Sunday 26 June 2022

The Hathor Campaign Part 2: Bore IV Pacification Level 1


Yesterday I managed to play out the first of the games from my Planet 28 campaign which sees Inquisitor Fisher arriving at the prison planet of Bore IV to pacify an uprising and follow clues that will lead her towards the resting place of Hathor's Armour.

I again used the random method of creating the scenario using a mixture of story dice, random words from books and a bit of tinkering to make it all fit together. For example, when hearing the distress call, I rolled a trio of dice to see what Fisher would do and it came up with a plane, a cage and a shooting star making it pretty clear that Fisher was going to prioritise getting to Bore IV over her initial lead of chasing down the mysterious monks.


The Imperial Corvette Shrike thunders out of hyperspace in the Bore system. Lit by a weak and dying star, Bore is lifeless and bleak, the systems planets uninhabited rocks but Bore IV, the fourth planet in the system was once a mining outpost. Its ore has long since been extracted but the Imperium has retrofitted the facility into a maximum security prison where the sectors most dangerous felons are incarcerated.

Constructed in a great shaft dug into the surface of Bore IV, the prison consists of a central core which acts as a space dock and three levels of tunnels and chambers leading off it like spokes. 

Level 1 is dedicated to loading bays, admin facilities, barracks and a small hydroponics station. Access to the remaining levels is through a secure elevator which only the guards have access to.

Level 2 is the prison itself with four cell blocks housing over two thousand inmates. The inmates themselves are fitted with a Cyclo control unit when they arrive, a piece of tech that is attached to their foreheads which gives the warden and guards the ability to deliver powerful pain, and even death via stimulating the convicts pain receptors in the brain.

Level 3 is the secure solitary confinement and engineering level. Located deep within the planet, the solitary confinement block consists of six cells, each a heavily secured cage to keep the worst of the worst secure. Access to this level is via the main elevator but requires multiple security checks, both Human and AI. The engineering sector contains the plasma core that powers the prison, environmental control and back up computer core.

Rumour persists that there is a fourth level, blocked off during the facilities conversion from mining outpost to prison that may contain abandoned tunnels.

When the Shrike hails the prison, they receive no reply but the ships astropath senses there are numerous individuals alive in the facility and scans from the ships sensors show that emergency power is running intermittently on at least the upper levels of the facility. 

The prisons auto defence turrets are offline and Fisher instructs the Shrikes captain to enter close orbit of Bore IV and sets forth with her retinue and several squads of security troops in a ships pinnace to investigate what has happened.

Upon landing in the docking bay, Fisher must gain entry to the facility and secure the dock from any escapees.

The Cargo Bay

The loading dock is separated into four sectors. Fisher and co must clear each room and make their way to the computer room where they may find clues to what has happened.

The Computer Room

Venturing into the cargo bay of the prison Fisher and her retinue are immediately beset by escaped convicts, some of which are armed meaning that the guards have either been overwhelmed or somehow the prisoners have gained access to the armoury. Gritting her teeth, Fisher orders her companions forward to deal with the scum and seek some answers...

Room 1 contains D3 prisoners with a 50% chance of them being armed which resulted in three prisoners, one of whom was armed with a pistol. For the game I used a deck of cards to determine initiative which represents the flickering lights, possibility of ambush and whatnot and helped make for a more interesting game.

Things start poorly for Fisher as she charges a muscled convict who manages to dodge her power sword and responds by punching her in the face. As her retinue move to support her a second convict lurches out from the shadows but is met with a fusillade of stubgun fire from Vash who badly wounds the convict and sends her staggering away, trailing blood.

The burly convict locked in combat with Fisher fights with the ferocity of a madman and succeeds in pummelling Fisher again with his meaty fists but shouting a curse, Fisher responds by driving her power sword through his chest killing him. The final convict, armed with a pistol squeezes a shot off at Geralt who has just stepped past Fisher as she kicks the corpse of the dead felon out of the way and he grunts as a slug clips him but his return fire sends the convict shuddering to the floor, an explosive bolt round detonating in his cranium.

