Sunday 24 February 2013



Well after all my moaning and complaining I've decided to pledge some monies to the Warzone kickstarter, especially as they are releasing this chap:

The Mishima Tiger Dragons are lovely concepts which were rather let down by the original sculpts but hopefully the new one will look the business!

In other news I spotted that Ramshackle Games have a bit of a crowdfunding project at the moment to release a new rulebook for their Nuclear Renaissance game. Here's a link to the RAMSHACKLE KICKSTARTER

I must admit I do love Curtis's range and ruleset which are all decidedly fun and have a real nod towards the kind of old school Rogue Trader type of gaming that I love!

How much fun would it be to add this sort of thing to ones games:

Oddly I seem to be spending more time looking at 28mm scale stuff than 15mm this year, possibly due to my sculpting being of the larger scale at the moment or simply because there's some stuff with real character out there!

I must admit that looking at the Ramshackle Games store, there's some really tempting stuff on there and I may have to rummage out my copy of the rules to play some skirmishes using them or dare I say it, a full campaign?!

In non crowdfunding related stuff, I am off on holiday this week to Cornwall but will be posting pics of my completed Rusty Robots sculpts when I get back!

All the best!

Sunday 17 February 2013



After re-reading all the spleen venting I posted on my previous post on Warzone, I have deleted it as it was in bad form for which I sincerely apologise.

The work Prodos has done to get Warzone back and the level that they listen to feedback has been excellent thus far and, judging by how much revising and reworking has gone into the Bauhaus and Cybertronic stuff, its starting to look much like the setting I remember!

I am going to wait to see what they develop next for the game and suspect I am going to back it after alls said and done. I may even go for a box of Bauhaus but we shall see.

All the best!