Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Wilde Hunt and Lost Albion


I've finally managed to scrape together enough spare time to finish painting something and even get a photo to boot!

Fae Woodsmen

After  a bit of head scratching, I settled on a couple of old Grenadier Elves to represent the first of my Fae for my post apocalyptic Britain project. Representing the Wilde Hunt, one of the several Fae groups that have taken over large areas of Albion. 

The Fae have returned in all their terrible glory to Britain to reclaim their ancestral land and wrestle it from the Human usurpers who stole it from them in ancient times. With the use of a mighty spell, the Fae pulled apart the fabric of reality and brought an apocalypse. Wild magic blitzed through the country, levelling cities and awakening magical beings long thought to be nothing but folktales and 21st century Britain ceased to be. 

In its place stands Lost Albion, a land where primordial forests grow over the shattered remnants of once great cities, bleak moors and misty mountains stand mute witness to the end of a civilisation and the return of the wild places to a once tamed country.

In the century since the Faes return, over 90 percent of the human population died from the famine and plagues that blighted the land or were killed by the ravages of the lands new rulers but people are adaptable and here and there, small settlements have held out and even thrive despite the loss of technology and fight to hold onto what they have from bands of marauding beast and other, darker creatures.

The spell had unexpected side effects, however, as rumours circulate that Arthur will return and both Fae and Humans seek him amongst the sylvan glades and dilapidated shanties that dot the countryside. To counter this, the Fae have sought out the remains of Mordred and seek to re-animate him to once again strike down his father.

Another unexpected effect was the Dead, great cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham saw entire populations killed in an instant and they rest poorly in the mass graves and shattered buildings. Now these crumbling ruins are dangerous indeed to enter as revenants, ghouls and other foul beasts haunt their shadowy streets.

Hopefully that gives a bit of flavour to what I am hoping to do over the coming months with the project which will see bits and bobs of post apocalyptic meets urban fantasy miniature malarky!

All the best! 


  1. Great painting. Colouring the skin light green looks so natural yet not something I'd even thought about. Too stuck in the Green = Orc mentality obviously! Inspired choice you've made - Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Quite simply beautiful painting. Mesmerizing colours :-)

  3. Hi!

    Glad folks like the little fellows! I've actually had them since the early 90s and until recently they had a rather dodgy paint job that dated from back in the day!

    They've actually got me thinking about tackling my Eldar that has slowly been getting a cleaned up over the last few months!

    All the best!

  4. Cool setting and beautiful painting! Reminds of of the old tale of the Green Children. Very cool. The mushrooms are lovely touch!