Sunday 31 October 2021

A Dwarven Infantry Regiment Arrives


Slightly later than hoped for but here's some pics of my completed Dwarf infantry regiments for my Land Ironclads project!

Constructed from two sheets of EVA foam and scored to give a bit of detail, they are a quick and easy way to give me some really cheap and effective figures for my game!

1st and 2nd Brigades of the 17th Dur Zamor Guard

I need to make at least another regiment of the little guys and add some light artillery to give them some support but I'm quite pleased with the newest additions to my forces and hopefully I'll be able to add some opposing Orc regiments to try and storm the defences of the Great Wall!

Annoyingly I seem to have run out of bases to build any more so I'll need to purchase some more but that will give me the excuse to build more Ironclads, heavy artillery and all manner of other Dwarven inventiveness before they arrive. I've got to start making some Orc warbeasts and I'm also messing about with some Orc warengine concepts so they can get access to some Land Ironclads too, preferably of a super unreliable nature!

I'll add more stuff here as I get them finished so watch this space but in the meantime, All the best!

Friday 29 October 2021

Land Ironclads Revisited


It's been a really busy few weeks and I've found myself seeking to get some hobby time in my much needed holiday.

Instead of working on the other gubbins I have, I have decided to revisit my 2mm Land Ironclads project with a vague aim of putting together enough stuff for my Dwarves and Orcs to play out a bit of a campaign in the coming year.

I'm currently working on getting a regiment of Dwarven infantry put together but will be building a load more stuff for the upcoming campaign as I got to thinking about having the Dwarves defending their great wall in the Axebite Pass against a mighty Orc Horde led by the mighty Khan Krull, chosen of Gorath!

There's a lot of fun bits and bobs that I have planned for the coming months including scenery and lots of warbeasts, war engines and flyers as I plan on starting small and building up until I can play a cataclysmic battle for the wall between scores of regiments and engines of destruction clashing including siege engines and all manner of interesting gubbins.

I'll try and get the infantry finished this evening and will showcase it tomorrow so watch this space and I hope to add some new units in the coming week.

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday 4 October 2021

Nepharite Sighting!


I've had this guy on my paint table for some time having picked him up for about £3.00 a few months back. I had primed him and made a start on the paintwork a while back but finally finished him and managed to get some pics.

Once a respected scientist with the Imperial labs on Proxima, Reginald Covinn was accidentally infected with a really unpleasant and virulent xenos pathogen while examining an ancient Mimjip artefact. Fleeing the lab he stowed away on an outbound ship and vanished from Imperial space for over a decade. 

When reports came in that the Warped had raided an Imperial settlement in the Farpoint Sector Inquisitor Fisher collected the surviving vid records of the attack and spotted the revolting creature directing a horde of pox ridden scavvies. Analysis on the images identified the creature as being Reginald Covinn. Somehow he had survived the Mimjip pathogen which had grossly bloated his form and turned him into a hulking, disease ridden horror.

Interestingly, Reginald seems to be operating with some method to his raids which seem to hint that he is searching for something more than unwilling test subjects. As yet Fisher has not been able to locate Reginald's current whereabouts but Inquisitorial investigators supported by local troops are searching for him as it is imperative that he cannot be allowed to spread contagion to any further settlements.

Originally a Demnogonis Nepharite from the old Warzone range, I repurposed him to act as a villain for my Inquisitorial team to fight as part of a mini campaign. I still need to get some infected troops and zombies as well as mad scientists to act as his underlings but I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out.

Infuriatingly I managed to drop him whilst painting him and broke off his halberd but a bit of glue seems to have fixed it. I also played around with some gloss varnish on his gribbly bits and weapons to give a more wet and unpleasantly diseased look to him.

The figure itself is a bit silly looking but was fun to paint and weighs an absolute ton!

I'm currently without a gaming table as we have to keep the spare room usable for a bedroom in the coming months so I doubt I'll get to use him in a game anytime soon but I'll keep plugging away with the odd figure until he's got an equally unhealthy retinue.

In other news, I made the most of the recent Ral Partha Europe discount day to pick up some more Battletech gubbins in the form of rulebooks and map sheets so I'm hoping to delve into them in the coming week once they arrive so watch this space!

In the meantime, All the best!