Thursday 30 June 2011

Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians!


COPPLESTONE CASTINGS has released a pack of 15mm scale barbarians!

At £6.75 they are quire pricey but the quality looks to be outstanding and they could easily pass as 28mm scale!

They are also the perfect number to play them as a Song Of Blades warband!

All the best!

Tuesday 28 June 2011

More Orc Additions!


Heres some pictures of my latest additions to my Orcs in the form of the second archer, banner bearer and Great Orc:

Banner Bearer, Great Orc and Archer

And heres a picture of the full warband:

Orcish Warband!

I still have a Ghost Warrior, Shaman and another Orc to complete and that should be them compete for the time being!

I also have some Children of the Moon purebloods on the sculpting table so will upload pictures once I've got them finished!

All the best!



I recently purchased a PDF of Shadowsea from ANTIMATTER GAMES, a rather interesting game that uses the Song of Blades ruleset but puts it into a subterranean world. Having perused it for a bit I must admit its well worth the money!

Theres some interesting forces ranging from treasure seekers, to templars, lost civilisations and my personal favourites, the Dark Mariners!

I am thinking of using the rules and setting as is to give me some interesting games based on the shores of the Sea of Storms with groups of Knights of the Eternal light investigating the subterranean depths of the Garganuk Deeps, the vast series of tunnels that spread under the destroyed city of Harakium in an attempt to destroy shrines to Leviathan and dispose of groups of Sea Demons. The rules will also let me bring in the Serpent Men of Koth, Deviant Cults, Mercenaries and a lost barbarian tribe!

With concept sketches like this its easy to evoke a flooded realm full of deadly creatures:

Shadowsea Concept Sketch

I shall have to see what I can come up with!

All the best!

Monday 27 June 2011

The Battle For The Temple


I Heres a report of a battle I played using the old Rogue Trader rules from the Games Workshop:

The Forces


The Boar Company

Hafted Weapon, Heavy Armour, Refractor Shield
65 points

Hafted Weapon, Heavy Armour
10.5 points

2 Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour
11 points

Boar Company Dwarf x4
Hand Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour
36 points

Heavy Armour
128.5 points

5 points

Total: 256 Points

Evil Alliance

Evil Doers

Marik Goldhelm
Flak Armour, Conversion Field, Hafted Weapon, Meltabomb
Level 1 Psyker, Aura of Resistance, Mental Blow, Steal Mind, 18 Psi Points
69 Points

Mutated Minions x 4
Flak Armour, 2 Hand Weapons
1 Skull Face Mutation
1 Prehensile Tail Mutation
2 Razor Sharp Claws Mutation
26 points

Krudger Bonecrusher
Hand Weapon, Flak Armour, Shield
39.5 points

Orc Troopers x 4
3x Hand Weapons, 1x Hafted Weapon, 1x Bow, 2x Shields
14.5 points

Goblin Sneak
2 Hand Weapons, Flak Armour
33.5 Points

2x Giant Bats
Max Flight Speed: 24
Min Flight Speed: 6
Acc/Dec: 6
TRR: 1
7 Points

Total 189.5

The Scenario

The remaining members of the Boar Company have staggered out of a raging snowstorm into what they thought was a cave but appears to have at one point been a temple to a forgotten god.

Unexpectedly they have stumbled upon their nemesis, Marik Goldhelm who is negotiating an alliance with a local Orc Khan, Krudger Bonecrusher. Both sides see each other at the same time and draw weapons and prepare to attack.

The Battlefield

A large chamber floored with stone tiles, the south west quarter is recessed and holds a pool of still blue water. The chamber itself has several piles of rubble where sections of the ceiling have fallen in.


Marik and his minions deploy on the eastern edge of the chamber, Krudger and the orcs hold the centre and the giant bats in the west.

Grimli, Flint and pig deploy in the centre with the boar company while Gunnar and the Wildling on their Eastern flank

The Game

Evil Alliance Turn 1

At the order of their master, the giant bats fly over the rubble.

