Friday 21 April 2023

Tiny Troops: Rusty Robot Blue Tribe Pirates


I've been hoping to be able to get back to posting on here more regularly but as per usual work and whatnot has got in the way but over the last few weeks I've been working on making some tiny Rusty Robots and have finally got the first six finished!

The Crew of the Mean Jellybean

Thus far I've got the captain, bosun and four crew and am quite pleased with how they've turned out!

I've sculpted various rusty robots over the years ranging from massive pieces such as King Raam and the Salty Seadog next to him through to smaller ones like the first Blue Tribe bot I made about a decade ago:

More recently I've also sculpted some Red and Black Tribe bots which are closer to 28mm:

Now ideally I'd continue with this approach and end up with a full collection of rusty robots in a scale that allows for a decent amount of detail and real personality but I have come to realise I just don't have the space or time for such an undertaking at the moment so I've decided to scale down a bit to approximately 15mm scale so I have enough space to actually put together a game!

I was inspired by my tiny troops project that I've been working on sporadically which saw me create a Junkers army of surprising size for Void 1.1 as well as an assortment of vehicles and even two lances of Battletech Mechs: 

I've refined it a bit but essentially each figure is a core of sculpey with wire legs and details made from a mixture of EVA foam and paper and I was pleasantly surprised by how much detail I got into them.

I've also got a similar number of Reds under construction and plan on creating mini collections of each of the six basic tribes with one leader, a specialist and handful of basic scrapbots before moving onto expand each force with reinforcements,

Once I've got a decent selection put together I'll be trying to play out a game or two, possibly using Planet 28, Stargrave or Star Mogul as each is a small skirmish at heart! 

My plan is to create enough scenery to fill a pinboard size gaming table. I'd far prefer my old 3'x3' table but I don't have access to it at the moment and creating enough scenery for such a board would be challenging to say the least, especially as storage is an issue here at Spacecow Towers. 

I'll need to see what I can get sorted over the course of the month and will post progress when I can and this simple process of creating super cheap and easy figures has got me to thinking that I may return to my Battletech and other Tiny Troops themed projects I'd been mulling over...

In the meantime, All the best!