With the first room secured, Vash moves to fiddle with the doors controls to give the Inquisitorial team access to the next room but a somewhat bruised and impatient Fisher orders him to use his thunder hammer to speed things up a bit. Shrugging, Vash complies and takes a swing with his mighty hammer and in a flash of light and boom of electric discharge, the fortified door is smashed from its hinges and careens into the next room. 

Meanwhile Geralt takes the opportunity to search the cargo stack but comes up with nothing (I gave a 10% chance of finding something useful with a search action, something which will come in very handy as the game continues!)

Rom two contains D3 convicts and D3 armed convicts and there was a 10% chance of a boss turning up to give the team something to worry about. This resulted in one convict, two armed convicts and a boss turned up in the form of Gunther the Mad Axeman of Gelt!

As the team move into the second room, they can see movement and convicts begin materialise from the gloom, several of which seem to be toting pistols. With a grinding, the door at the far side of the room opens and a hulking brute lumbers in trailed by a pair of lackeys. The brutish man stands almost seven feet tall and appears to be a mountain of muscle and his fire axe glints red in the flickering light, clearly he is not to be trifled with and Fishers party is in for a rough time of it.

With a bellow of rage, Gunther the Mad Axeman begins a lumbering charge across the bay swinging his bloody axe above his head while his lackeys rush after him. With a cry of challenge, Geralt rushes to meet him and they meet in a bloody melee which sees Gunther miss every attack but Geralt unable to do much damage.

Vash jumps into the melee and takes a swing with his thunderhammer and manages to strike Gunther a blow that would reduce most foes to paste but Gunther only snarls and lashes out with his axe. Aided by his great strength, the axe penetrates Vash's armour and the Mecanicus cries out in surprise and pain.

Meanwhile Fisher is stalking the gunmen at the other side of the room, exchanging fire with the first before dropping him with a well aimed shot of her own and charging the second, who has run out of ammo (on a roll of a double on a D100 shooting results in the gun running out of ammo or being jammed and the convicts don't have any reloads!).

As the melee continues to swirl, Gunther tries to strike at the stricken Vash but he manages to flail out of the way but things are looking a bit grim for the Inquisitorial agents as more convicts begin to close in on them. Fisher dispatches another foe but sees her team being beset by the horde and decapitates her foe with a swing of her powersword.

Snarling a curse, Geralt redoubles his efforts and parries a boneshaking swing of the brutes axe with his sword and empties his bolt pistol into the snarling Gunthers face, dropping the hulking bruiser. Regaining his poise, a somewhat bloodied Vash takes a swing at the convict who had tried to grab him and sends him sailing back with a booming crash of his thunder hammer.

Possibly cowed by the death of Gunther, the remaining convicts are quickly dispatched and a somewhat battered trio search the cargo and find a med kit (each med kit has D3 doses and heals D6 wounds) 

Fisher used a dose to heal back up and Vash was also patched up from the axe blow he'd received from Gunther while Geralt decided to save the last dose for emergencies and the team moves towards room three.

Room three contains D6 convicts, D6 armed convicts and a 20% chance of a mini boss turning up. I ended up with three convicts, four armed convicts and a mini boss in the form of Alice the Maneater!

As the trio moved into the room they see a massive woman leering at them. She is accompanied by a trio of goons and as Fisher and co enter the room they are met with a fusillade of pistol fire from two directions as they are ambushed by a second group who had been hiding around the corner.

Shots slam into Geralt, who curses as they pierce his armour and Fisher also snarls as shots hit her and before they can respond, Alice is upon them! For a large woman, Alice is surprisingly nimble and she easily avoids Vash's clumsy swing and lashes out with her knives, each finding chinks in the Mechanicus' heavy armour and Vash is reduced to under half wounds in a single combat!

Geralt isn't faring much better as he tries to fend off multiple attackers and is forced to use the last medkit dose as he only had 3 hits left and I was genuinely worried he'd be killed. Similarly, Vash was beset by Alice who took a thunder hammer to the face and only grinned, spat out a tooth and continued to harry the badly wounded agent. 

