Saturday 28 January 2023

Planet 28: Death in the Throne Room Campaign Part 1


I'm taking a quick break from my Colostle campaign as I'm awaiting some supplies but it got me to thinking about my Planet 28 stuff as I've been mooting playing through a campaign based on the Death in the Throne Room setting guide that came with the 2nd edition of the core rules.

Essentially the premise is that the Emperor is dying and different factions are gathering like vultures to await him popping his clogs so they can take over and I'm a real fan of the Planet 28 rules and love the idea of putting together a narrative campaign.

The problem I'm finding is that I'm finding myself decidedly short of time to do any wargaming stuff due to work but I still want to put something together as it looks like brilliant fun so with that in mind I think I'm going to try and combine a few different bits and bobs into something more akin to my Colostle campaign as a visual story that develops over the course of the coming months.

I know most of my blog followers are more interested in wargaming and miniatures but until work settles down I feel that I'm going to be more able to put together artwork, stories and a semi RPG like campaign as I just don't have the time to paint and sculpt figures and make terrain but I'm still really keen to get some gaming in so I figure this is a more manageable goal.

With that in mind, I've spent a bit of time today on a much needed day off to get some warbands done.

Inquisitor Fisher and Co.

My main characters are going to be Inquisitor Fisher and her retinue which will be expanding during the course of the campaign. Fisher will be following the trail of her nemesis Murdoch Foyle, a rogue Archeotechnologist who has been sighted in the company of the High Priest of the Convergence, one of the major factions fighting in the succession crisis that has struck Neo-Trantor.

Next up, I've started putting together some small gangs for some of the other factions that I'll need. 
Baron Thaddeus's Underlings

Baron Thaddeus is a lunatic multi billionaire nobleman who has collected a large following of equally unhinged, or greedy minions so I've given them a bit of a random mixture of outfits and will be taking part in the early scenarios of the campaign.

General Shunts Goon Squad

General Supreme Neville Shunt is a warmongering type who wants to claim the throne for himself so he can use his power to declare war on anyone he wants and whilst creating the first scenario, I realised that Fisher would have to navigate her way through the Spaceport which is firmly under Shunt's control so it seemed natural that I should put together a squad of bully boys for Fisher to beat up.


Finally the scenario calls for a handful of civilians to run around screaming or act as human shields so I drew up a small selection.

Speaking of scenarios, I've rummaged out my old copy of Rogue Stars which I've had for ages after thinking it was going to be a sci-fi version of Song of Blades and finding it wasn't resulting in it languishing on a shelf for the last few years but my recent interest in RPG style games has got me looking through it and I must admit its got some really interesting concepts, not to mention tons of handy random scenario generators and other doodads that will come in really handy in my campaign.

Finally I've also got Notorious, a really interesting solo RPG that I saw on Youtube that looked like it could make for a great fun mini campaign within a campaign and extra interesting elements for my main game.

I still need to add some NPCs and the remaining warbands as well as a game board and 2d terrain to give me lots of options for layouts but I'm hoping to have everything ready within the next few weeks.

Once I've got everything done, I'll be able to get cracking but I'm also going to put together some scenario outlines and share them here!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Love the colours on your drawings. Hopefully the time you need for gaming will appear for you! I'm sure your readers will be most pleased.

  2. Yeah, fill you on the no time. Busy with the new kid and moving into a new home/town at the moment.

  3. I do like the stylised look of these guys. They remind me a bit of those designs that Jes Goodwin did for the old hive gangers. Have you ever thought of going into board game design?