Seeing the distant Dwarves, Krudger Bonecrusher bellows at his troops and the Orcs move between the rubble in the centre of the battlefield accompanied by the goblin sneak.
Somewhat surprised by the sudden appearance of the Dwarves Marik moves his minions in front as a human shield, mindful of their last meeting when the hated Boar Company had slain his minions, his dragon and forced him to flee for his life.

With this in mind Marik casts Aura of Resistance on himself, increasing his defense.

Finally the orc with the bow takes a pot shot at the Dwarven battle line but misses, resulting in a flurry of curses and cat calls from the Boar Company

Dwarf Turn 1

Despite their exhaustion from traveling through the storm, Grimli calls his troops to battle and the dwarves move cautiously forward forming a defensive battleline, shields interlocked against the possibility of further arrows.

Gunnar holds the Wildling back despite its rumblings and the keeper and his monstrous companion advance along the flank to provide cover for the remainder of the force.

The Dwarf Battle Line Advances

Evil Alliance Turn 2

The bats swoop forward, speeding up as they close their prey.

The Orcs fan out with Krudgers grunted commands and occasional blow, forming their own battle line as they close with the Dwarves.

Marik moves his coven forward and casts Steal Mind on the wildling leaving the beast dribbling and confused. The effects will not wear off for 3 turns leaving it unable to do anything. At a stroke the rogue sorcerer had taken the Dwarves most powerful character out of action.

The bow armed Orc takes another pot shot and hits one of the boar company who promptly fails his save and drops with a barbed arrow jutting from his eye. This time the returning curses are somewhat muted.

Dwarf Turn 2

Despite their loss, the Boar Company swings forward toward the Orc line. Gunnar, outraged at the sorcerous attack on his Wildling moves on the mutated minions of Marik with blood in his eyes.

Evil Alliance Turn 3

The bats sweep into combat with the Boar Company and the Orc line moves in behind them. Marik, content to allow his underlings and allies do the fighting for him holds his ground, instead casting Mental Blow at Gunnar who shrugs off the spells effect leaving Marik fuming at the Dwarves stubbornness

Bat Attack!

One bat hits Grimli but fails to damage the doughty Dwarf, while the other fails to even strike the Boar Company Dwarf it swooped on. In a flurry of blows the commander and trooper of the Boar Company reduces the beasts to pulp. A fitting end to such foul creatures.

Dwarf turn 3

Roaring their battlecries, The Dwarves plow into the Orc line wile Gunnar bravely hurls himself at the skull faced minion.

Battle Commences!

Grimli hits Krudger twice and wounds once, but is wounded in return.
The Goblin sneak repeatedly strikes the Dwarf facing him but his attacks are turned on his heavy armour. The Orcs repeatedly strike the Dwarves but fail to damage them apart from the Orc with the hafted weapon who succeeds in striking down his opponent.
Flint kills his opponent with a well-placed swipe that removes the beasts leg but the rest of the Dwarves fail to kill their opponents in the swirling melee. The fight is a draw but the Dwarves have a banner so push the Orcs back.

(In Rogue Trader, combat is fought according to initiative, so despite charging, many of the Dwarves struck last)

Gunnar meanwhile slays the skull headed minion. The sight of the death of his minion is obviously too much for Marik and he turns tail and flees with his remaining minions with Gunnar in hot pursuit obviously less than keen to chance combat with an enraged Dwarf.

Gunnar Attacks the Skull Headed Minion

Marik Runs Away!

Evil Alliance Turn 4

Marik continues to flee with his minions and leaves the battlefield.

In the remaining melee between Orc and Dwarf, Krudger and Grimli exchange blows but fail to damage each other and the Goblin sneak again strikes the Boar Company Dwarf but fails to damage him while Flint dispatches the Orc with the hafted weapon.

The Dwarf fighting the sneak manages to wound him but the banner bearer fails to damage the Orc facing him. The losses stack up and Krudgers Orcs break and run despite their leaders bellowed curses. The Dwarves, exhausted by their travels and battle, hold their ground.

Dwarf Turn 4

The Wildling finally shakes off its encorcellment while the remaining Boar Company consolidates their position.

