Thursday 30 April 2020

Lockdown Day 38


Today has involved a lot more sculpting and not too much in the way of painting but tomorrow should see me catch up with the painted gubbins a bit!

Here's a sneak peek of the Black Tribe Robots I've been working on:

Black Tribe Minions, Bully and Crawler

I still have a lot of detailing to do on the Minions and Bully and they will need arms too which I hope to do tomorrow but in the meantime, here's some doodles I did of possible loadouts of the little fellows a few years back:



In other news, the small order I placed with World of Twilight has arrived so I'll need to have a good look through the packs and rulebook and I'll post my thoughts on it in the next day or two and may even have a bash at painting one of the little chaps!

World of Twilight Gubbins

I've also got the first five of my Kuld miniatures sculpted and primed and I should have pics of them tomorrow too as I continue on my exploration of interesting settings!

I've found that listening to an audiobook (Just finished Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd) whilst sculpting has been most productive so I'll have to see what I can come up with so watch this space.

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Lockdown Day 37


I've spent most of today sculpting so there's not going to be much of an update till tomorrow!

I have been working on the start of a Kuld warband to fight my True Atronians and I'll get some pics taken of the first five that I've sculpted in the morning.

In the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Lockdown Day 36


With all the gubbins I've been working on over the last month or so I've found myself with a hankering to work on my Leviathan stuff.

There seems to be a bit of interest in the game all of a sudden, especially over on facebook which has been great to see and I am looking to get some of my assorted Aeroth themed projects worked on.

Of these, the furthest forward is my SD scale Boar Company:

Flint, Marik Goldhelm and Grimli

Over the years the Boar Company has fought a series of skirmishes with the rogue sorcerer, Marik Goldhelm and I've really enjoyed building the little chaps but have realised that I've not made anything for them in absolutely ages which I really need to do something about!

Boar Company on patrol

Next up, there's my 2mm Land Ironclads which are themed around my version of Leviathan:

Vongola Zephyrs bomb Dwarven Ironclads

I've got quite a few bits and bobs painted up for each force but my Dwarves need a few odds and ends added before they are complete and my Orcs need lots of infantry and cavalry, not to mention more Wartowers which I'll need to sculpt.

Necrosaur Wartowers face off against Dwarven Ironclads

Finally, there's my 28mm scale stuff that I've slowly been painting up over the last while:

Dwarves fighting an Elf Dragonbane

These have been both an old project and a new one which I've rather enjoyed working on. But how do I combine them together into a more complete sort of narrative?

I think I'm going to keep the 28mm scale stuff true to the original rulebook and aim to put together some small skirmish level games with a half dozen figures per side, much like a fantasy version of Gorkamorka with several fantasy races and warbeasts instead of buggies and bikes. 

This is going to be a bit of a slow burn sort of a project as I have got a fair few bits and bobs for most forces other than the Barbarians but it takes me ages to paint them. 

Orc vs Elf

The 2mm scale and SD stuff will be combined into a more original sort of a version of Aeroth with more tech and will allow me to continue exploring the world and its inhabitants. For example I am now needing to put together a Vongola SD force which is going to be interesting to say the least but it will allow me to play both small skirmishes and larger battles, at least in theory!

Vongola Task Force Coyote

We shall have to see what I can come up with in the coming weeks as I start tying together the disparate elements, projects and random gubbins that I've painted during lockdown!

Obviously, there are some projects such as War of Ashes, Rusty Robots and Flintloque which are very much their own thing which I will continue working on as time allows but I'm keen to see how I get on, especially as there's still no clear idea ho long this lockdown is going to go on for.

I'll post more of my thoughts on the process tomorrow but in the meantime, All the best!

Monday 27 April 2020

Lockdown Day 35


Here's the latest addition to my Vongola City States!

 Vongola Gokudera class attack Ironclad

The Gokudera is a new addition to the Vongola landfleet. Armed with two light turrets and a pair of heavy guns in a fixed forward firing position giving them a fearsome punch for their size. This heavy armament does have a downside as the tremendous recoil can damage the ironclad if fired too often.

