Sunday, 28 April 2019

Hitting a Snag


Well I seem to have hit a bit of a snag in that I find myself wanting to do about a million different projects in different scales all at the same time and it's resulted in me grinding to a halt with all things hobby!

It's rather frustrating as I've been plugging away quite happily for a while now with my assorted bits and bobs but all of a sudden it has all stopped dead in its tracks. I think the problem is that I've been trying to put together some 2mm scale Dwarf infantry for my ongoing Land Ironclads project and it's just not working.

Orc Infantry

My Orcs are made out of plastic Granny Grid, the stuff that is used for cross stitch but I've now tried three different ways for my Dwarves using the same materials and must admit that each result has been less than satisfactory. It has got me tempted to take a peek at getting some of the Irregular Miniatures 2mm stuff but the prospect of spending even a small sum is causing me to baulk. I have tons of 15mm and 6mm stuff that I can be getting on with, not to mention the Flintloque stuff that I've been slowly painting my way through so what is it about the struggle to get some tiny, tiny infantry looking right that has resulted in such a jam?

Maybe I just need to rummage out a random figure and paint it instead but I've been wanting to get my forces for such a tiny scale game painted for a while!

The other issue I find myself flailing against is that I recently picked up a green gaming mat and it's got me looking longingly at 2nd edition 40k and 4th edition Fantasy Battle and images like this aren't helping:

Orky Goodness!

High Elf Army

On the one hand I know I'm being ridiculous as painting 28mm scale armies is now beyond me as I don't have the budget, space, time or patience for such an unwieldy project but there's still that nagging urge to give it a go and that, along with my current 2mm conundrum seems to have resulted in me utterly bamboozled as to what to do.

I'm going to take a bit of a break, go out and enjoy my day off and hopefully come back with some sort of plan but in the meantime, if you've got any suggestions, give me a shout as I'd love some advice!

All the best!


  1. That all sounds very familiar, I've been in the same kind of situation numerous times.
    The problem I always face afterwards if I give in to temptation is that the project I was working on got shelved for often a very long time.
    It's better to plow through and spend some extra time finding a solution you're satisfied with and move on than to sidetrack in my opinion and from my experience.
    Unless you got someone who really urges you to start with the sidetrack of course, social obligations come first ūüėä.

    Hope you got to clear your mind and you've reached a decision.
    I'm still looking forward to more homebuild stuff, like the Dwarf tanks and your Boar Company, and some more Flintloque.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm going to go with the Irregular miniatures for my 2mm stuff as it seems to be just what I'm going for!

  2. 28mm doesn’t do it for you anymore- you’ve said this multiple times in similar scenarios :) You can always use your 6mm / 15mm/ 2mm bits n bobs to create a force or two based for your new mat - shouldn’t be too hard with small scales like this. Sorry if I’m being curt, thought you’d benefit from some tough love :P

    1. So very true!

      After a bit of a drive yesterday, I came to much the same conclusion! I've got somewhat of a cunning plan that I shall be working on in the coming week or two!

  3. Remember, you can play 40k with 15mm figures and no changes to the rules.

    1. Indeed! I even have a fair number of figures for 40k in the scale!