The Boar Company Surveys the Battlefield


The Boar Company won again but with several more losses. Grimli decides to head to the Keep of Dur Zamor to rest and recuperate and recruit some more troops. The sight of Marik concluding an alliance with the Orcs needs reporting and something needs doing about the rogue sorcerer as his machinations are causing unrest throughout the region.

Grimli scratched irritably at the bandage covering the wound he had sustained at the hands of the Orcish Khan, "Still, the damned Orc will won't soon forget the kiss that Boar Splitter had given him!" he thought, absently patting the hilt of the well worn sword at his side.

Orcs consorting with the sorcerer Marik was a worrying development. The thrice cursed sorcerer was responsible for the deaths of several of the Boar Company and the Dwarf bore an abiding hatred for the gold helmed mage. "Next time we shall see if we cant separate his head from the rest of his body!" Grimli thought.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Orc Re-enforcements!


As I promised heres the Orcish re-enforcements I've been working on in the form of a Great Orc and a banner bearer:

Banner Bearer and Great Orc

Banner Bearer

Great Orc

I am really pleased with how they turned out, especially the Great Orc as its the first larger scale sculpt I have produced for quite a while! His left leg looks too long but thats because he is wearing a piece of armour on it and I made him look like a bit of a brawler with scrappy armour and fist and shoulder spikes. I also made him with scars all over his back to show he's been beaten by his lesser kin.

The banner bearer will also be seeing use as a character I suspect but the great Orc is going to add some hard hitting strength to the warband. In Leviathan, an Orc litter will occasionally produce a Great Orc, which rapidly matures into a powerful yet stupid creature that towers over its kin and are often used as shock troops by cunning Khans.

All the best!

Orcish Sculpts...


I've been beavering away with some more Orcish sculpts for my warband and have got another archer completed and a banner bearer nearly completed along with a rather huge great Orc.

Once I have them all finished I will take some more pictures but I now have 300 plus points for both my Dwarves and Orcs so will be moving onto the next subject which, I suspect will be to try and sculpt a couple of Moon Warped or pureblood Children of the Moon...

Does anyone particularly want to see a different faction getting sculpted? If so please let me know and I will see what I can come up with! To aid this I will post a fresh overview of the forces, along with some more thoughts on the troops, monsters and individuals in each!

Once thats done I will add a poll to see what folk would like to see!

All the best!

Saturday 25 June 2011

Crucible Concepts


I was perusing the web for some information on Crucible and found the following images by Clint Langley who produced much of the concept work for the game.

I must admit I love the original take on the forces he developed. Its really rather dark and even the usual good guys, the Elves look gritty and brutal.

Crucible Scarecrow

Principate Troops

Principate Navy

Tauren Bloodfiend

Orc Warrior

Dwarven Grandfather

Orcs Versus Elves

Orc Versus Elf

Legion Trooper

I think I may have to have a go at sculpting up some bits and bobs as a homage! It will also allow me to have a bash at playing some games of Crucible too which is a real plus!

All the best!

First Demonworld Releases!


RAL PARTHA EUROPE has posted a list of the initial releases for Demonworld!

From their announcement:

Here is the first batch of Demonworld releases, due early July.
They will be available on the site to preorder shortly.
Please note that the packs will not include the plastic Demonworld hex bases- these are on order and we will be making them available in separate packs in a few weeks time.

£16.00 4001 Light Orc Archers (40)
£4.50 4001A Light Orc Archers (10)
£4.50 4001B Orc Command Groups (6)
£16.00 4002 Light Orc Swordbearers (40)
£4.50 4002A Light Orc Swordsmen (10)
£18.00 4003 Orc Guard (32)
£5.00 4003A Orc Guard (8)
£20.00 4005 Orc Dwarf Eaters (40)
£5.00 4005A Orc Dwarf Eaters (8)
£22.00 4006 Orc Wolf Riders (20)
£6.00 4006A Orc Wolf Riders (5)
£4.50 4008 Orc Heroes & Commanders (6)
£16.00 4011 Orc Spearbearers (40)
£4.50 4011A Orc Spearbearers (10)
£16.00 4025 Orc Crossbow Archers (40)
£4.50 4025A Orc Crossbow Archers (10)
£10.00 4028 Orc Wyvern Rider
£16.00 4029 Goblin Spider Rider Spearmen (8)
£4.50 4029A Goblin Spider Rider Spearmen (2)
£4.50 4029B Goblin Spider Rider Swordsmen (2)
£16.00 4030 Goblin Spider Rider Archers (8)
£4.50 4030A Goblin Spider Rider Archers (2)
£4.50 4037 Nallian- Orc General on Palanquin

