Friday, 16 September 2016

Horned Folk Army Project Part 2


I've managed to finish off a second Wartower for my Horned Folk army!

 Horned Folk Wartowers

I've still got one more to finish to get the formation up to strength but I am already thinking about adding some more firepower to my force as the Aeroth setting I am developing is going to be a bit more science-fantasy so my decidedly low tech Horned Folk are in need of some more arcane tech to beef them up a bit!

Warband on the move.

It's rather nice to have finished a paintjob that I started 18 months ago and the force does seem to be slowly coming together! As with the other Wartower, the basis for the wooly rhino is a Irregular Miniatures 15mm scale rhinoceros with a howdah, crew and armour sculpted on. I also extended the horns and built up the bulk of the beast as well.

I'm going to get some more infantry added for my next update and hopefully a somewhat bigger beast too but in the meantime, All the best!

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