Thursday, 20 January 2022

New Year Gaming!


I've already covered my interest in working my way through the Rangers of Shadowdeep core rulebook and campaign over the course of the next while but I'm also pondering some other games both old and new for a bit of a spin.

As per usual, Ash over on Guerrilla Miniature Games has got me picking up new rules in the form of The Silver Bayonet and Scrappers. Both are Osprey Games and I'd initially ignored them as they just didn't seem to be my cup of tea but having watched a couple of battle reports, I'm actually intrigued enough to pick up a copy of each to try out!

With Silver Bayonet, I plan on using my Flintloque/Deadloque collection to play games with as I must admit that I'm quite looking forward to giving it a try out! As for Scrappers, I think I'm going to rummage my leadpile and see what I've got and also use the opportunity to try to get some games of Star Mogul in too.

I also got a super cheap copy of Supersystem 2nd edition which I'm contemplating sculpting some supers and villains for in my own style.

I also think I'll try out the rules for a quick skirmish game featuring Inquisitor Fisher and some foes as I've heard really good things about the system and it's based on the old White Wolf Trinity Battleground game which was great fun.

I'm also contemplating putting together a couple of articles about Rogue Trader and the basics of putting together a small force and the basics of character building and how to get the best of the rules from my own somewhat limited experience.

Finally, I'm finding myself somewhat tempted to try something completely different.

I left the hobby when 40k moved from 2nd edition to 3rd as it was so simplified and I never played it but I recently got to thinking that I love Epic 40k because it took a granular, somewhat clunky system and streamlined it right down to allow for a quick playing but still enjoyable system. What if 3rd/4th edition 40k is similar?

I doubt I'll do much with it in the near future but I may pick up the core rulebook and the odd codex if I can find them cheaply enough and instead of the £100+ for Rogue Trader and 2nd edition, the later rulesets seem to be pretty cheap at about a tenner for the core rules. I'll need to delve into it a bit but I do wonder if I can put together a 250-300 point combat patrol sort of force and see how things go.

This is very much something I'll be putting on the back-burner for the foreseeable but it may be a nice long term aim for the year to end up with a little force thats a step up from my usual skirmish warband.

We shall see what I actually manage in the next month or two so watch this space!

All the best!

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Rangers of Shadowdeep Project Part 2


As part of my Rangers of Shadowdeep project I needed some zombies for the first scenario and have just finished the first trio!

I made them rather scabby, scarred and gribbly and really enjoyed working on the little guys and gave them a mixture of worn military and civilian attire to represent the unfortunates who have been afflicted with the gift of unlife by the Children of the Worm!

I also rummaged out another of my Boar Company troopers who had been sat primed and got him painted too!

Armed with a two handed flail, this little guy means business and adds some heavy hitting power to my Boar Company force. I actually have four of them all together so will be able to field a unit of them in larger games. 

Adventurers disturb a group of shambling Children of the Worm

I've got three more zombies to paint and will post another update in the next few days once they are done along with the intrepid rangers who will be exploring the Shadowdeep, or the wild frontier of Aeroth!

I've also got another post that I'm putting together with some musings about playing some other games that I've got lying around and one or two I'm contemplating picking up and having a bash at in the future but more on that next time as it doesn't really fit in with my Rangers project.

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday, 10 January 2022

Rogue Trader in 2022


Just a quick post today. I managed to play my first game of 2022! 

I went for Rogue Trader and used my Orks and Inquisitorial Agents and it was utterly fantastic to get a game played after quite a few months. Instead of going for any sort of scenario I just went for a straight up battle which saw the Orks getting a bit of a beating from the forces of the Imperium. 

While the rules are a bit clunky and slow compared to more modern rulesets, Rogue Trader is such fun to play I always enjoy playing small skirmishes with a couple of squads and the odd character a side. I suspect that larger games with lots of characters and vehicles would slow things down massively.

The highlight of the game was my Ork warboss killing two Space Marines in close combat and almost breaking through the Imperial line before his small force got shredded and the lone Kommando sneaking within bolt pistol range of Inquisitor Fisher and managing to wound her before Glitterberry the Eldar shot him down with a burst of Shuriken Catapult fire.

