Thursday, 11 August 2022

Colostle Adventures


I've been working away at my ongoing Colostle solo RPG campaign and am really getting into the swing of things with my adventurer Edmond of Brokhill continuing on his quest to find the cause of the Rook attacks on his home village.

Following the last episode, Edmond found himself being chased through the ruined streets of the Abandoned City by a Colossal Rook.


Following an epic struggle, Edmond defeated the great stone construct which crashes to the ground outside the ancient temple he was investigating when the Rook first arrived. 

In the destruction caused by the battle, he finds the slumped form of a white haired girl and discovers she is a Cog Elf named Lana Moonshadow who hails from a small settlement to the north of the ruined metropolis they currently find themselves in. 

Lana explains that she has fled the destruction of her own village, called Greendell by marauding rooks. Fearing her kin slain, she has backtracked the Rooks trail to the ancient city and was exploring the ruins trying to find some way to deal with the Rooks when she was forced to hide because of the presence of the Colossal Temple Guardian.

Edmond agrees to accompany her north to see if he can help battle the Rooks which have caused her so much grief and find some sort of clue that will help with dealing with the constructs that menace his own home.

Following several days of travel through a silent and brooding forest, Edmond and Lana reach the valley that holds the remains of the Cog Elf settlement but they are set upon by a rag tag group of survivors of the Rooks attack.

Following a great deal of shaking of spears and threats, Lana is able to convince the Elves that Edmond is an ally who will aid them in their attempts to wrest control of the valley from the marauding Rooks.

No sooner do they move towards the survivors camp, a crashing begins in the depths of the wood and a Rook lumbers out of the trees. It carries a large shield and wields a hammer that crackles with energy.

The Elves freeze but Edmond and Lana exchange glances and then rush to meet the lumbering menace!

It's fascinating how much fun Colostle can be once you get into the swing of how to journal your adventurers travels and I do love the way that the story is developing. Once I settled on drawing events from the exploits of Edmond on little scraps of paper to act as inspiration and then writing out the corresponding events, it seems to have all clicked into place and I'm thoroughly enjoying the whole project, not least as its allowing me to be creative while I play a rather simple little game.

I highly recommend folks give Colostle a try and have a bash at writing up a mini adventure! Hopefully I'll continue the posts here of Edmond's continuing journey and hope to start adding some more finished illustrations too so watch this space!

Until then, All the best!


  1. This is amazing stuff. I'm really enjoying following the adventure. Your art on the brown paper really adds to the whole experience.

    1. Many thanks!

      The more I get stuck into Colostle, the more fun I've been having with it and while it's pretty simple rules wise, it really does lend itself to developing a fascinating story!