Tuesday 20 February 2024

Rogue Trader Reprint: A Long, Long Time Coming


Just a quick update today as I'm pretty busy but I thought I'd post my thoughts on the Rogue Trader reprint.

So as of typing, the book still hasn't arrived and reading around the internet, this seems to be quite a common occurrence in the UK with stock arriving recently in the US but with the book being printed in China, it appears that we'll be waiting a while yet for copies to appear.

In GW's defence, they did say it could take up to 180 days or 6 months but it does feel like this has turned into a bit of a cash grab before the release of the Old World fantasy battle stuff.

I'm willing to wait a wee bit to get hold of my copy but I must admit that I'm getting to the point where I may cancel my order as I am actively moving away from GW games and delving further into my collection of old indie stuff, especially as there has been some comment from folks who did get their copy that have mentioned its not the best quality wise with photos being described as being a bit on the dark side.

I suspect that is due to the fact that GW had to scan a copy of the original so its never going to be perfect but it sounds like they could have tweaked the images a wee bit to clear them up. I'll no doubt hum and hah about it for the rest of the week but I'm edging closer to just moving onto something else and the refunded pennies could be better used for something else that will get regular play...

We shall see if there's any update this week and I'll make the decision on Saturday and possibly dedicate the saved cash to a small indie company that needs it more than the behemoth.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. One of the discords I'm on has people getting theirs. They seem pretty pleased with them. The rogue trader book is pretty cool....even if you don't like GW. I saw someone complaining about some hard to detect colour difference between grays on the spines of their new warhammer fantasy books. There are definitely people out there who are way to picky about minor stuff......you might be hearing those concerns re: the new RT book. Look at the bright side, you can open it more than once without the middle 20 pages falling out. That's better than my original!

    1. Hi!

      My copy has finally arrived and its really nicely put together. Yes theres a few bits where text is showing through on the back of images but its totally worth the money I paid.

      Now I need to ponder on what I'm going to do with it...

  2. I haven't had this reprint in my hands, so I cannot comment on its quality, but about your concerns on getting the game itself, I think Rogue Trader is as indie as any other game out there, I would definitely keep it!

  3. My copy arrived the other day. Hopefully yours arrives soon. It's sure to give a lot of inspiration!

    1. Hi! Its just arrived and from my initial perusal, I'm really pleased with the quality and I'm sure it will provide hours of entertainment and inspiration, even if I just use the rules and not the background itself!