Friday, 30 September 2022

Struck by the Lurgy

 Hi folks!

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last while. I've been off on holiday and no sooner did I get back, I have found myself struck with the lurgy and am feeling pretty rubbish.

I've not been able to produce any artwork for my September challenge as I foolishly left my art gear when I went on holiday and am feeling too rough to do anything now I'm back. Hopefully I'll be back to usual service come next week as I'm not only starting my new roll in Perth but I have Inktober to have a bash at to boot.

While I was on holiday we found quite a few second hand bookshops and came back with quite a haul of goodies.

First up, there's Table Fables a really handy RPG or gaming resource which consists of lots of different random tables that I suspect will be really handy for my own games moving forward and a book I'd highly recommend folks take a peek at!

Next up, I found a stack of Brian Jacques goodies in a bookshop and chatting to the lady who ran it found that she'd had them on the shelves for 20 years since new and I got this lot for £10:

I have slowly been building my collection of Redwall books so that eventually I'll have the lot with the vague idea of doing either a Burrows and Badgers campaign or a rpg sort of thing using them as inspiration as I have very fond memories of reading them back in the early 90's and am really looking forward to reading my way through the entire series.

Finally on our last day we found a massive second hand bookshop and amongst the dusty stacks, I found some David Drake!

I've read these some years ago but felt the need to add the Hammer's Slammers series to my collection as they're brilliant military sci-fi reads.

I'm now going to have a hot beverage and sniffle a bit and try and get better before I start work on Sunday so until then, All the best!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! Always a bummer to come back from some time off only to feel sick. Happens to me a lot since we travel several hours away to visit my inlaws for weeks at a time. Completely different allergens down there!

    Looks like you picked up some good books. One recommendation: if you like the Redwall series check out Mouse Guard if you have not. It's a really fun graphic novel series which also has an RPG associated.

    1. Many thanks!

      I'm feeling somewhat better but knackered pretty much every evening at the mo!

      Mouseguard is a fantastic series but annoyingly difficult to get ahold of these days. They're beautiful graphic novels (and a RPG I believe!)

  2. Get well soon! At least you've been able to get hold of some good books!

    1. Many thanks!

      Its been a really tiring couple of weeks but hopefully I'll get used to it!