The next wave of releases will be for The Empire in approximately two weeks time, together with more packs for the Orcs.

Its good news for us as they are releasing them at both a reasonable price and available in smaller sized packs.

I suspect I will be placing an order with them as soon as they are put online!

All the best!

Thursday 23 June 2011

28mm Mass Battle?


I've been musing over the possibility of wargaming in 28mm scale again. I don't know why exactly but theres something remarkably appealing about seeing a large force painted and ready for battle in the scale.

I've taken a peek at Kings of War by MANTIC GAMES and am sorely tempted by the Mhorgoth's Revenge starter set:
Having looked at the rules it becomes noticeable that the game is intended for large scale battles featuring hundreds of figures a side which in turn requires a fairly large playing surface, something I doubt I will be able to manage for the foreseeable future. The box does seem to be well worth a look as it contains just so many miniatures!

GANESHA GAMES has a mass battle game in development which I am really looking forward to but theres no release date as yet. The ruleset promises to incorporate multi basing using 40mm square bases which will allow for some nice vignettes to be incorporated into a force which is an interesting option.

Another good option is No Quarter by WARGAMES UNLIMITED, a free ruleset which has been around for quite a while now and I have used it before and found it to be a really good game and worth looking into.

It features far smaller unit sizes, between 5 and 10 in most cases which leaves one with less to fork out for a force and can be played on a smaller board too!

And of course theres LEVIATHAN! Its a great ruleset but needs a bit of work, namely magic rules to do it justice!

The upcoming release of Demonworld by RAL PARTHA EUROPE is the only thing keeping me from going out and attempting to collect an army! I think that the vast selection of 15mm stuff will allow me to feed my obsession for mass battles and on a bit more of a budget!

That being said I suspect that I may have to pick up some bits and bobs that will allow some skirmishing in 28mm scale as its just too tempting, especially some of the new Dark Eye miniatures being released as theres some fantastic opportunities to pick up some really original stuff!

Anyway we shall see what we can come up with!

All the best!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Here Come the Orcs!


I've finally finished off the Orcs I sculpted a while back and here they are:

Orcs and a Goblin Sneak

Representing some of the Western Hordes outriders, the miniatures turned out quite nicely and I am planning on adding to them soon in the form of a pair of Darkwing riders, more Orc infantry and even some specialists such as Ghost Warriors, Great Orcs and Goraths Chosen!

I was originally going to go for a dark red colour scheme for their uniforms but it didn't go to well with the Orc skin tone. I settled instead for black and white armour with various greens and browns to add colour.

I have a big pile of broken slate to use as a representation of some of the broken badlands bordering the Axeblade Mountains. It looks really effective but I need to use a little caution when using it as it has some very sharp edges.

All the best!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Khurasan Miniatures Suspend Operations


Its looking like Khurasan Miniatures has suspended production temporarily.

Heres a link to the message: LINK

Hopefully they will be returning this Autumn so worry not!

All the best!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Realms Of Chaos


I've been pondering sculpting up some random warbands using the old Realms of Chaos lists. These warbands will represent followers of the various Fallen factions and will give me the opportunity to create some truly weird and wonderful creatures.

I must admit I doubt I will use the actual rules but will port them over to Song Of Blades or something similar. I do like the sheer complexity of them as the roll of the dice could end up with vastly original forces. I am thinking of creating a similar system for each of the races in Leviathan as it will make creating warbands a really in depth process that will give them a back story and some real personality.

