Friday, 3 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 2: Havok Nexus Rebellion 47th Line


Well it's day two of my self isolation and along with the cough, I seem to have now lost my sense of taste and got pins and needles in my ring finger and pinkie on each hand which is yet another of the seemingly endless symptoms but enough of my moaning! Here's the progress I've made on my Havok mini project:

Nexus Rebellion 47th Line

I've really enjoyed painting up these chaps and they make excellent Imperial Guard proxies and as I tend to play small scale skirmish games, having a trio of hardbitten veterans is really handy.

The figures themselves scale pretty well with Rogue Trader era figures and the detail on them is actually pretty great but cleaning off the mold lines on them is a total pain. The only weak part of the figures is the rifles which have decidedly soft details on them but do look alright with a decent coat of paint.

I've been working away through the remainder of the Nexus Rebellion forces today and hope to have them finished tomorrow before making a start on the Khan Empire contingent.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. I quite like these models. They're better than some of GW's plastics from the same time. The paint scheme works really nicely and looks very clean.

    1. Thanks!

      They're really nice sculpts all things considered. I did seriously think of painting them in a more retro bright colour scheme but it just didn't look right and the somewhat darker finish suits them better although I do wonder what I'm going to paint the Karn troopers like...

  2. Great models, and a superb paint job. I particularly like their check pattern!