Fisher, meanwhile had taken several hits from pistol fire and wasn't in too good a shape either as she struggled in the swirling melee to bring down her foe and eventually managed to gut the convict before rushing to aid a sorely beset Vash. 

Fortunately Vash finally managed to strike a telling blow, killing Alice (the combat had swirled for about four rounds at this point and Vash was down to two points of health and I was actually rather stunned at how much of a badass Alice the Maneater was and she may end up making another appearance at some point with a grudge against Vash!)

Similarly, the badly wounded Geralt managed to deal with the remaining thugs, both of whom had run out of ammo for their pistols and were easily dispatched by the grim and bloody figure in battered leathers.

As soon as the room was cleared, the exhausted trio make a search and discover another med kit, recovering 4 hit points to Geralt and Fisher but only one for the badly mangled Vash.

There was only one room left to clear but could the inqisitorial team clear it or would any further attempt spell their doom? Geralt exchanged a worried look with Fisher over the heavily bandaged and bleeding figure of Vash. If they returned to the ships pinnace, they could get the medical aid that Vash desperately needs but would it cost them the ability to find out what had happened to cause the uprising? 

Checking the clip in his bolt pistol, Geralt sighed. Of course Fisher would continue. It was her nature and she needed to find out the whereabouts of Professor Murdoch Foyle, a man he knew she hated above all others as he was responsible for the death of her sister and she would rather die than let him escape so wearily patting Vash on the shoulder he grinned at Fisher and gestured for her to lead the way. "Death or Glory, miss. Death or Glory".

With a tight grin, Fisher opened the last doorway.

Room four contained d3 convicts and d3 armed convicts and a 50% chance of a miniboss and fortunately for the badly battered team, I only rolled up one of each and no miniboss. Possibly the rest had already been dispatched or they'd retreated further into the prison proper but here was the final challenge before clearing the first part of the prison.

As she enters the room, Fisher is met with a blast of fire from the armed convict and he rolls a critical, badly wounding the inquisitor and sending her slumping to the ground. Vash, badly wounded as he is, drags himself after her, firing his pistol with shaking hands and Geralt, incandescent with rage leaps over the fallen inquisitor and descends upon the gunman like the wrath of God. 

By the time he's finished, the room is clear and Geralt, now coated in blood kneels over the prone form of Fisher only to see her open her eyes and drily say "my hero" before pulling herself to her feet leaving the gaping and revealed Wolfbane to stare at her as she marches up to the door of the computer room and rap on it with her knuckles.

"This is the Inquisition. I order you to open this door!" 


After a brief pause, the portal slides open and a disheveled figure peers out. It is the prisons warden and he is accompanied by a blue skinned prisoner and a single guard. They all look like they've been through the wars but they gape at the bloodied and bruised group before them but before they can say anything, Fisher demands medical aid for her companions and eyes up the warden who quails before her steely glare. 

Distantly she hears the thudding of boots as the first of the security teams from the Shrike begin to move into the cargo bay, securing it and dispatching any remaining prisoners and she distractedly grabs a hip flask of brandy off Geralt and takes a swig. 

She will find out what happened here. She will make those responsible pay and she will find Murdoch Foyle and end him!

Whee! What a great game! I have to admit I'd initially thought it would be too easy for the adventurers to clear the level but by the third room, I was seriously worried that they'd all end up dead in the first game of the campaign but it worked out in the end with the trio surviving by the skin of their teeth!

The second part of the campaign will see Fisher seek answers from the Warden before heading deeper into the prison. Is this an isolated incident or does the mysterious Murdoch Foyle have anything to do with Hathor's Armour? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, All the best!

Friday 24 June 2022

Charity Shop Finds


Well we've been enjoying a weeks holiday from work and yesterday ventured up north for a day trip with the plan of visiting a rather good community bookshop in Kingussie where we've found lots of great books in the past. Sadly when we arrived via Glenshee, it was shut but when we nipped to the community hub, a very kind lady opened the shop for us to take a peek.