The Gokudera is a rarity amongst Ironclad designs as it isn't steampowered. Instead it has a powerful Black Water engine which the Vongola has developed and incorporated into their new experimental Ironclad.

With these three finished, I only have two more Ironclads left to paint!

 Vongola Ironclads maneuver through the Red Mesa wastes 

I'm really pleased to have got another three tiny tanks painted up and ready to rock. I'm now eying up some gubbins for some Aeronef to give me some more airborne units.

I'm edging towards having all the gubbins for a second project completed in one year which is rather exciting so we shall see what I can do in the coming week!

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday 26 April 2020

Lockdown Day 34


Here's the latest additions to my Rusty Robots project!

The Lone Star Oil Shack

I put together the Lone Star from two small cardboard boxes and a lot of cardboard, some plastic gubbins and plasticard that I had lying around and am rather pleased with how it's turned out!

The Lone Star Oil Shack is the purveyor of the finest hot oil anywhere in The Scrapyard and as such has managed to avoid getting shot up too badly by any of the squabbling tribes. It has proved to be a handy neutral meeting place for robots from any tribe or none to come and have some Black Gold Roast Oil and relax before heading out into The Scrapyard for a hard day's foraging.

It has proved so popular that new branches, each identical to the original have sprung up in many communities and there is rumblings from older robots that it is putting old fashioned Greasy Spoons out of business and attracts entirely too many Hipsterbots.

I wasn't sure what colour to paint the Lone Star initially but just let it go and quite like the blue and red combination alongside the rusted metal as I imagine the robots who inhabit The Scrapyard to use whatever paint they can find lying around and slapping it on.

It also gives me a higher vantage point for robots to take potshots at one another and will need to build some outraged Hipsters to inhabit it and maybe some Scutter's to carry beverages to its patrons...

I also found some old Games Workshop plastic barrels to act as some scenic debris and painted them up quickly too:

Rusty Barrels

Nothing too fancy with the paint, just a drybrush of grey and then lots of washes of various browns and a wee bit of mustard to highlight.

My settlement is starting to come together now as I slowly construct suitably rusty terrain for my Robots to fight over:

I think I'll need to add some civilians and more buildings, be they workshops, shacks of various sizes or whatnot but it's rather therapeutic just bodging terrain and I keep getting more ideas too which is always fun!

K-12 and Co prepare to imbibe a cup of J0-e, finest blend Oil

I've got more gubbins to post tomorrow so watch this space but in the meantime, All the best!

Saturday 25 April 2020

Lockdown Day 33


Here's a few reinforcements for my True Atronian warband for War of Ashes Shieldbash!

Wilddoe and Fyrdalee

The first is a Wilddoe, a diminutive but rather savage Atronian armed with a double headed glaive whist the second is a spear armed Fyrdalee.

The Wilddoe was a bit of an experiment with brighter colours but it doesn't show too well with the picture unfortunately as it's such a small figureand the hair has gone a wee bit glossy.

Winterberry the Wilddoe

I think in future I'd go for a brighter hair colour to really make the figure pop but hey ho! (I just noticed there's a bit of brown on her finger which will need touching up a bit too as it's decidedly annoying!)

The second figure is that of a Fyrdalee, a spear and shield armed lady who I sculpted myself as I am quite keen on the style of the figures and fancied having a go at sculpting one on my own!
Luna Longspear

I'm rather pleased with how she turned out! Scale wise I think she's fine and I'd just need to give her a tinier waist to fit in better with the rest of the group but it's given me the confidence to have a bash at sculpting some Kuld to menace the True Atronians in a coming mini campaign!

Tomorrow will be another terrain day as I've finished more scatter terrain for my assorted projects and I may even show the first stand of a mini side project that I started today so watch this space.

In the meantime, All the best!

Friday 24 April 2020

Lockdown Day 32


As promised, here's some pics of the latest additions to my Vongola City State landfleet!

 Lambo formation Secondo

Some time ago I played a quick game of Song of Blasters (my own rules bodge) which saw the first three of my Lambo class Ironclads go up against a somewhat heavier Dwarf formation and get thoroughly blown up. I'm quite pleased to have another three painted which should give me some small, disposable Ironclads to draw fire or snatch objectives.

