Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Planet 28 Additions!


I've been slowly working my way through some of the assorted gubbins that I've had sat for some time now and have finally got round to taking a couple of quick pics of progress thus far!

Assorted Characters

Viktor Ironhand

Viktor is a mercenary working on the fringes of Imperial space and has been known to team up with Rosario from time to time. He has undergone extensive cybernetic augmentation during his career, having had subdermal armour, muscle enhancement and numerous other, not quite legal upgrades which has resulted in him being almost impossible to kill but rather unhinged. 

Armed with a combat rifle for ranged work and the eponymous cybernetic fist, Viktor has skirted Imperial law for over a decade and will work for anyone who can provide him with the creds to keep his self appointed task of perfecting his cybernetic addiction funded.

Viktor is originally a Syntha Marine available from Seb Games.

Venerable Jorge

The Venerable Jorge is a tech cult cogitator of some renown in the Farpoint sector, both for his zeal for collecting long forgotten technical readouts and manuscripts and having absolutely no sense of humour. 

Having much of his brain replaced with a computer has resulted in the Venerable Jorge having a dull and monotonous voice which drones on in a near constant monologue, reciting long forgotten creeds and exultations. He is however invaluable to his employers due to his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things tech who are willing to put up with his mildly senile ramblings if it means gleaning useful technical data.
The Venerable Jorge is not above peeping through windows...

I sculpted Jorge as a bit of an experiment to see if I could use Fimo to create a miniature quickly and easily and while he's ok, the medium doesn't really lend itself to making the sort of figure I was hoping for but he's done and despite his massive, misshapen head and somewhat wonky details, I quite like him and I can imagine the Vernerable Jorge turning up in quite a few games in the future!
Lance Corporal Braithwaite of the Praetorian XV

Lance Corporal Braithwaite is currently retained in Inquisitor Fisher's retinue after she discovered he was a decent sort who could be trusted in a scrape and could brew a miraculous cup of refreshing tea. Originally a member of the Praetorian XV light infantry, Braithwaite is a perfect example of a proper Imperial Guardsman, full of Moral Fibre and tea.

Braithwaite is from an issue of Wargames Illustrated where they gave away a free sprue of British troops from I believe the Warlord Games Zulu range and I still have another three to paint at some point. I added a tiny bit of greenstuff to give him proper armoured shoulderpads and rather like him. Game wise, he comes equipped with a flask of refreshing tea which, when consumed, revives the drinker and restores D6 wounds.

Ramirez the Hive Ganger

Ramirez is a member of one of Freeport Cities many hive gangs, the Yellow Kings whose home turf is the Heights, a slum area to the north of the city and notorious for both its high crime and poor building regulations.

Ramirez is typical of the hive gangs, prepared to meet out violence to those who oppose his fellow gangers and fiercely loyal to his kin. Unsurprisingly the Yellow Kings are currently under Imperial scrutiny as their illegal activities have come to the attention of the newly bolstered Frontier Marshals office and security patrols of the Governor General have begun the thankless task of clearing the Heights of its more unseemly elements.

Ramirez is a classic Orlock Ganger from the original Necromunda set and I really enjoyed painting him up, despite his lack of a neck and massive feet!

Hub Jub the Gretchin

Hub Jub is a lowly Grot who survives at the edge of Imperial and Orkish society. He is both sneaky and underhanded but is rather adept with his autogun so sometimes desperate employers will hire his dubious services. 

Hub Jub is a classic Gretchin from the 40k 2nd edition box that I had cut the helmet spike off. Despite the simplicity of the sculpt, I do rather enjoy painting these little guys from time to time and will eventually finish all of them!

Hopefully I'll have a few more characters painted up for the next update and we shall see what exciting things happen with the Warzone Eternal kickstarter which has already reached its funding goal after less than 24 hours but in the meantime,

All the best!


  1. Ohhh, I find them all enjoyable! You made me chuckle with Venerable Jorge, which I reckon is a dangerous thing, but I have to say I love this batch of minis.

    1. Many thanks for the comments! Sorry its taken so long to reply but blogger was being rubbish!

      The Venerable Jorge is going to be fun to play in a game as I suspect lots of special rules for him droning and annoying people, combined with his urge to peep through windows will make for a rather fun game!

  2. They're all great! That's very good sculpting with the Fimo. I've got a load of those orlocks lying around somewhere. I really ought to paint them up sometime.

    1. Many thanks and apologies for taking so long to reply!

      The plastic Orlocks are a weird combination of detailed (face, badges and buckles) along with blocky sculpts (no neck and massive feet!) but they do paint up quite nicely!

  3. A great bunch of mini's! I was super interested in Jorge, as he could be a great addition to my cult... but of course you sculpted him! That's why he's so great!

    1. Many thanks and apologies for the delay in replying!

      I do plan on sculpting another, more finessed version of Jorge and getting a few casts done so watch this space!