Friday, 17 June 2022

Me, Myself & Die


I'm a massive fan of solo wargaming and I've been tinkering with bringing a more RPG style element into my games but hadn't had much luck with my search for a bit of a beginners guide but I happened across Me, Myself & Die on Youtube.

The host, Trevor Devall, is a voice actor and the show itself has been great fun to watch whilst painting as the first season follows the adventures of Simon, a somewhat hapless adventurer who is seeking to find out the fate of his family. 

Trevor also has lots of links to useful resources and rulesets that he uses to randomly generate events, characters, treasure and everything in between and its well worth a watch. I've just completed watching my way through season one and am preparing to watch season two over the next week or so.

Season one uses Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment and I've picked up a pdf edition of it and even with a cursory perusal, I am finding a lot I like about it, especially as it caters to any setting and allows you to create pretty much anything you want whilst staying quick and easy.

Now I doubt I'll go for a full RPG approach to my games but I do want to incorporate more elements into them so using such a system to help me create interesting objectives, scenarios, settings or characters will be a real boon so we shall see how I get on but I absolutely recommend taking a peek at Me, Myself & Die as its brilliant fun.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. For inspiration w.r.t. objectives and direction in a narrative/rpg-style campaign, you might take a look at my "CHronicles of Lowenheim" campaign:

    1. Many thanks for the link!

      I'll take a peek and see if I can't get myself some inspiration!

  2. My old RPG group played a bunch of Savage Worlds. It's a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your find. I'll have to check it out.

    1. Quite alright!

      I'm almost finished season two which uses Oathsworn rather than Savage Worlds but its been great fun to watch and having taken a bit of a read through Savage Worlds, it looks like its going to be getting a bit of use in the not too distant future!