Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Planet 28: Death in the Throne Room Campaign Part 2


I've managed to play out the first game from my Death in the Throne Room campaign which saw Inquisitor Fisher and co arriving on Neo Trantor in search of her nemesis Murdoch Foyle but as they disembarked from their shuttle, Fisher spotted a suspicious character and decided to follow him to see what he was up to...

I used the scenario generator from Rogue Stars which gave me the idea for the smuggling angle and it also resulted in several civilians milling around and generally getting in the way. Thus we find Fisher and co following one of the mad baron Thaddeus's gangers as he attempts to sneak some contraband through the starport controlled by General Shunt's goons.

Initially things seemed to go well for the smuggler as he nonchalantly bypassed the first guard who failed to notice he was up to no good before things went a bit pear shaped as a second guard panicked after a gardening robot bumped into him and started blasting.

In the ensuing chaos the smuggler drew a concealed pistol and opened fire on the first guard, wounding him and sending him running into the hanger while civilians screamed and ran around. Seeing the smuggler firing on Imperial citizens, Fisher opened fire at the fleeing ganger clipping him but failing to bring him down.

Shunts guards, seeing armed figures running around, mistook the Imperial agents as villains and a firefight ensued which allowed the smuggler to escape in a carjacked Tuk-Tuk.

To make matters worse, the guard who had started firing in the first place managed to catch Fisher a glancing blow with his suppressing fire and while Geralt beat some respect into the unfortunate, Fisher Fumed and Vash found himself under arrest.

All in all, a great start to a campaign and I've got part two ready for tomorrows update!

I must admit I had been a wee bit leery of using paper standees for all my figures but it still resulted in an enjoyable game and I'm looking forward to sharing more of Fishers exploits as well as the larger conflict that is rumbling on in the depths of Neo Trantor!

All the best!

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