Friday 14 June 2024

6mm Fantasy Shenanigans


As promised in my last post, I've been footling about with some 6mm scale fantasy bits and bobs.

I've become quite a fan of creating small gaming boards using cheap pinboards and I've been wanting to make a rich green one for a while and decided that it was high time to get it finished. 

The base is a WHSmith's pinboard that measures 39cm by 59cm which I got for 75% off when a local store was closing down and cost £2.50. A cheap tube of green acrylic set me back another £1.99 and bobs your uncle! I'd initially intended on using either a static grass sheet or flock but thought it may warp the cork board so settled on just painting it all.

A bit of splotching, drybrushing and dabbing of assorted greens and browns and it looks pretty decent.

With the addition of my polystyrene egg trees and a small dark age farm produced by Irregular Miniatures that I was gifted a good fifteen years ago, I've got the beginnings of a decent little layout.

Further rummagings have turned up some Irregular Miniatures Wood Elves that was part of the lot that I was gifted back in the day and I find myslelf with the beginnings of a nice little army. I've got enough to make a decent sized force for Dragon Rampant and still have a bunch of Orcs to use as an opposition.

Sadly the photo's don't do the figures justice as they're really nice little sculpts once they've got a coat of paint on them and I'm thinking of slowly adding to the collection with some other figures from Irregular at some point. The bases are 15mm by 30mm and made from cardboard.

I've rather enjoyed putting together this little project and will try to get the remaining figures painted up in the coming weeks and hope to add some more scenery too and am aiming towards making it in the style of classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle but tiny so we shall see how I get on.

My next post should have some completed 15mm scale gubbins as well as further musings on some wild west ideas that I've got floating about again.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Nice looking board I've done the same for 6mm gaming using a pinboard and it works well when games are converted from inches to cms

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    I do love perusing your blog as its always full of awesome gubbins and your 6mm fantasy armies are absolutely inspirational!