Thursday 1 August 2019

Steampowered Infantry


I've just finished a squad of steampowered infantry for my ongoing VSF/Steampunk/Weird West project!

1st Texan Ironclad Infantry 

Constructed from plastic gubbins with some wire and putty to make rifles and a bit of cotton for their smokestacks, I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out and they will make a good addition to my no longer fledgeling force!

Ironclad Infantry are the marvel of the age with their miniaturised boilers allowing them full mobility for a full thirty minutes before needing stoking again, their thick iron plate making them nigh invulnerable to small arms fire and allowing the brave crewman to wade into the thick of the action before unleashing a barrage of lead from his heavy shotgun.

Scale Shot

I imagine these little chaps clanking forward towards their enemy, occasionally exploding spectacularly but I do love a steampunk suit, no matter how unsuited to actual combat it may be!

My next task will be to add some more contraptions for my Texans to field so watch this space!


  1. Those are very good. They remind me of the board game Scythe.

  2. Pure awesomeness!

    Remind me Grinder from "Hobo with a shotgun" movie . Ace job!

  3. I like them! Great idea for pre-power armor :)

  4. They are briliant! I was about to ask you which company made them until I read a bit further. Well done.

  5. Amazing!
    I thought that you'd bought them.
    Looking forward too your next creations.

  6. Love them, Richard! You have incredible skills!

  7. Brilliant work, you keep on amazing me with your inventive scratchbuild models.