold pre-dawn, the Boar Company marches with all haste towards Redforge and the coming confrontation. As they approach, they can see smoke rising above the settlement and beyond, Marik and his warband preparing to depart. 

Bellowing a challenge, the Boar Company surges forward. It will be a day of swords and sorrows but by the ancestors, they will settle accounts with Marik!

The Forces

The Boar Company consists of Grimli Ironholm, Gunnar Beastspeaker and Flint Dragonbane and are accompanied by a Razorback Rider, hunter with crossbow, Wildling with javelins and six Boar Company troopers including their Banner Bearer who carries a Spelleater rune to counter any malign magics.

Marik is accompanied by his undead Knight, Kull, a Horned Folk warrior named Crimsonhoof, a combat golem, an archer and four minions. He has also summoned a pair of giant bats, three Cavern Dwellers and a sizeable swarm of Giant Spiders.

The Setup

The Settlement of Redforge lies at the centre of the board with woods and newly grown fungal patches surrounding it on three sides. The Boar Company deploys from the south table edge with Mariks forces on the northern edge. Grimli, Flint and Gunnar are all accompanied by two troopers whilst the Hunter, Wildling and Razorback rider deploy along the edge of the trees to the east, preparing to move out towards whatever they see.

The Game

Turn one has both forces moving rapidly towards the settlement, keen to get to grips with their hated foes but things don't go Marik's way as the summoned spiders and Cavern Dwellers mill around and refuse to activate. On the eastern flank, the Razorback rider thunders out of the treeline and sees a group of giant bats moving towards him in the distance.

Marik moves forward, accompanied by a hulking wargolem he's recently acquired from the now deceased inhabitants of Redforge, keen to unleash it upon his pursuers. Seeing the unmistakable form of Flint Dragonbane at the opposite edge of town, he raises his staff, preparing to strike the Dwarf down with a mighty show of his power but something is wrong and he cannot summon enough Earthpower to cast at the Dwarf. Could the Spelleater rune the Boar Company banner is bearing be affecting the rogue?

Meanwhile on the western flank, Crimsonhoof spots movement and issuing a bellow of bloodthirsty rage begins to lumber towards the distant troops. Responding in kind, Gunnar leads his companions forward shouting curses and insults at the Horned Folk beast in its own tongue.

Grimli, accompanied by the banner bearer and a trooper with a flail, spies Marik in the distance and begins a song of battle which his companions take up and soon the stirring tune resounds across the battlefield as the Company gives voice.

Turn two has the giant bats flap forward toward the Razorback rider but are targeted by the sturdy Wildling who hefts a javelin at one, wounding the beast but failing to bring it down, the hunter with the crossbow, now safely ensconced in the wood, draws a bead and fires. His bolt flies true and one of the bats is sent crashing to the ground, dead.

Seizing the moment, the Razorback rider barrels into the wounded bat and dispatches it with his lance but he is now dangerously exposed to a countercharge from the minions accompanying Kull, the dread knights sword glowing a sickly green orders his minions to attack the Dwarf but their charge falls short!

Meanwhile the Boar Company has reached the edge of the town and Flint's party storms in through a narrow alleyway only to see Marik. Uttering a curse, Flint issues a challenge but the sorcerer disdains such scum and attempts to cast a bolt of eldritch lighting at the Dwarves but is shocked to find the spell misfiring and singeing himself. Shaking his head woozily, he can feel the Spelleater rune sapping his power and in a fit of pique, orders his Wargolem to open fire. The clanking monstrosity lets rip with it's blackpowder cannon and the alleyway is filled with fire and fury but when the smoke clears, Flint and co are still standing, their armour pitted but unhurt and the plucky Dwarves rush forward, keen to get to grips with their tormentor.

As Grimli's party moves into the settlement, they come under fire from Marik's archer who manages to score Grimli's breastplate with his barbed arrow but fails to damage the furious Dwarf.

Seeing the Minion's failed charge, the Razorback rider digs his spurs into his mount's flank and crouches his lance as the squealing beast bucks wildly before hurtling into the unit. His lance strikes true, lifting one of the minions off his feet whilst a second is gored by the Razorback but his attack is ended by the ensorcelled blade of the undead knight chopping at his head forcing him to parry wildly.