Amongst all the other bits and bobs we picked up, I happened across these lovelies:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! I'd initially thought it was the original 1st edition but it's actually the 2nd edition produced by Hogshead Publishing in 1995 but I picked it up anyway as I've wanted to add a copy to my collection for a while and although I'm dabbling more with Sci-fi at present, there's loads of fascinating gubbins in this venerable tome. At £20 it was a bit more than what I'd usually be tempted to spend on a second hand book but I was too tempted to resist!

Next up I spotted these two for £3 each which was more of a bargain and as they're illustrated by Angus McBride, I couldn't say no!

The Barbarians will come in handy for my ongoing Dark Age project and the Medieval Warlords was too nice a book to leave on the shelf and will be added to the collection (which is already threatening to overtake the flat as it is...)

We're off to wander round town today but I doubt I'll find any more exciting oldschool goodies but one can never tell as they do crop up in the most unexpected places as I've previously found a copy of Ratspike in a charity shop for £1.25!

In other news, I've been getting more figures painted and building some small scenic odds and ends and will post an update tomorrow with some pictures and I'm waiting on some stands for my papertech convicts so I can try them out in the first of the Planet 28 skirmishes I've got planned so watch this space and until then, All the best!

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Solo RPG and Wargame: The Hathor Campaign Part 1


As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm keen to try and incorporate a more RPG lite sort of element into my games and with this in mind, I've had a bash at using some ideas that I've had lying around for a while to see how it goes.


Now I could go out and buy some RPG stuff and use an existing campaign but I thought it would be fun to have a bash at creating my own using a bit of a random system and see how the story develops.

Reference Books!

To begin with I grabbed a few books off the shelf, mostly at random and picked a selection of random pages and words to string together a term or sentence to get things going. Handily I picked Hathor, Armour, Monks, Chillingly and Devoted. This gave me the basis for the story to develop, resulting in Fisher and co hearing of a lost artefact and some shady monks who are searching for it!

Random books from the shelf

I also used some random dice and Rory's Story Cubes to help build a narrative which sees Fisher departure interrupted with shocking news and a side quest, which may actually be tied into the main campaign dragging her away from her pursuit!

A handy selection of dice and cards to add random events

As I based Inquisitor Fisher loosely on Phryne Fisher from the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, I will be introducing characters from it and rather fascinatingly, one of the antagonists we shall be meeting ties in really well with the narrative that is developing! 

Rules wise, I'll be using Planet 28 for the most part as it is endlessly convertible and I really enjoy using for super small skirmishes such as we shall be seeing in the forthcoming weeks. I will probably use my own bodged rules for larger scale fights if they crop up and also plan on using the story cubes and random word generator approach for developing the plot, random events and whatnot to keep things interesting!

I'm also going to be adding lots of papercraft gubbins to allow me to play through games quickly and easily and the first batch, the prisoners and guards that will be featuring in the first of the interlinked scenarios:


Inquisitor Fisher and her retainers have heard rumours of a powerful item of Lostech known only as Hathor's Armour. Virtually nothing is known of this artefact other than it will grant those who possess it and understand its workings great power.

The rumour stems from a shady contact of Fisher's in the underworld of Freeport City, named Susan, who has been hearing chatter that somebody is trying to discover the resting place of the armour for nefarious reasons. Unfortunately the only information Susan has been able to uncover is that it is not located on Farpoint but that a group of chillingly devoted monks of an order nobody appears to be familiar with have recently departed Farpoint after asking some pointed questions about the item.

Using her Inquisitorial authority, Fisher has discovered that the monks, calling themselves The Translated Order of Chronos boarded a freighter bound for the backwater planet of Strade.

Realising there isn't a moment to waste, Fisher boards the Imperial Corvette Shrike and prepares to head off in pursuit but as they leave the spaceport, an ensign rushes onto the bridge with a message from the Shrike's Astropath. The Astropath has intercepted a distress call from the Imperial prison of Bore IV, a maximum security penitentiary located in a dead system a short jump from Farpoint.

