Thursday, 26 May 2022

Warzone Battle Report Sighted


I know I have started another blog for all things Warzone but Alex and Bryan have posted a battle report over on Youtube and I thought it was worth posting a link here as it gives a good feel for the new game.

Looking at what we can see, its just the sort of game I'm interested in. A small number of figures and a 3'x3' board. The game has a rather fun cinematic feel to it with both players being kept fully engaged throughout with lots of opportunities for reaction fire, ambushes, diving for cover and lots of nods to the original 1st edition of Warzone!

If you've got a bit of time, do nip over and take a peek at the video as its rather entertaining, especially when Alex rolls a fumble on his Blood Beret trying to light up a Necromutant who is in the open at close range, only for his LMG to go click!

In other news, I'll be uploading some pics of my latest figures that I've completed for Planet 28 but until then, All the best!

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