Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 96: Narrative Fantasy Gaming


I was excited to see an email coming through informing me that my copy of Brutal Quest should be heading my way soon and I should have the PDF on Friday!

I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the book as my recent sci-fi skirmishing has reignited my interest in playing fantasy too which got me onto thinking about what kind of game experience I want to play.

In years gone by I would have said either mass battle ala Warhammer or at least decent sized warband skirmishes like Chronopia or Leviathan but having watched a lot of videos of Mordheim, Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadowdeep and even Warhammer Quest (many thanks to GUERRILLA MINIATURE GAMES for putting on so many inspiring games over the years for us to enjoy!) I'm finding myself drawn ever more towards small skirmishes or even adventuring parties with heavily scenario driven and RPG or at least Fighting Fantasy style encounters which deliver a story not just a bloodbath.

Following my recent experience with sci-fi skirmishing, I'm finding the prospect of painting up a handful of adventurers and assorted villains an awful lot less intimidating than the prospect of painting a full on warband.

Coupled with the fact that I really do have the attention span of a goldfish and flit from project to project at the drop of a hat, such an endeavour isn't beyond even my feeble abilities at staying focused.

I'm really looking forward to giving Brutal Quest a run through as if it's anything like Planet 28, I'll be able to play a game in 30-45 minutes with two or three figures a side so we shall see how things go with it and I'm seriously contemplating picking up Rangers of Shadowdeep as it actually looks excellent. The only thing giving me pause at the moment is the price point. £35 for a hardback rulebook is pretty steep but if it plays as well as it appears to, it would be worth the expense.

I'm not planning on stopping the sci-fi skirmishing either as I have my old stuff from storage needing refreshing and pressing into service as well as the warbands I've painted during lockdown. I am noticing that I do have a few gaps in my collection that needs filling, mostly in the form of random encounters but also specific models or units but I can quite happily bodge along with what I've got as I slowly expand my forces.

I'll post a review of Brutal Quest as soon as I've had chance to read through it and will be posting up some pics of my newly reworked figures as I go but until then, All the best!


  1. Rangers is my lockdown project for much the same reasons! I added the rule book to the system at work so that I could order it when we came out of the first lockdown, but after a series of gaffes (like the person who would authorise it at head office being on furlough) by the time I’d got it sorted the first edition had sold out... there’s a new edition out now, so I’ll see about getting that added when I’m back next week!

    1. Thats something I'd not thought of! Coupled with the fact that I'll hopefully be back at work around the time Stargrave gets released, my first weeks back at work may well involve ordering rather a lot of books for myself!

      I had planned ordering Frostgrave 2nd edition but I noticed it's gone into reprint but we shall see what I can get when Waterstones reopens!

    2. Well I’m back two weeks before you so I’ll hopefully have it on Phoenix ready for when you’re back ;)
      (Assuming Asmodee will ship it after the issues with the last edition...)

    3. That's exciting!

      I'll definitely be ordering a copy upon my return!

    4. Turns out it apparently isn’t on Asmodee’s system so I can’t add it yet - fingers crossed it’s just being slow!

    5. Sad times!

      I may have to make do with the PDF version for the time being but it's not as good as a physical book!