Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Agamemnon


As promised, here's some pics of a miniature that I've been painting over the last week!

The Agamemnon is a Vulkan class mega dreadnaught that the Ultramarines have recently deployed on Farpoint to deter some of the restive Ork tribes from attacking the capitol, Freeport City.

 The Agamemnon

Armed with a Plasma Blastgun and Defence Laser as its main armament and backed up with a defensive multilaser not to mention massive adamantium slab armour and several void shields, the Agamemnon excels at targeting armoured foes. It's sheer weight and lumbering mass means it is mostly used in a defensive manner but thanks to a Vox XIV supercharged powerplant upgrade it recently received, The Agamemnon can put on a surprising turn of speed if required.

Ultramarine IV Legion markings

Although rarely used, the Vulcan class mega dreadnaught can be found in most Legion armouries and in the right circumstances, it's devastating firepower can reduce even Ork Gargants to scrap metal. 

The Agamemnon has a crew of two marines, one pilot who has control of the defensive multilaser and the gunnery officer who sits above and behind the pilot in the vehicles extensive cockpit. The Vulcan class sports very advanced scanning and targeting gear and is able to aim it's massive firepower with pinpoint accuracy.


It's two primary weapons cause a large drain of energy in the mechs power plant and as such, their crew tends to strike with the long range defence laser and use the plasma blastgun as a one shot kill once the target is weakened. Even with this measure, the heat buildup in the cockpit can be ferocious.

Plasma Blastgun 

The Agamemnon is originally a toy from the Havok range produced by Bluebird in 1997  and I fondly recall picking up their starter set for about a tenner from Argos when it first came out. Sadly I never got round to painting this guy and he has sat unpainted for almost exactly 20 years. The infantry got used in my Imperial Guard force which has long since been lost to ebay but this guy has sat in a box till last week when I finally decided to paint him.

 Eat Plasma!

He scales pretty well with a 28mm 40k Dreadnaught and if anything is a bit bigger but in 15mm scale, he pretty much counts as a Knight. In my version of the Imperium, Space Marine Dreadnaughts don't always contain badly mangled veterans but actual crews who operate them as actual mechs. The badly mangled will get incorporated into the Cyborg units but more on that for a later day!

 Pow Pow!

While long out of production, I did see another on ebay for 99p a couple of weeks ago so they can be picked up quite cheaply and as he's sculpted by Bob Naismith, he's pretty handy for folks who want to keep to the 40k classic aesthetic too!

Stand Fast!

Having spent almost a full week painting the big guy, I am taking a wee break from large figures and going for some 6mm goodness which I will post about in my next blog entry but I'm feeling rather inspired!

In other news, I've had to put comment moderation on again as for the first time in several years I seem to be attracting the spammers again which is really annoying me as I've had to fish back through posts to remove the offending comments. 

On a brighter note, I have pulled all the old posts and ramblings from my blog cull of last year back onto Tales From Farpoint as I was wanting to check back through some of my old gubbins and couldn't find them so there's now about 600 blog posts to peruse which weren't there before covering all sorts of stuff from background to ramblings and lots of pics too so do feel free to have a peruse!

Expect another post soon with pics of lots of tiny things!

All the best!


  1. Well done.

    I have a few of these, too, that I picked up on Ebay about 10 years ago. Mine are still unpainted, but one of these days . . .

    1. Thanks!

      It took a bit of work and the feet are somewhat chunky but he's painted up quite nicely!

      I'm now thinking of adding a couple more to make an armoured squadron of them...

  2. Very cool - ace to see the old posts back too. Is it weird that I always want to repaint a Havok set... I quite like that goofy Sci-Fi thing.

  3. Nice, looks great painted up!
    Did not know that Bob Naismith sculpted Havok stuff, so good to know!

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Bob was the go to guy for sculpting toy figures in the 90's I believe and the figures from the range have definitely got the Bob Naismith vibe to them!

  4. I didn't know Bob did Havok! That makes it the pseudo-canon slightly better.

    Cracking job. The brown weathering against the blue works really nicely. I am tempted to copy your idea.

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      The Havok range has some rather handy gubbins in it and there's several figures which look the business for Imperial Guard too!

      Comparing the sculpts to Bobs later work for the Cobalt range, the similarities are pretty noticeable and although its purely speculation on my behalf, I'm sure I saw his name in connection with Havok somewhere!