I really need to paint up more Orky boyz as they need some decent sized mobs to soak up fire and still have enough bodies to pile into combat and want to add some more characters to my collection to give me more options for my games. 

For my Imperial forces, I want to get my ships crew up to a couple of full strength squads as they get squished in literally every single game they've been in as there just aren't enough of them!

I've got quite a few assorted odds and ends lying around that will need painting up for both forces over the coming months but I also have some Eldar in the works which should give me enough to use in small skirmishes using Rogue Trader and Planet 28!

In other news, my copy of Rangers of Shadowdeep has arrived and I got a copy of Supersystem on the cheap too which I'm keen to give a try at some point too. I've also been working on getting a couple of Worm Cultists finished for my Somewhere on the Border project and will share photos once they arrive. 

I've also got some more bases ordered up so I'll be able to get stuff based and painted in the coming weeks too which is handy.

Hopefully I'll get chance to play the first scenario for Rangers of Shadowdeep this month once I've got the odds and ends finished but will be posting the odd battle report for some other games and will be posting whatever random bits and bobs I manage to paint in the meantime. 

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday, 3 January 2022

January Project: Rangers of Shadowdeep Part 1


I've managed to pick up a fairly cheap copy of the new edition of Rangers of Shadowdeep from Ebay and am planning on using January as a challenge month to get myself the gubbins to play the campaign included in the book.

I've settled on using my own sculpts as I have loads of stuff to use for my Ranger and companions and assorted NPC's as well as Giant Spiders and Rats.

On top of the vermin, the scenario also calls for a minimum of six zombies so I've spent my last couple of days off sculpting some!

I need to sculpt a couple more to give me some flex in game and in the post apocalyptic Aeroth, they will be Children of the Worm, reanimated Revenants enslaved to the Great Devourer Worm, a gigantic bioengineered creature that inhabits the southern desert. It's worshippers give the gift of unlife to those desperate or unfortunate enough to fall into their clutches. By eating the flesh of the Worm, they become immune to disease and can withstand a terrific amount of punishment before being destroyed. Unfortunately the side effects can result in them devolving into a shambling zombielike creatures with only the bare minimum of intelligence!

Irksomely, I've run out of 20mm round bases so will need to pick up some more before I can get them painted but I'm going to crack on with getting my sculpting and will be adding a couple of Worm Cultists, a Worm Priest and a Blessed Hulk which will see use in both Brutal Quest and A Song of Blasters and several other games that I plan on playing during the course of the year! 

I'll be posting another update in a weeks time, hopefully with some painted figures or some built scenery but in the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

2021 Yearly Review


Sadly I've been too busy with work to really post much this December but I do have time to take a peek back at what I have got done throughout the year and ponder a bit about what I hope to do in 2022!

Miniatures Painted 2021: 177 or +29 on 2020

Unsurprisingly I got more done this year than last, largely due to lockdown 2.0 which saw me getting a ton of hobby stuff completed or at least worked on and a surprising return to the joys of 28mm scale after pretty much writing off any interest in the scale I had in previous years. 

I think this is partially due to me having some stuff lying around that I've had sat unpainted for literally decades in some case and the lockdown forcing me to actually do something about it all and partially due to me delving deeply into character driven skirmishes in a more RPG lite sort of game than larger skirmishes and finding the experience rather rewarding.

My Inquisitorial agents Fisher, Geralt and Vash even managed to stir a proper campaign with several interconnected games being played and more figures getting painted to add to the choice of foes, rivals and allies and I suspect that this approach will be what I will be trying to duplicate in 2022 as super small skirmishes between half a dozen figures is actually manageable without having to paint an absolute ton of stuff, construct large amounts of terrain or spend vast sums of money!

Sadly as the year proceeded, work picked up and hobby time began to suffer and my man cave was largely unused for gaming but I did manage to keep going with the effort and painted up a surprising quantity of figures that by in large, I'm really pleased to have finished.

With the addition of several odds and ends I think that I'm set up for trying to beat this years score with the painting front as I have still got lots of bits and bobs lying around that will come in handy in the coming twelve months and want to set myself a challenge to paint at least one figure a week throughout the year. Obviously some weeks will have more done than others but I do like a bit of an achievable objective to work towards, especially as we won't hopefully have any more lockdowns to leave me with time on my hands!