Fisher is about to dismiss the call as she has more important tasks at hand, namely running down the Translated Order and securing Hathor's Armour for the Imperium but a glance at the message sends a cold chill down her spine as one of the inmates of Bore is none other than Professor Murdoch Foyle. 

Cursing, Fisher orders the Shrikes captain to change course and head for Bore IV with all haste...

Whee! With only a little effort I seem to have got my campaign off to a thrilling start with the Inquisitorial agents rushing to the. prison world of Bore IV to find clues to follow but first they'll have to rescue the prison governor from a full scale uprising which will be the focus for a game of Planet 28 in the near future once I've got the elements put together and I'll post a battle report in the next few days.

In the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Orks and Necromutants


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been slowly getting some of the figures I've painted over the last few months photographed so I can get them on the blog so here's the latest batch in the form of some Orks and a Necromutant!

Some of you may remember from a few months back me bemoaning the fact that I'd painted an Ork that was so dull that I'd all but given up, and here he is. The modern plastic GW Ork is an incredibly uninspiring figure to work on and I have no idea how folks can manage to churn out an entire army of them but he's done and dusted and will probably be classed as a Skarboy for my small warband. 

The other figure on the left is a classic plastic Ork which I completed the other week and he was an absolute blast to work on compared to his modern descendant. The detail is softer, the pose a bit less dynamic but despite that he oozes character and almost painted himself and I'm glad I've still got another dozen or so of these guys sat awaiting a coat of paint as I really don't think I can bear painting another modern GW figure.

Next up, Ironically is another modern figure, this time a Mantic Marauder converted into a Necromutant for some Warzone skirmishing:

The figure itself is a Manic Marauder body from their Deadzone set with a GW head and old early 90's shoulderpad from the Ork set by GW. If I was to do the conversion again I'd probably sculpt a more suitable head but he'll do until I can get my hands on some official miniatures! 

On a side note, the figure is made from Restic, a weird slightly rubbery plastic that had some truly appalling mould lines which needed carving off and doesn't fit particularly well together either but with a decent coat of paint he's turned out quite nicely.

My next post will cover some wild ramblings about solo gaming and scenario design but I need to get my notes into some sort of order so it may be later in the week before I get it posted up so until then, All the best!

Monday 20 June 2022

Giggles Clan Sighted!


A while back I went through a spell of drawing character portraits, including the Giggles Clan produced by Curtis over at Ramshackle Games and he was kind enough to send me the miniatures as a thank you!

Needless to say with work and whatnot, I've not really had much chance to do anything with them but have finally got round to painting the erstwhile clan patriarch, Papa Giggles:

I had originally planned to copy the paint scheme to the original illustration but as I began work on him, I found that the slightly sinister black and red combo worked out really well so went with that instead.

Gamewise, he'll be doing a bit of double duty, first as Papa Giggles in my Farpoint setting but also as a Technomancer in my Warzone/Mutant Chronicles one once I can get enough bits and bobs painted up!

As I've got this week off on holiday, I'm taking the opportunity to work through some of the bits and bobs I have had lying around for some time and will hopefully post some regular updates including a battle report or two but in the meantime, All the best!

Sunday 19 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 5: Karn Form Warrior and Klansman


I've been slowly chipping away at my old Havok box and have finished the Karn Form Warrior who will eventually accompany my Karn Battle Form:

Karn Form Warrior

The Karn Form Warrior is a great little figure and I was going to originally match the purple bodysuit that the old paintjob had but the black looks more menacing and give me a bit of a Harkonnen vibe, especially when combined with his red hair. His stubby blaster pistols do kind of remind me of a powerdrill but all in all, I'm really pleased with how he turned out!

Next up, the box I got via Ebay had a couple of extra figures in it and while I was supposed to be concentrating on painting the Karn Battle Form, I couldn't resist painting this guy:

Chudley Chunderson III

He's a Karn Klanner that got added to the lot and as soon as I looked at him, a name sprang into my head and I had to paint him. From his ridiculous wargear to purple curled quiff and shades, Chudley Chunderson the third demanded to be pained and incorporated into a campaign.