 Lambo class formation Primo and Secondo

Once again, the miniatures are Brigade Models Brunell class war tractors and are lovely little figures that were great fun to paint!

 Task force Coyote

The force is really shaping up nicely and I'm looking forward to adding some more heavy units and I may have to take a peek at Brigades range to round out my larger Ironclads or indeed make a few of my own!

I also want to put together some character based vehicles to represent some of the elite units of the Vongola and will need to rummage out my 2mm infantry and cavalry to add some teeny tiny squishies for my Land Ironclads project too which will give me pretty much everything I'll need for a nice big force!

I'm also going to put together one or two somewhat larger flyers than the Zephyr's that my Vongola currently have.


Tomorrow I'll be posting some pics of my latest additions to my War of Ashes but in the meantime, All the best!

Thursday 23 April 2020

Lockdown Day 31


I've got a load of stuff in the works at the moment but I am aiming at working on my 2mm Land Ironclads project for the next couple of days so I can get some outstanding projects done and dusted.

With that in mind, I've rummaged out the last of my Vongola City State Ironclads to finish off my Landfleet.
 Lambo Class

I've got three more Lambo class to do which will give me a second small and rather disposable formation to charge forward and grab objectives or harass opposing forces and I'm looking forward to painting them as they are lovely little sculpts.

I also have a trio of Hitman class Ironclads to paint which will give me some assault vehicles which I'll post some more details on once I have them finished.

 Capo di Capo Class

My command Ironclad is already done and I've also got two more Lancia class to paint up which will complete all the stuff I have which will complete another painting project which is terribly exciting!

 Lancia Class 

Gosh! If I keep this going, I'll have two projects done and it's not even May yet! 

Zephyr Flyers

I also have a few bits and bobs to do for my Dwarf force and it will be done too and once I have my board back up, I'll need to have get a game or two played! 

I've also had a bit of a rummage through my Epic collection and it looks like I have decent amount of Orky boyz to put together and will see about painting up a few stands of Deathskulls which were my original Epic 40k army back in the early 2000's.

Hopefully I'll have a load more gubbins to showcase but in the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Lockdown Day 30


Well it's now been 30 days of the Lockdown and it's looking like we've got at least another few weeks to wait before we get back to work.

Looking at my blog, I've posted more updates and miniatures in the first four months of 2020 than I did all of last year and if things continue, I suspect I'll have more posts and miniature updates than I did in the last two years which is pretty amazing.

In other news, I've been keeping an eye on the Epic Challenge that folks are running around the Oldhammer community and it's got me thinking that maybe I should have a bash at painting up a new Epic force.

I currently have a number of Eldar, Squat and Space Marine units painted up but I have been thinking that I'd like to have a go at bulking them up a bit and possibly adding some new forces. I'll need to look through my Epic stuff but I do have a fair number of Epic stuff awaiting painting.

Unreleased Ork Walker (Oh how I wish they'd released it!)

In an ideal world, I'd go for Imperial Guard but that's one of the few armies I don't currently have any of but I do have Orks and I'm thinking of going for a Gargant heavy force and sculpting all my own stuff, be it Gargants, Stompas or Battle Fortresses. As I mentioned, I'll need to rummage my miniatures collection but I think I've got enough Orky infantry to give me a decent sized infantry and Battle Wagon formation.

I'll post a bit more pondering on the possibilities tomorrow but in the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Lockdown Day 29


I seem to be on a bit of a terrain kick at the moment and spent this morning putting together some quick scenics for my Rusty Robots!

Red Tribe shack

I found a whole load of small cardboard boxes that I picked up from Hobbycraft and The Range a while back with the intention of making 15mm scale scenery but with my current obsession with old projects, I decided to turn some of them into buildings for my Rusty Robots to squabble over.

Made from a cardboard box, lots of small pieces of card and some rivets made from cured greenstuff and a small ceramic mosaic piece that I had lying around, I quite like it!

 Shack and Steam Vent

I went for a heavily rusted and corroded finish with lots of washes of various browns and oranges to get the look I wanted then decided to add a freshish coat of red paint to the structure and last minute added the white detailing which I think makes it pop a bit more pleasingly.

