Monday, 10 January 2022

Rogue Trader in 2022


Just a quick post today. I managed to play my first game of 2022! 

I went for Rogue Trader and used my Orks and Inquisitorial Agents and it was utterly fantastic to get a game played after quite a few months. Instead of going for any sort of scenario I just went for a straight up battle which saw the Orks getting a bit of a beating from the forces of the Imperium. 

While the rules are a bit clunky and slow compared to more modern rulesets, Rogue Trader is such fun to play I always enjoy playing small skirmishes with a couple of squads and the odd character a side. I suspect that larger games with lots of characters and vehicles would slow things down massively.

The highlight of the game was my Ork warboss killing two Space Marines in close combat and almost breaking through the Imperial line before his small force got shredded and the lone Kommando sneaking within bolt pistol range of Inquisitor Fisher and managing to wound her before Glitterberry the Eldar shot him down with a burst of Shuriken Catapult fire.

I really need to paint up more Orky boyz as they need some decent sized mobs to soak up fire and still have enough bodies to pile into combat and want to add some more characters to my collection to give me more options for my games. 

For my Imperial forces, I want to get my ships crew up to a couple of full strength squads as they get squished in literally every single game they've been in as there just aren't enough of them!

I've got quite a few assorted odds and ends lying around that will need painting up for both forces over the coming months but I also have some Eldar in the works which should give me enough to use in small skirmishes using Rogue Trader and Planet 28!

In other news, my copy of Rangers of Shadowdeep has arrived and I got a copy of Supersystem on the cheap too which I'm keen to give a try at some point too. I've also been working on getting a couple of Worm Cultists finished for my Somewhere on the Border project and will share photos once they arrive. 

I've also got some more bases ordered up so I'll be able to get stuff based and painted in the coming weeks too which is handy.

Hopefully I'll get chance to play the first scenario for Rangers of Shadowdeep this month once I've got the odds and ends finished but will be posting the odd battle report for some other games and will be posting whatever random bits and bobs I manage to paint in the meantime. 

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Love the terrain on this table. Some really great stuff that makes your superb models pop. Some nice pictures, and I love seeing the green felt mat! Takes me back to when I got into the hobby. :)

    I guess great minds think alike. I was just reading through Rogue Trader yesterday as my buddy and I were thinking of giving it a spin. I want to create an eldar pirate force... I just don't know where to start.

    1. Many thanks!

      I had been using my old vinyl floor tiles for my gaming surface but picked up a green mat from Aldi a while back. It's cheap and cheerful and can even cope with our cat nesting on it.

      Rogue Trader is great fun but not exactly beginner friendly! There's a revamped fan edition on the Rogue Trader Facebook Page which streamlines the rules to about 30 pages instead of the mighty tome!

      As for a pirate Eldar force, I'd suggest going for a couple of squads of basic Eldar troops equipped with Mesh Armour, Las Pistols and Shuriken Catapults (which are brutal in Rogue Trader!) led by an Eldar Champion with a close combat weapon and pistol. It's easy to min/max forces to be super cheesy and powerful but making a characterful force is more fun!

      Rogue Trader also works best with a scenario driven approach and lots of terrain to hide behind so it's worth writing up some objectives beforehand and playing the game almost with a RPG lite approach rather than super competitive!

  2. Nice pics, I always love seeing someone playing good old RT. I think it works best at that scale, so what's not to love?

    1. Many thanks!

      Small skirmishes with at most 20-30 figures a side is perfect for Rogue Trader as its somewhat clunky rules slows things down with anything larger!

  3. Great to see your minis hitting the table again. Rangers sounds like it might get a lot of play by various people this year.

    1. Indeed!

      I'm hoping to get the first scenario played out in the next week or two so watch this space!