Turn three begins with the Dwarf hunter taking a potshot at Marik who happens to be just within range but the sorcerer swats the bolt out of the air and unleashes a bolt of his own at Flints party but the stalwart Dwarf emerges unhurt. The Golem once again sends forth a torrent of fire but its aim is off and it manages to destroy a building front instead of its intended target.

Marik's archer transfers his attention to Flint's party and manages to knock over one of the troopers but fails to injure him. 

Meanwhile the spider swarm rushes forward towards the town, finally answering Marik's summons but will it arrive in time?

Meanwhile on the western edge of the settlement, Gunnar's party and Crimsonhoof clash with the mighty Horned Folk shrugging off the blows rained down on it and badly goring Gunnar but the Beastspeaker has dealt with wild beasts before and continues to fight.

Turn four begins with Flint's party being charged by the Wargolem. The magitech beast swings a mighty fist and crashes it into Flint's breastplate, crushing it and seriously wounding the Dwarf. While his bodyguard deals with the closest party, Marik spies the third trooper who is pulling himself to his feet. Sneering under his helm Marik once again tries to cast a bolt of Earthpower but has it rebound upon himself. 

Cursing in pain, he glances to his left and sees the reason. Emerging from the buildings marches Grimli and his party. The Spelleater rune glowing warmly. Knowing he's now outnumbered, Marik begins to move back into the alleyway and safety as the commander of the Boar Company roars a challenge to the craven coward but see's his companion Flint is badly hurt, Grimli rushes forward to provide aid.


Uttering his clans battlecry, Grimli launches himself onto the Golem and cleaves it with his trusty broadsword. The rusty machine shudders to a halt, it's magitech core breached and Marik feels a chill as he sees the grizzled Boar Company leader best his vaunted machine. The two lock eyes but before Grimli can move, a barbed arrow from Marik's archer sinks into the back of his banner bearer. The brave Dwarf lets out a groan and sinks to the ground, blood pouring from the jagged wound. 

To the east, the black knight, Kull exchanges a flurry of blows with the Razorback rider, badly wounding him but failing to dispatch the sturdy Dwarf. In response, his Razorback knocks the skeletal knight off his feet, rolling its eyes and frothing at the mouth at the nearness of the terrible being. 

The Wildling rushes in to support the Razorback rider and his timely assistance sees one minion fall gurgling with a javelin through his throat and with renewed energy, the Razorback rider lops off the skeleton's head and the final minion breaks from the swirling combat, fleeing for the safety of the woods.

In the settlement, the spiders surge over the Boar Company Dwarves, killing one and wounding Grimli before the survivors put them to the sword.

Finally over on the western flank of the settlement, Crimsonhoof, seizes up one of the Boar Company troopers and hurls him into a building, the impact breaking the troopers neck. Uttering a roar of outrage, Gunnar, throws himself back into the fray and with the assistance of the remaining trooper succeeds in slaying the beast.

As Grimli painfully pulls himself to his feet, dizzy as the spider venom courses through his body he is dimly aware of the form of Marik dashing from the battlefield into the forest with his surviving minions. 


The battle was over and once again Marik had escaped. Grimli feebly cursed as his brave companions bound their wounds, buried their dead and strapped him onto a crude stretcher. The spider venom would kill him if they didn't make for Pinecliff and the Order of the Tower whose skilled medics would be able to cure him but even in his fever, Grimli cursed and swore vengeance. 

Placing a supportive hand upon his friend and leader's shoulder, the battered and pale Flint exchanged a worried glance with Gunnar. The burly Dwarf was swathed in bandages but stoically ignoring his wounds but the spider venom was beyond his skills to deal with so their vendetta would have to wait. Grimli would live and Marik would get what was coming to him. 

With that the surviving Boar Company marched out towards Pinecliff.

Whee! As usual, a game between Marik and the Boar Company results in a proper grudge match and once again the oily rogue sorcerer has avoided his just desserts but this is only the first game in the campaign. Will the company reach Pinecliff and receive the aid they need to cure Grimli? What will Marik's response to his Golem's destruction and the death of his two most powerful minions be? 

Only time will tell but until then, All the best!