Wednesday 25 August 2021

Still Alive!


Its been a bit busy here at Spacecow HQ over the last month or so with a combination of work, visiting relatives and a total lack of hobby time. Coupled with the fact that my gaming room, our spare room come library has a double bed in it at present, I've managed to get absolutely nothing done!

I've got two weeks holidays coming up from next week but I'm off to Wales so I won't be getting much done there either! 

I do plan on taking my sketchbook with me to get my Somewhere on the Border and Rusty Robots projects a bit of fleshing out with a load of new designs, background and general gubbins planned!

For Somewhere on the Border, I have the Boar Company nearly complete with only a few odds and ends to sculpt and paint to give me the complete force but I do need to sculpt lots of other denizens of Aeroth including some random encounters for my adventurers to do battle with.

My Rusty Robots have kind of stalled with the Blue Tribe I'd been working on as the concept just didn't match the final sculpts so I'll be taking the opportunity to tweak the concept when I'm on holiday. Similarly I need to work on the other tribes, specialists, big guys and leaders for each!

I've also got some vague plans to work on my Planet 28 project as I've got a real hankering to do more for it so I may end up writing up a campaign while I'm away.

No doubt I'll get only a fraction of what I'm hoping to get done actually done but we shall see what I can actually do with two weeks of work free relaxation. I shall post an update when I get home in mid September but until then, All the best!