 Three Fingered H0-eK guards a vital shack of valuable scrap

I spent quite a lot of time on it, despite it's ramshackle appearance and have now started a slightly bigger two story affair that will be a bit more ornate than such a simple abode.

While it's quite a simple shape I hope that the ton of cardboard gubbins has broken up the shape a bit and given it the appearance of a structure that fits in with my Scrapyard and I now have plans to put together a bit of a shantytown...

 Danger signs!

I also finished off a Steam Vent that I put together about a decade ago and forgot about.

Steam Vent

Game wise, these will replace forested areas and I will be making quite a few more of them in the not too distant future as well.

In other news, I'm hoping to finish off another True Atronian tomorrow and have also had a bash at sculpting one of my own as I love the style of them. I may yet have a go at working through a horde of Kuld, small ravenous denizens of the frozen north

Jaari, Elvirox, Kuld, Ki-Kak, Vidaar, True Atronian

I really want to get a second warband put together to fight against my True Atronians and the Kuld are a really interesting option with their horde of rather mindless eating machines but we shall see how we go!

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday 20 April 2020

Lockdown Day 28


Here's the latest addition to my 6mm fantasy project:

 Pigpen Hill

It's an Irregular Miniatures pigpen and a Dark Age house of some description that I've had lying around for at least ten years. I was gifted it along with a bunch of other Irregular fantasy stuff whilst I was still at university and embarrassingly it's taken till now to get it done!

I'm rather chuffed with how it turned out on it's mdf base and tiny hedges and fence made from cardboard and will need to get some bumpkin militia types to defend their homesteads from Goblin raiders.

 Gobbo's after the prized porkers of Pigsty Hill

After the success of this piece, I shall be grabbing the other pieces I painted badly back in the day and giving them similar treatment so that I have some entertaining and interesting objective pieces for my tiny armies to fight over.

Close Up

It's a really fun little project to put together and is giving me quite a lot of entertainment putting together. I hope to be able to put together a small force of Wood Elves soon to fight the Goblins I already have and will see how a 2'x2' gaming surface works for fantasy gaming as I look forward to playing out the Battle of Pigsty Hill!

In other news, I have been working on a few other bits and bobs that I've had lying around for almost as long as this piece and my Rusty Robots should have their first scenic item painted up and ready to go in the morning once the sand has dried on it's base.

I seem to be having quite a bit of fun with scenery at the moment and look forward to seeing what else I can come up with from my boxes of stuff in the coming week!

All the best!

Sunday 19 April 2020

Lockdown Day 27


Here's some pics of the assorted gubbins I've been working on over the last day or two!

First up, here's some small terrain pieces for my War of Ashes project:

 Stone Pillars

Quick and easy to make, they are simply old corks with some cardboard slabs, paper vegetation and some beads for pots. Handily they will also do for my Somewhere on the Border or dare I say World of Twilight!

I plan on making a lot more small pieces of scenery as they are rather fun to work on and take next to no time to put together!

Next up, I've been working on a bunch of denizens of the Witchlands for my Deadloque project:


It's an old GW plastic wolf and it suits the Flintloque sort of style and I have another four or five lying around which will give me some fun non undead beasties for my Ferach to be menaced by.

Next up, here's a really cross Flesh Golem:

Flesh Golem

This chap is actually an old paint job that I've tweaked a bit to fit in with the Flintloque universe. He's from 4A Figures (which is an absolutely lovely and eclectic range!) and will be making the odd cameo in the Witchlands.

Next up, there's Yevgeni the Wraith:

 Yevgeni is crotchety at the best of times

I painted him last year and he's originally from the Darkworld board game but with a new face. Game wise, I think I'll have him turn up from time to time to chase pesky kids off his land. I just need to build a barrow for him to lurk in!

Finally, there's a large bat:


He's from Warhammer Quest and I thought that as the Witchlands is full of vampires, they would need some sort of message service so this little guy will be an objective in the game carrying messages and battleplans for the forces of the Star Wraith!

Hopefully I'll have get some more gubbins up tomorrow including more scenic madness!

In the meantime, All the best!