Saturday, 14 May 2022

Tiny Troops


Just a quick post on my lunchbreak before heading back into work. I've finally got round to finishing off some Tiny Troop Viridians that I started a while back.

I still need to add some more heavy weapon teams and scouts to round out the force somewhat but I'm getting close to having enough to play a game or two of Void which is quite exciting! 

I've got plans to sculpt enough stuff for each faction to cover all the troop types from the original blue Void book before moving onto the Battles With Miniatures supplements which should keep me entertained for some time to come and allow for a decent sized campaign to be played using tiny troops and a pinboard sized gaming surface. 

Viridian's battle Junkers on a distant frontier planet

I'm also trailing using some of my EVA playmat foam to make some stylised hills but with mixed results as I may need to hot glue gun two levels together to get them to stop warping and give sufficient height but we shall see how things go!

I've also got some new additions to my Planet 28 collection finished which I'll showcase in the next day or two before cracking on with some more gubbins that I'm thinking of having a bash at in the coming months but until then, All the best!


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks and apologies for the delay in replying!

      I've really enjoyed making the tiny guys and its giving me sizeable warbands to try out different game systems with at a fraction of the cost of having to collect the proper miniatures and looks better than using paper or cardboard tokens!

  2. Love the new troops! They'll be a blast to play a game with I'm sure. Looking forward to that writeup!

    1. Many thanks!

      I tried a quick test game using my own bodged rules and Void and with a wee bit of fudging, they work pretty well!

      I did discover that I need to make some more troop choices for the green Viridians though as they got swamped by the more numerous Red Junkers!

      Once I've got a decent amount done, I'll post a battle report or two up here!