I will get some bits and bobs scribbled up and post the results here!

All the best!

More Copplestone Goodness!


I spotted this over on the Lead Adventure forum:

Copplestone Dungeon Adventurers

I am liking the look of them, apart from the halfling, but then I don't like halflings anyway! Theres still no release date for them but its looking like the beginnings of an excellent range!

All the best!

Thursday 16 June 2011

Splintered Light Miniatures Upcoming Releases


SPLINTERED LIGHT MINIATURES have a load of upcoming releases in the form of Dwarves, Orcs and Wood Elves!

Wood Elf Dryads

Dryads With Added Foliage!

Elven Shield Maidens

Dwarven Veterans

Dwarven Rangers

Orc Heavy Infantry

For me the pick of the batch are the Orcs and the Elven Dryads. I can see them both being very handy with my Leviathan project. The Orcs are perfect as Goraths Chosen, elite heavily armoured Orcish followers of Gorath. The Dryads meanwhile would make great earth spirits for the Barbarian Earth Mother cult.

In other news they also have a new Mighty Armies pack, this time of Conquistadwarves, available from HIGHLANDER STUDIOS due for release soon.

I must admit that Mighty Armies is one of the rules I dont yet have but it looks like it might be a nice simple system that might be worth taking a peek at as I am still looking for a good mass battle ruleset!

I doubt I will be using the little fellows for Leviathan but they could be very handy for use with Crucible instead!

All the best!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

By Crom!


Its looking like its a good time for 15mm fantasy as Mark over at COPPLESTONE CASTINGS has announced that he is planning on releasing some 15mm goodness in the form of some Barbarians:

Copplestone Barbarians!

There doesn't seem to be any plan to release a range as such but they are really nice looking miniatures and would make perfect barbarians for Leviathan, especially as they look decidedly Conan the Barbarian like!

All the best!

Ponderings on the Way Forward!


I've pestered the folks over at RAL PARTHA EUROPE for more details on the release date for Demonworld and its looking like the initial release will be in a couple of weeks time followed by further releases every two weeks!


That gives me a while to get my existing sculpts finished and painted which is handy!

In other news I am wondering if folks might like to see regular updates on 15mm fantasy, much like DROPSHIP HORIZON does for the sci-fi market. If so please let me know and I will try to get some regular updates going here covering all the fantasy releases in 15mm scale!

All the best!

Monday 13 June 2011

The Sad Side of Gaming


I was in Birmingham this afternoon and decided to nip into the most local of the independent gaming stores (who shall remain nameless) . Having looked at their website I had seen they stocked a decent range and thought I would have a peruse.

Finding them wasn't too difficult as they are near an art shop I know but I must admit that I had to leave after only a few minutes. The problem was the smell. Now I know gamers have the reputation for being soap dodgers but I was rather dismayed with the stale smell of sweat that assaulted me as I entered. More infuriatingly I spotted some second hand orcs that would have been ideal but couldn't bring myself to buy them.

It was disappointing to once again be shown the stereotypical view of wargamers as a bunch of smelly men. It has put me off returning to the shop!

In somewhat related news, I was in my local Hobbycraft at the weekend in an attempt to pick up some Mantic fantasy plastics but was saddened to find they have stopped stocking them! Its probably for the best but I am irked somewhat that I seem to be foiled in all my attempts to purchase any wargaming stuff!

All the best!

Saturday 11 June 2011

Ral Partha 28mm Musings


I've been taking a peek at the Dark Eye range available from RAL PARTHA and am struck that its a really nice range with some rather original stuff in it.

Thorwalian Mercenary

Gjalska Barbarians

Black Dragon Guards

I must admit that I am finding myself tempted to pick up a few bits and pieces. I am desperately resisting purchasing anything that isn't useful for 15mm scale such as this stuff which is pretty scale neutral:

Gotongi Demons

Giant Stag Beetles

Saying that I must admit that theres so many nice sculpts its getting increasingly difficult to resist temptation! I can see quite a few of them being of use!

All the best!