Battletech Papertech

I've found that playing Battletech with paper counters is a cheap way to get some games in and try out new Mechs and while there are paper counters available, I found them a bit boring so have created my own.

Wilson's Hussars Recon Lance

This page will give folks black and white images of the sheets so they can colour them to whatever force they want and use them in games.

I'm slowly working my way through each tech readout with Mechs coming first and vehicles to follow. Eventually, I hope to jazz them up a bit with optional backing but they should do the trick for the time being.

3025 - The Succession Wars
Light and Medium Mechs 3025

Clint, Hermes 2, Vulcan, Whitworth, Blackjack, Hatchetman, Phoenix Hawk
Valkyrie, Firestarter, Jenner, Ostscout, Panther, Assassin, Cicada
Locust, Wasp, Stinger, Commando, Javelin, Spider, Urbanmech

Medium and Heavy Mechs

Rifleman, Catapult, Crusader, Jagermech, Thunderbolt, Archer, Grasshopper
Shadowhawk, Scorpion, Wolverine, Dragon, Ostroc, Ostsol, Quickdraw
Vindicator, Centurian, Enforcer, Hunchback, Trebuchet, Dervish, Griffin

Heavy and Assault Mechs

Battlemaster, Stalker, Cyclops, Banshee, Atlas, Zeus
Warhammer, Marauder, Orion, Awesome, Charger, Goliath, Victor


  1. Thank-you for posting your Paper 'Mechs. They are fantastic!

    I would love to see what LAMS looked like.

    I shared these
    And here:

    Tried to give you credit.

    1. Quite alright!

      I drew this lot during the last lockdown to play some Battletech and will try to get some more of them drawn up including vehicles and LAM's at some point but I'm glad you've been enjoying them!