Sunday, 19 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 5: Karn Form Warrior and Klansman


I've been slowly chipping away at my old Havok box and have finished the Karn Form Warrior who will eventually accompany my Karn Battle Form:

Karn Form Warrior

The Karn Form Warrior is a great little figure and I was going to originally match the purple bodysuit that the old paintjob had but the black looks more menacing and give me a bit of a Harkonnen vibe, especially when combined with his red hair. His stubby blaster pistols do kind of remind me of a powerdrill but all in all, I'm really pleased with how he turned out!

Next up, the box I got via Ebay had a couple of extra figures in it and while I was supposed to be concentrating on painting the Karn Battle Form, I couldn't resist painting this guy:

Chudley Chunderson III

He's a Karn Klanner that got added to the lot and as soon as I looked at him, a name sprang into my head and I had to paint him. From his ridiculous wargear to purple curled quiff and shades, Chudley Chunderson the third demanded to be pained and incorporated into a campaign.

Chudley is a dude from a long line of dudes who travels the frontier of the Imperium collecting bounties and drinking copious beers. Armed with a plasma carbine and knife carved from the adamantine of his homeworld of Chunderson's Rest, Chudley adorns his armour with trinkets, doodads and mementoes of his travels, be they a rad medallion he found in an abandoned Pharon tomb or the skull of a particularly gnarly foe, Chudley, or Chud to his friends (of which he doesn't really have any) is loud, garish and quite annoying to be stuck in a lift with.

As you can possibly tell, the miniature has character and I had great fun painting him up, even if some of the elements of the figure make no sense, such as the cloth wrapping his blade. Needless to say, expect Chudely to make a fairly regular appearance in future games!

With these additions, this gives me five Karn troopers which is plenty for a small skirmish game such as Planet 28 and I'll be keeping my eye out for some suitable additions in the coming months and now just need to get the Battle Form painted and do something with the rather tragic scenery from the box and I'll be ready to play a game of Havok.

I absolutely recommend grabbing some of the Havok range if you can find them cheaply as underneath the rather poor prepainting and soft plastic, theres some really nice figures sculpted by Bob Naismith which fit perfectly with the older Rogue Trader range and can add some great personality to your collection and while it can take a bit of effort to get the most out of them, its totally worth it!

In other news, I've also got photos of a bunch of other bits and bobs I've been painting over the last week or so but will post them up on a separate post tomorrow as I've blathered on long enough for today!

Until then, All the best! 


  1. Hey, these minis have quite a distinctive charm, but it's your paintjob what makes them stand out. I love your use of black and yellow. Fantastic!

    1. Many thanks!

      I'd rather despaired of getting them finished as the first took ages to get right but they've turned out quite nicely!

      All the best

  2. Great job on the guy in the black! I love how he blends in with the Klan even though he has a sort of stealth feel to him. I have an Eldar assassin coming up that may need that treatment...

    Also, Chudley... is absolutely amazing. Concept, paintjob. Love him!

    1. Many thanks for the comments!

      The black clad dude painted up really nicely and its a great sculpt!

      Chudley is such a ridiculous sculpt but has so much character that I just had to paint him and come up with a back story for the guy. I suspect he'll be turning up in a game soon too!