While I would like to be a bit more focussed on getting individual projects completed, my scattergun approach seems to have worked as whenever I've started to flag on one warband or genre, I skipped off to another and succeeded in keeping myself entertained and not burning out and the eclectic mix of figures have given me all sorts of ideas for ongoing campaigns, games, warbands and any number of other random hobby goodness that I'm keen to explore!

Thats not to say that there aren't things I'd really like to work on further, be it my Alternative Imperium, Brutal Quest Dark Age project that got started but not finished or any other thing that I've pondered on but I do want to try and keep the randomness going into 2022 and if it means that I have lots of mini projects on the go at once but am enjoying myself, that's all that matters!

Speaking of plans for 2022, I have big plans for both my Rusty Robots and Somewhere on the Border collection and will be aiming to dedicate a bit of time and effort throughout the year to keep building the warbands and terrain and playing some games and campaigns as I go. I'm also pondering some small scale stuff, be it my Fantasy Land Ironclads or some VSF Aeronef, I'll see what I can come up with but my primary goal will be to keep enjoying myself, painting figures and playing games.

Speaking of games, lets take a look at how I did:

Games Played 2021: 47 using eight separate systems or +25 games and +2 systems from 2020

Whee! I averaged almost a game a week over the course of the year and while I've not managed to post battle reports of all of them, the total has been really heartening and hugely enjoyable and the fact that I've managed to play such a variety of them has been fantastic fun and I'm aiming to play even more and different games in the coming year.

I've played lots of sci-fi skirmishes in steaming jungles, abandoned bases, derelict space hulks and rundown cities. Adventures have been had and villains thwarted, heroes acted heroically and xenos threats purged! I've really enjoyed the experience of mixing systems and bodging rules to play the sorts of games I love. The model count has usually been no more than about 15-20 a side but its been great fun and even the smallest of skirmishes featuring as few as two figures on a side and on a 1'x2' board have been utterly great fun.

I've even managed that holy grail, to play an interlinked series of scenarios in a loose sort of mini campaign which saw my Imperial Agents battling a shadowy foe and while the campaign never ran to its conclusion, mostly due to me running out of time, it's been a great experience and again something I'm keen to replicate and build on in the coming year!

My Boar Company even managed to get an outing, giving their hated foe Marik Goldhelm a thrashing and once again sending him scurrying off to hide which was awesome fun and reminded me that my own sculpts are something I really enjoy working on and playing around with and deserve more of my attention.

We shall have to see what 2022 brings but I am hoping that no matter what lockdowns, pandemics or other shenanigans it brings, I will at least have my hobby to retreat to to keep me sane and thank you all for spending the time to read my ramblings and put up with my random posts and I hope you all have enjoyed Tales From Farpoint and despite Bloggers increasingly annoying bugs and quirks I hope to keep posting here every week with progress reports, random pondering and lots of miniatures, games and other stuff so until then, All the best and I hope you all have a fantastic new year!


Saturday, 4 December 2021

Rangers Of Shadow Deep?


I've found myself perusing with interest some battle reports of Rangers of Shadow Deep and must admit that I'm finding myself rather tempted to have a bit at a bash at it in the new year once the festive season and all its business is over with.

I'd initially ignored the game but have recently watched Ash of Guerrilla Miniature Games campaign and it looks pretty interesting and actually reminded me of the old Simon R Green Forest Kingdom books, especially Blue Moon Rising and Blood and Honour.

They were cheesy, pulpy fantasy and as a teenager I absolutely loved them and for a while in the 90's Simon R Green was quite a popular author but as tastes change, he seems to have somewhat vanished from most bookshops and his books are largely out of print which is a bit of a shame as they're well worth a read but I digress!

What I'm finding myself tempted with is that if I was to embark on this project I have three different options. One is to use proper old school figures and slowly build a themed collection. This would be a great way for me to feed the need to collect some awesome old figures and paint them up and there's tons of brilliant stuff to choose from as the RPG lite sort of game that Rangers is allows one to put together some interesting options.

The downside to such a project is that I would need to spend an amount of cash to get the figures I needed and a lot of the old Citadel stuff I covet is getting to be silly prices on Ebay and while there are some really nice and characterful sculpts from modern producers, the amount of detail on may is off putting to say the least and I'm aware of the fact that I tend to start projects and not finish them!

