Saturday, 13 March 2021

Warzone Eternal Update!


The folks over at Res Nova Games have just posted their monthly update so without further ado, here's whats new with Warzone!

Greeting Warzone fans!  Spring is arriving early here in Michigan, and we hope the changing seasons are bringing good tidings to all of you as well.

As promised, we intend to periodically provide some insight into where Res Nova is in the development of Warzone Eternal.  We know you're all as excited for this game's release as we are - perhaps even more so! - so we're happy to provide you with these peeks behind the "curtain."

Rules development has continued to be a primary focus of our efforts of late.  The playtest draft has moved on to its 4th iteration, and while it looks like we have settled on a solid set of core mechanics to undergird the game, our playtesters are rigorously testing Unit characteristics and special abilities, weapon stat lines, and our standard scenarios.  We anticipate we'll be pushing out the next playtest draft to our testing groups next month.

Vince Diamond, Hero of Cybertronic

Five playtest drafts may seem like a lot, but as many of you have noted, we want this game to release with a set of rules from which we can build our first several waves of product releases. In those early days of launching a new game, the last thing we want to do is have to release a revised edition to address our failures to future-proof the system for new Unit types and scenario packs.

Miniatures development has been the most exciting update over the last month however.  As we've stated before, Res Nova has never produced miniatures before.  While we're veterans of the hobby, and thus have an understanding of what we desire in a good miniature and have some knowledge of the process of miniatures production, putting that into effect requires a level of expertise that we were somewhat short on.

So we're excited to announce that Tom Mason, a veteran sculptor who helped define the aesthetic of MERCS miniatures and is and has been a frequent contributor to Reaper miniatures and myriad other ranges, has joined Res Nova as the miniatures production Project Manager.  In that role he'll leverage his vast experience to lead the efforts of our sculptors and production teams.  We've stated many times our commitment to building on the classic Warzone/Mutant Chronicles aesthetic, and Tom will be helping us to manage our team of sculptors to bring that to fruition.  To say that we're excited to have him on board would be an understatement.

That's it for now, but be on the lookout for another fiction excerpt from the Warzone Eternal rulebook in the next few weeks.


Geralt the Wolfbane Approves!

I'm really excited by the way Res Nova has been developing the new Warzone Eternal and while we've not seen much yet, its really heartening to see that they are putting the effort in to get the rules right and from what Bryan mentioned on his Youtube channel, TALES FROM A PROFESSIONAL NERD the feedback coming from the play testers is really positive too.

As much as I'd love to see more miniatures, art, play throughs of the game and a definite date for the Kickstarter, I'm more pleased by by the fact that they are taking their time and making sure the game is as good as it can possibly be and that they're staying true to the original Warzone and Mutant Chronicles whilst bringing us a new gaming experience!

Coupled with the fact that the aesthetics and background of the original setting is central to the project and they've put brilliant rules designers and sculptors to work on it (more so that Bryan Steele is a huge fan of said original!) is getting me really looking forward to the games release later this year. I also really like the fact that Res Nova seem to have a good head on their shoulders with what they want to do with the game in the short and long term, starting small with a focussed Kickstarter that doesn't offer the moon, but concentrating on key units and allowing for developing the game from a small, special forces based skirmish into something a bit grander.

Only time will tell as to what else they've got tucked up their sleeves but in the meantime, All the best!

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