Saturday, 17 April 2021

Lockdown 2.0 Project Log Day 114: Polypp Invaders!


Quite some time ago I picked up some foamclay from The Range with vague ideas of using it to make terrain with but after a bit of experimenting, I decided to create a cheap alien force for my Inquisitorial agents to be menaced by!

Three Shamblers accompany the Gorgon and a Shoggoth

Polypps are creatures of the Warp that found themselves trapped on the material plain when Warpspace was finally tamed by the combined technological might of the Mechanicus some five millennia ago. Many warp entities have had to come up with some way of surviving in our reality and the Polypp do so by invading host creatures bodies and slowly mutating them to the bizarre cankerous creatures that they now appear. 

Possessing a hive mind, Polypp's can be a real menace in settled space with their tendency to try and mutate planetary populations. Fortunately, the signs of a Polypp invasion is fairly easy to spot as those afflicted degenerate into ectoplasmic goo creatures.

The most commonly sighted Polypp creature is the Shambler, these are lowly drones of the hive mind who, while fairly powerful in close combat lack higher brain function and will approach whatever their overlord sees as a threat and try to batter it into submission and infect them with the Polypp Warp Virus.

Next up, the Shoggoth is a far larger amalgam of several host creatures and is genuinely a dangerous foe, using their crushing bulk to pound foes into pulp and will consume them to grow ever larger.

A swarm of Beholders 

Beholders provide Polypps with a ranged weapon using their strange eye lens to blast opponents with concentrated bio laser fire. 

The top of the Polypp hive mind are the Gorgons, these terrifying creatures are the original Polypp hosts who have concentrated Warp energies within their bodies and are powerful Psykers, capable of taking over foes minds or blasting them with eldritch energies.

Vash, Geralt and a lowly security team member discover a Polypp infestation.

I rather like how they turned out and plan on adding a few more subspecies to the mix with the remaining packs I have but it's amazing what fascinating alien creatures one can make with some cheap clay and a few beads. 

I gave them a black prime followed by some green and purple drybrushing before picking out the eyes in light turquoise and purples. The eyes were given a gloss varnish to make them a bit more gribbly and lo and behold, I have a new force which cost about £2.00 and took about an hour and a half to build and paint!

I'll need to get my battle report sorted for tomorrows update but until then, All the best!


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    1. Thanks!

      It was inspired by my Geode figure and an attempt to make a very simple figure interesting.