Chudley is a dude from a long line of dudes who travels the frontier of the Imperium collecting bounties and drinking copious beers. Armed with a plasma carbine and knife carved from the adamantine of his homeworld of Chunderson's Rest, Chudley adorns his armour with trinkets, doodads and mementoes of his travels, be they a rad medallion he found in an abandoned Pharon tomb or the skull of a particularly gnarly foe, Chudley, or Chud to his friends (of which he doesn't really have any) is loud, garish and quite annoying to be stuck in a lift with.

As you can possibly tell, the miniature has character and I had great fun painting him up, even if some of the elements of the figure make no sense, such as the cloth wrapping his blade. Needless to say, expect Chudely to make a fairly regular appearance in future games!

With these additions, this gives me five Karn troopers which is plenty for a small skirmish game such as Planet 28 and I'll be keeping my eye out for some suitable additions in the coming months and now just need to get the Battle Form painted and do something with the rather tragic scenery from the box and I'll be ready to play a game of Havok.

I absolutely recommend grabbing some of the Havok range if you can find them cheaply as underneath the rather poor prepainting and soft plastic, theres some really nice figures sculpted by Bob Naismith which fit perfectly with the older Rogue Trader range and can add some great personality to your collection and while it can take a bit of effort to get the most out of them, its totally worth it!

In other news, I've also got photos of a bunch of other bits and bobs I've been painting over the last week or so but will post them up on a separate post tomorrow as I've blathered on long enough for today!

Until then, All the best! 

Friday 17 June 2022

Me, Myself & Die


I'm a massive fan of solo wargaming and I've been tinkering with bringing a more RPG style element into my games but hadn't had much luck with my search for a bit of a beginners guide but I happened across Me, Myself & Die on Youtube.

The host, Trevor Devall, is a voice actor and the show itself has been great fun to watch whilst painting as the first season follows the adventures of Simon, a somewhat hapless adventurer who is seeking to find out the fate of his family. 

Trevor also has lots of links to useful resources and rulesets that he uses to randomly generate events, characters, treasure and everything in between and its well worth a watch. I've just completed watching my way through season one and am preparing to watch season two over the next week or so.

Season one uses Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment and I've picked up a pdf edition of it and even with a cursory perusal, I am finding a lot I like about it, especially as it caters to any setting and allows you to create pretty much anything you want whilst staying quick and easy.

Now I doubt I'll go for a full RPG approach to my games but I do want to incorporate more elements into them so using such a system to help me create interesting objectives, scenarios, settings or characters will be a real boon so we shall see how I get on but I absolutely recommend taking a peek at Me, Myself & Die as its brilliant fun.

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday 13 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 4: Karn Darkest Suns


Another quick post today to update my Self Isolation Project! I'm back at work and feeling a lot better but wanted to finish the project, especially as it's such a small and easily completed one so have been chipping away at the Karn faction of the original Havok boxed set.

Karn Darkest Suns

I decided to try and go for a brighter look than my Nexus Rebellion forces so ended up giving them a bright yellow armour and quite like how they turned out.

Unsurprisingly these figures took a lot more effort to paint up than the Nexus ones as they suffered from having more noticeable mould lines and the soft plastic they're made from means cleaning them properly is nigh on impossible but I persevered and think that they're pretty nice figures to add to my collection.

Again they're sculpted by Bob Naismith so have loads of character and would fit in nicely with any Rogue Trader era figures and their power armour, bolt pistol and hand flamer make for some nice assault troops!

I've only got the Karn Form Warrior and Battleform left to do along with trying to fix up the scenery and the whole set will be complete which is really exciting as it will be another boxed set that I'll have completed to go along with my Deadloque set which I completed a couple of years back now. It appears that this sort of mini project is a good way to keep focussed and chip away at small collections of figures and actually get them all painted up so I'll have to keep it up!

