Saturday, 4 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 3: Nexus Hundred Battle Form


Well I've managed to complete the Nexus Rebellion forces from the Havok starter set! Here's the Hundred Warrior and Battle Form:

I went for a fairly simple paint scheme with him with different greens and greys and quite like how he turned out and while I could have gone for a more battered and combat worn finish, I rather like the smoother style as its rather in keeping with the comic book art from the box.

I may go back to him at some point to give hims some extra details such as nameplate, kill tags, numbers or whatnot but he's done for now!

The Hundred Warrior has a lot of fond memories for me as he was a core member of my old 2nd edition Imperial Guard force and I was really pleased to get him back into my collection and painted up to a decent standard.

Here's a picture of the entire force:

I'm rather pleased to have them all finished and done and have now begun work on the Karn troops but suspect they're going to take a bit longer to get finished as they're pretty detailed and their more dynamic poses have given me some headaches to get them cleaned and painting is a rather slow process so I doubt I'll get the Darkest Suns trio finished tomorrow but we shall see how I get on!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. He looks as if he needs a canopy, for some reason, but the paint scheme really works. The style your use in your pictures carries well into 3D. It's slightly stylised, and fits the model very well.

    1. He's an odd chappy but I quite like him. I think the canopy bit is above the sensors and whatnot but it's kind of difficult to make out!

      Thanks for the comments on the style though as I always worry it won't work out when I start painting compared to how I'd draw it.

  2. He's so beefy! Love the colors on this guy. Fits perfectly with his companions. How do you get the paint to look so flat? I always have a sheen, even with a matt varnish...

    1. Many thanks!

      The green is from The Range who stock a range called Docrafts Artiste and its super matt, at least the Forest Green I used and its also super cheap at about £2 for 59ml.

      I've used their browns as well as they give a super matt finish as well as being great watered down into washes.

      Their lighter colours aren't so great, generally being quite thin and requiring multiple coats to get a decent finish.

      The lighter green is the old Warzone Cavern Stone which I've had in my collection since about '97! It went on to be rebranded Model Colours by Ral Partha and i-Kore before moving onto another company. Again the darker and more earthy colours are great, as are the pale blues and greens but their reds and yellows are pretty wishy washy unless you use multiple coats.

      My other go to is Revell Aqua Color, available from Hobbycraft. I picked up some of their greys and their Matt Black (which is brilliant!) and they're great to work with but do require quite a bit of flow medium adding so they don't turn into gloop but its worth the effort!

      I must admit that I've not bought a GW paint in about 25 years now as the newer stuff is so expensive and I'm too tight to send a fortune on paint, no matter how good they are!