Monday 22 May 2023

Farpoint AK-47 Characters


I've been sat painting a few bits and bobs for my Planet 28 project (more on that later!) but have also been working on some characters for my AK-47 alternative Farpoint campaign.

As I'm making the project a re-imagined and low tech sci-fi with a hint of history thrown in, I've had quite a bit of fun drawing some characters that I will also be portraying in miniature format as I work on the project, either as army leaders or objectives for the opposing forces to try and capture. I also plan on using them to build the narrative of the campaign as it proceeds

Laars von Dorn Governor General

Laars von Dorn is the Governor General of Farpoint having replaced the previous Governor due to his complete ineptitude and corruption. The von Dorn's are a wealthy family that is respected by much of the population but the latest von Dorn has sparked controversy by taking power in what some call a coup.

Laars wishes to form alliances and trade deals with other planets and has been brokering a deal to join the Galactic League which would see the somewhat backward Farpoint gaining access to new tech and trading opportunities.

Count Cassitor of Rdunrundt

Count Cassitor is a despotic ruler of the region of Rdunrundt and was the staunch supporter of the previous Governor, mainly due to the fact that the corrupt fool was so biddable to Cassitor's suggestions and as such the Rdunrunt region and the count himself had seen themselves greatly enriched under the previous administration. With the coup this changed and now the count, along with his somewhat shady offworld supporters seeks to claim the rule of Farpoint for himself, obviously for the good of the people.

Colonel Jaswant 'Blood and Thunder' Singh

Colonel 'Blood and Thunder' Singh is a stalwart of the von Dorn military and a canny warrior in his own right but is tactics tend towards frontal assaults and letting bayonets do the talking and while he is revered, the fear is that his outdated expertise may lead the forces of von Dorn into trouble.

Saying that, Jaswant is a patriot and his zeal to put down the rebellion and enthusiasm has given his forces a near fanatical support for the aging warrior. Whether this survives the first encounters with Rdunrundt's military remains to be seen.

Major Victor Kurtz

Kurtz is the commander of the Rdunrundt Dragoons, Count Cassitors personal guard. Not much is known of the man but it is suspected that he's actually from offworld and is an agent of the Count's shadowy allies.

He is a brutal but cunning tactician who doesn't worry about collateral damage and has been working hard in secret to train the forces of Rdunrundt in preparation of the upcoming campaigning season. Cassitor doesn't fully trust his henchman as he suspects that the man has other masters who seek to use his holy crusade for more money as a subtext for taking control for themselves. With this in mind, the Count has several agents hidden within Kurtz's staff. 

Tony Wong, FPITV News

Tony is an enthusiastic newshound who will no doubt be breaking the news for his station, Farpoint Independent Television News as the conflict begins to unfold. Unflappable and with a near suicidal disregard for his own safety, Tony has made a name for himself by holding the government to account and was instrumental in breaking the scandal of the previous governors malfeasance. 
Albrecht Schliemann Chief Press officer of The Rdunrundtian Patriot

Schliemann is a cold and slimy sort of a fellow but has a knack for rhetoric and misinformation, something that Count Cassitor recognised would aid him in his quest to take control of Farpoint for his own more noble purposes. As such he installed Albrecht as chief press officer at the Rdunrundtian Patriot where he issues thundering denunciations of the degenerate enemy von Dorn and his lapdogs who constantly seek to put true citizens of Farpoint down. 

The demagogue is often used to whip up the citizens of Rdunrundt into a patriotic fervour that has seen volunteers forming militias on the Counts behalf.

Hopefully I'll get more background put together as I go and I've placed a small order with Peter Pig to get the first unit for each force started with enough figures to give me eight bases a side as well as a couple of rival camera teams!

As I mentioned in my introduction I've also been working on painting a few other bits and bobs which I will be posting later as I seem to be coming out of the hobby slump just in time to go back to work tomorrow!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. The artwork is always my favorite parts of your posts. So many cool characters. I really dig the background you are building for your settlement though!

    1. Many thanks! I've been enjoying pootling around with pens and pencils lately.

  2. I'm a huge fan of your art and your character building. Inspiring work!

    1. Many thanks! I've been busily working away at painting some bits and bobs but haven't got chance to take any pics yet but fingers crossed I'll get some more updates on the blog soon!

  3. Excellent pictures as ever! They sound like a good group of characters (and potential enemies!)

    1. Thanks! I'm finding the process of developing a somewhat different background rather fun!