Thursday, 13 May 2021

Rising Above the Stress and Fare Ye Well Chronopia!


I've worked myself into a bit of a rage over the revamped Chronopia and instead of stewing in it, I have decided to try and rise above it and cast any hopes of getting the beloved game that I hoped for to the abyss of lost causes.

I had really high hopes for Chronopia coming back into production after over 20 years and was super excited at the announcement but the ensuing months and first previews of digital sculpts and then artwork plunged me into disappointment and then neck beard levels of outrage up to the point that my wife (ever the voice of reason!) suggested I let it go as I was getting too emotionally invested in a game that wasn't even out yet. The original was my favourite and still is she says and not liking the new one is ok but it's not worth getting into such a state over.

An aptly named Wailer

Instead of raging hopelessly at what is increasingly looking like an incredibly passionate but woefully unprofessional fan project I've decided to step away from any hope of seeing Chronopia getting a revamp and will stick to the original and still best and only version.

I've raised my concerns with the games creators and will not be backing the kickstarter have left the facebook group and will leave it at that...

Having actually posted this has been an actual weight off my shoulders as I was becoming obsessed to a point that only a nerd can get obsessed to and on the plus side, Warzone Eternal is looking like it's going to be ace and I've been putting aside some pennies to back it when it launches so in the meantime, All the best!


  1. I know how you feel. I walked away from 40k for a long time. Too many rule changes and too much points creep. Only came back recently for killteam. It’s more my jam.

    Hopefully if this fan Kickstarter does ok, a second edition will be more your jam. For now, we have plenty to play :)

    1. I'm just sorry it came to the point I felt the need to walk away! It's not so much that the rules for Chronopia are changing, its more that the artwork and sculpts they've been showing are either awful or generic and absolutely missing the aesthetic of the original game and I seriously doubt that it will reach any kind of funding near to the amount they are going to need to make a go of it.

      I think I will be sculpting my own cartoon variety fantasy figures for the foreseeable future but thats ok with me!