Sunday 15 October 2023

STOP PRESS: Rogue Trader Rulebook Available to Order!


Just a quick update this evening with the news that the classic Rogue Trader rulebook is being made available as a print on demand title via GW's website for a limited period!

Interestingly, the book doesn't seem to show up in their new releases but can be found by searching Rogue Trader and HERES A LINK to the page. It's £40 for a hardback edition which is actually pretty decent value, especially as it comes with free postage.

It does say that the book will be shipped within six months but its a great opportunity to get a shiny new copy of a book that regularly sells in excess of £80 for increasingly tatty and falling apart old editions!

I plan on placing an order (the first one I've ever made direct from GW, despite being a gamer for 30 years now!) and will be using it for a full on Rogue Trader campaign once it eventually arrives.

I also plan on painting up a few odds and ends to give me some small forces to play with.

Hopefully it won't take a full six months to get a copy but it gives me a bit of breathing room to crack on with some painting.

In the meantime, All the best!

Saturday 14 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Days 9-14


Here's the next updates to my ongoing Inktober challenge:

Day 9: Bounce

I must admit I was initially at a loss with what to do for day 9's prompt but settled on a pair of bouncing pugilistic Kangaroos to act as somewhat different fighters than the more usual fare one see's in fantasy encounters.

Day 10: Fortune

Day 10 saw the addition of a pair of fortune tellers to add interest and cryptic pronouncements to encounters.

Day 11: Wander

Day 11's Wander set my back a bit too as I had already done a bunch of wandering adventurer types so I ended up going for some wandering bards who will entertain with music and song, before robbing you blind.

Day 12: Spicy 

Day 12's Spicy prompt saw meheading more into sci-fi territory and creating a pair of spice addicted crazies with added tech implants and respirators spewing out spice smoke.

Day 14: Rise

As I already had a pair of zombies, I decided to portray a duo of sketchy necromancers, off to raid the local cemetery and raise a horde of skeletal minions.

The Inktober challenge has been really fun, and at times quite difficult to get going but I feel that as I approach the half way point, I seem to be getting into the swing of things and my next addition will be a big guy! 

In other news, GW has announced that they have a print on demand offer going on their website for a reprinted Rogue Trader rulebook which is rather exciting (and about time too!). Hopefully we'll see more offerings like it going forward as there's a huge market for old school GW books and it would be awesome to see their other books of the era getting reprinted too but more on that tomorrow!

I've got a few days left at work and then I've got some much needed holidays and I plan on delving into some much needed hobby time before I head back to work and the madness of Christmas so fingers crossed, I'll be posting daily updates of a bit of a project I've been pondering for a while now.

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday 8 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Days 7 and 8: Drip and Toad


Here's the next two days of my Inktober challenge and I've been concentrating on making some monsters for my last two prompts!

First up, there's a pair of soggy zombies, dripping wet from the briny depths and prepared to be a shambling menace.

I'm actually tempted to print out a few extra of these little guys to give my adventurers some low level foes to smoosh when the time comes.

The second prompt is for Toad and following trying to make some toad versions of the Slann, I settled upon some Troll Toads:

I really like how the two turned out and they may be my favourite creations thus far as they've got a lot of character!

I'll need to see what I can come up with for the rest of my challenge and I've also got some odds and ends in the process of getting painted up for some Planet 28 shenanigans which should be fun once I've got them finished.

I'm also in the process of reading through my copy of Dracula's America which seems to be a really nice little game thats been sat in my collection since it first came out and I've never done anything with it.

We shall see if it manages to get some use but it's been an interesting ruleset to peruse with some really simple but effective concepts.

In the meantime, All the best!

Friday 6 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Day 5 and 6 Map and Golden


Here's the next two days worth of Inktober, Map and Golden.

Map resulted in a pair of Imperial cartographers preparing to explore distant lands and make some detailed charts of them:

I must admit that these aren't my favourite duo that I've made thus far and I may well redo them in the future into something that I'm happier with but they're done and dusted and will do the job for some NPCs if nothing else!

Next up, here's a pair of golden Paladins prepared to smite the uncouth and look fantastic whilst doing it.

