Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rules Update!


Well its been another busy week at uni leaving me with almost no time to get any painting done! Alas Ive only managed to get a single miniature painted all week!

Other than that Ive had a further perusal of the internet for some suitable rulesets to try out, including Wildfire, Savage Worlds, and Chaos in Carpathia. The rules range from hard sci-fi to pulp but with the wide array of tech levels and planets featured in the stainless steel rat books I figure they will all be of some use!

Hopefully over the course of next weekend I will be able to get either a bit of painting done or try out a couple of rulesets! I hope to start up a bit of a mini campaign and play a couple of games a week (uni work permitting!) featuring Jims mission to Freibur!

Ive already got enough painted miniatures to play a couple of different skirmish level games so hopefully there will be some reports coming in from Jim soon!

All the best!