In other news, I spotted that Modiphius is having a bit of a clearance of their Mutant Chronicles RPG so I picked up the complete pdf collection for £5.00 so will be having a bit of a read through to see if I can gather some ideas for a future Planet 28 project.

Interestingly (not to mention super temptingly!), they're also having a big sale on their Siege of the Citadel boardgame with the core and all supplements available for £120. I must admit that I'm sorely tempted to pick it up as even if I don't end up playing the game, the big stack of figures and tiles would come in super handy but its £120 which is still an awful lot of money to splurge on my hobby...

With the kickstarter for Warzone Eternal on hold, I may end up picking it up as it would give me seven different warbands and a host of villains to populate a campaign with but I'll have to have a good think about it before spending so much cash...

In the meantime, I've also got a load of other bits and bobs I've been painting my way through and will post another update in the next few days so All the best!

Monday 6 June 2022

Cohors Cthulhu


Another random post but I happened across an article mentioning Modiphius is going to be releasing a RPG/wargame called Cohors Cthulhu which looks pretty interesting.

It's quite a concept, set during the 1st century AD on the northern border of the Roman Empire and featuring Cthulhu mythos beasties vs Legionaries and barbarian tribes and kind of reminds me of the Dark Age project that I've been pootling away with over the last year or so.

Apparently the RPG is coming first followed by a solo/co-op wargame with range of figures which will be scaled to fit in with other historical manufacturers but I'll be interested to see how it develops, especially as they mention they are planning on exploring other areas of the Roman world.

Sadly I've still not got round to playing through the Rangers of Shadowdeep rules that I've had lying around for a while now but I'll be following developments with interest and may even collect up some small warbands for use with it, or at least Brutal Quest as I fancy having a bash at putting together some more grim and gritty figures than my usual bright and comic style and this could be a really fascinating project to delve into once it gets released.

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday 5 June 2022

Rogue Trader Reprint Available Again!


Just a quick post this evening as I've spotted that Games Workshop has reprinted the classic Rogue Trader rulebook which is excellent news as getting a second hand copy of the original will set folks back over £100 on Ebay these days and the shiny new hardback is available at Warhammer World for £40.

While this is great, the problem is that it is only available in Warhammer World and cannot be ordered online. You cannot phone them up and order one. You cannot get it through Games Workshop stores. You can only get a copy if you actually go to Nottingham, into Warhammer World and buy it direct. 

While I can understand the idea of a store exclusive, I cannot help but wonder why Games Workshop don't make it more readily available to buy to those who aren't willing or able to travel all the way to Warhammer World to pick up a copy themselves. I'm fairly sure that if they put it up on their online store, even as a limited time deal, they'd sell thousands of copies.

As much as I'd love a copy, I cannot see myself travelling all the way from Dundee to Nottingham just to get one. If anyone is in that neck of the woods though, please feel free to give me a shout and I'd be more than happy to pay for book and postage.

All the best!

Saturday 4 June 2022

Self Isolation Project Part 3: Nexus Hundred Battle Form


Well I've managed to complete the Nexus Rebellion forces from the Havok starter set! Here's the Hundred Warrior and Battle Form:

I went for a fairly simple paint scheme with him with different greens and greys and quite like how he turned out and while I could have gone for a more battered and combat worn finish, I rather like the smoother style as its rather in keeping with the comic book art from the box.

I may go back to him at some point to give hims some extra details such as nameplate, kill tags, numbers or whatnot but he's done for now!

The Hundred Warrior has a lot of fond memories for me as he was a core member of my old 2nd edition Imperial Guard force and I was really pleased to get him back into my collection and painted up to a decent standard.

Here's a picture of the entire force:

I'm rather pleased to have them all finished and done and have now begun work on the Karn troops but suspect they're going to take a bit longer to get finished as they're pretty detailed and their more dynamic poses have given me some headaches to get them cleaned and painting is a rather slow process so I doubt I'll get the Darkest Suns trio finished tomorrow but we shall see how I get on!

In the meantime, All the best!