Thursday 3 August 2023

Planet 28 Papertech Gaming


Just a quick post today as we're heading out for the day. 

I've managed to play a couple of games of Planet 28 using my standees and following a bit of soul searching about not using 'proper' miniatures, decided that the fact that I've actually managed to play a few games outweighs the fact I'm not pushing lead or plastic figures around a table.

The board I'm using is about 16''x24'' and pretty heavily covered in terrain to give my cardboard warriors something to hide behind and I had a really enjoyable time, first with two a side and then with four which I think is the maximum this size of board can cope with as the action got bloody very quickly but it resulted in a quick and decisive game with some really exciting moments.

Farpoint Salvage

My salvage team held the field both times but it was a close run thing as the mercenary team had heavier firepower than the crews pistols and it was more luck than anything that saved them. One got badly cut up by a warrior woman wielding a machete while the second got shot in the face with a shotgun but rolled high on his armour and their accurate pistol fire ended up forcing the mercs to retire.


I'm really enjoying being able to put together a full warband of 8-10 figures in a single sitting and actually see them in action and am hoping to put together some action packed games in the not too distant future and plan on creating some theme packs for folks to try out using Planet 28's open licence to present a warband with stats, a little bit of themed terrain and portraits and backgrounds for each.

It may involve one release every month followed by a mini campaign featuring said forces duking it out over some shenanigans too.

Speaking of which, I've made myself some Leviathan style Goblins:

Yes they look nothing like traditional Goblins but its how I think of the desert dwelling Gobbos of Aeroth!

I've still got a few more to finish off so I've got a full enemy list for Five Leagues from the Borderlands but I'm quite pleaded with how the little guys have thus far turned out and I'm really looking forward to trying out Five Leagues too!

Hopefully I'll get the force finished soon and get chance to put together the second enemy for my warband to face as well as some roadside villains too but thats a post for another day so in the meantime, All the best!