Heavily inspired by both classic Custodes and High Elves, I really like how they turned out, especially with the bold white outline instead of the black one I've been using previously. While it may make figures stand out against backdrops, I can't help but feel it looks bolder and results in brighter looking figures which I like a lot!

We shall see what the next few days updates result in but I think I'll be sticking with this new approach for a bit and see where it takes me.

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Day 3 and 4 Path and Dodge


Apologies for the lack of update yesterday but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't post but I'm back with two days in one in the form of days 3 and 4 of Inktober!

First up there's day 3's prompt, Path and I ended up putting together a pair of pathfinders armed with bows, swords, cloaks and big floppy hats!

I do like how the two turned out and may rework them into a more refined final piece in the future as they've both got character despite being such simple little illustrations.

Next up there's day 4's prompt, Dodge.

I settled on a pair of bandit mask wearing dodgy types who can act as general purpose thugs in scenarios that require low level muscle. 

Of the two, I think I prefer the female bandit as she's got a bit more character than the guy.

Lastly here's a shot of the two pairs next to each other:

I'm really enjoying the challenge but worry I'll not be able to keep up as I've been busy at work and the man flu I've been wailing about hasn't really lessened much so I'm still feeling pretty rubbish.

It has to be said that this challenge is giving me much more motivation to get back into painting miniatures though as I've managed to paint some of the 1:72 archers I picked up and have also finished a couple of bits and bobs that have been sat nearly finished for ages now and I'll post a bit of an update this weekend with some of the miniature stuff I've been working on too but until then, All the best!

Monday 2 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Day 2 Spiders


I'm currently suffering from a bad case of the dreaded man flu so my update is a wee bit late!

Todays prompt is Spiders so I decided to draw up a pair of spider cult assassins to menace my characters.

Armed with envenomed daggers and using spider silk garrottes and other villainous accoutrements I quite like how they turned out but suspect I could really do with adding a bit more shading in to make the figures pop as despite adding some when I drew them, the prints seem to have faded a little which is a bit of a shame.

Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit less grotty tomorrow as its been really difficult to concentrate on getting these little guys done but we'll see how I get on!

Sunday 1 October 2023

Inktober 2023: Papercraft RPG Characters Day 1 Dream


Its been pretty quiet here over the last month or so as I seem to be going through a bit of a hobby hiatus at the moment as I've been so busy with work and so knackered that I just don't have much energy for hobby shenanigans when I get home but its October so that means Inktober has rolled around again!

Instead of drawing character portraits or Rusty Robots, this year I decided to put together a bunch of tiny standee characters with each prompt giving me a pair of heroes, villains or monsters to add to my collection of papertech gubbins!

To get the ball rolling, here's the first entry in the form of a pair of Dream Mages:

Dream Mages

Dream Mages specialise in entering the Dream World and are equipped with horns of sleeping powder to aid in their travels. I rather enjoyed making the little guys as they're pretty quick and easy to draw up and put together and hopefully I'll have a load of handy figures for RPG games by the end of the month.

They're a little bit rough but I quite like how they turned out and we shall see what the rest of the month brings and how I get on with the project.

In other news, I nipped into a local hobby shop in Broughty Ferry called Space Craft which has been there for some time now but I only discovered it the other day. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was with a good selection of wargaming and model kits. On top of that it was bright, clean and well laid out with excellent staff who were cheerful and friendly without being overbearing.

I ended up picking up some 1:72 scale Hundred Year war figures with a vague idea of putting together a Lion Rampant army on a budget.

I didn't really enjoy cleaning the soft plastic that the figures are made of but they're surprisingly nice figures and I'm working on painting up a unit to see what they turn out like. I also picked up a box of Napoleonic figures in the same scale which I want to convert into a Turnip style project at some point and ended up spending £17 which got me nearly 90 figures which should keep me entertained for some time to come!

I've tons of stuff that I really want to work on, especially as my rulebook collection keeps expanding, giving me ever new ideas for games to try out but as we get closer to the festive season, I suspect my time is going to really be at a premium but we'll see how things go!

Until next time, All the best!