The second option is to set the action in my world of Aeroth and sculpt my own figures. This has the added benefit of getting me more interesting stuff for my Boar Company to fight and quite a few folks have mentioned that they like seeing them in action.

I'm currently pretty drawn to this option as I really do want to flesh out the warbands I have access to and I do enjoy sculpting the little chaps but there is also a third option that may yet win out: 

Robots of Scrap Deep! Yes I'm thinking of pootling about with setting the action in a planet wide scrapyard and making the rangers and their foes robotic!

Goodness knows how things will go as there's not much I can do at the moment as work is pretty full on but in January I hope to lay out some goals for myself to work towards and it may be a fun project to work on!

Either way, I'm going to pick up the PDF and see what it's like and will see how things go from there but I'm leaving my options open for the time being as I genuinely don't know which approach I will end up going for. 

In the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Flintloque/Planet 28 Mashup


I managed to play out a quick game of Planet 28 using my old Flintloque figures the other day in a much needed bit of hobby time after our flat got flooded no less than seven times in the last couple of months!

Sadly I only managed to get a couple of fleeting shots (apologies for the crappy lighting and often blurry nature of said shots!) of the action but the scenario was a really quick test game to see how the system worked with black powder level technology and it was rather fun to boot!

Sharke and Harpy been scouting the local Goblin settlements cantina in search of some grog to requisition for the lads in the 95th Rifles but stumbled upon an Elven patrol and a shootout ensued.

Harpy and Leftenant Sharke

Sharke is armed with a rifle, sword and light armour whilst Harpy has a volley gun. Game wise, the Rifle has a long range and decent amount of stopping power but takes 2 actions to reload whilst the volley gun is short ranged but deadly if it hits but takes 3 actions to reload successfully.

Ferach Voltigeurs 

The Voltigeurs are armed with muskets which have a fairly decent range and stopping power and take a single action to reload. The Orcs have a decided advantage in close combat whilst the Elves are generally better shots.

The battlefield consists of a huddle of huts with several patches of trees and the odd standing stone with the Orcs entering from the right and the Elves from the left.

Things began fairly slowly with the Orcs splitting up and approaching the Elves from different sides of the village but the Elves still got the drop on Sharke with one Voltigeur getting a lucky shot off which caused eight points of damage to the doughty Half Orc.

Furious at getting shot, Sharke forgoes returning fire and charges the startled Elf with a bellow and manages to badly maul his foe (16 points of damage!) before driving the Snivelling and now badly bleeding Elf back. But the badly beaten Elf was made of surprisingly stern stuff and reloaded his musket with a shaking hand and muttered a prayer before pulling the trigger. Opening his eyes, he sees Sharke lying flat out on the ground, seemingly dead (I rolled a perfect success for his shot which resulted in maximum damage and Sharke rolled terribly for armour!) Could this be the last we see of the exploits of Leftenant Richard Sharke?

Meanwhile on the other side of the village, the two remaining Elves had taken potshots at the Bog Orc Harpy but only managed to enrage him and I had hoped that his Volley gun would make short work of the pesky Elves but he managed to miss at near point blank range and had to resort to clubbing the pointy eared Ferach to a pulp using the now unloaded weapon like a bludgeon, swearing profusely whilst he did so.

The game concluded with the badly wounded Voltigeurs legging it before the wrath of Harpy who paused to scoop up his possibly dead officer before heading to the cantina for some much needed refreshments and pour some booze down Sharkes throat to bring him back to the land of the living.

All in all, I really enjoyed playing the Flintloque/ Planet 28 mashup as its such an easy system to tweak to work with whatever figures or indeed setting you have. Musketry is fearfully effective and I think in subsequent games I make mess around with wounds and armour levels a smidge but I am looking forward to getting some more games in the near future!

Sadly I am finding Blogger to be a total pain in the bum at the moment with a lot of features I've used for years inexplicably changed, removed or in some way made infuriating which has resulted in me blogging less than I'd like. (case in point the text box where I've been displaying my painted figure count!) Hopefully it will return to something like normal soon but I have started using Instagram too and will see how things go over there. I post under Spacecowsmith so if you fancy having a peruse, do feel free!

In the meantime, All the best!