Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Orcish Horde

The Orcs are a race reviled and exiled for their brutal and warlike ways, over a millennia before the Death, the Elven Dragonlords cursed them and drove them from the West, through the Axebite pass and into the Endless Plains.

The Axebite River

The Elven lords had thought that the brutal land of rolling steppe, turgid rivers and stinking marshes would weaken and finish the blackblooded Orcs. During their first years of exile, many thousands of Orcs did indeed die of exposure, disease or the predations of the great and terrible beasts that inhabited the plains.

The Endless Plains

Orcish society broke down into warbands who fought amongst each other over land, mounts and supplies, devouring destroying each other and perhaps the Elven plan would have worked had not one of these bands chanced upon the ancient ruins of Koth.

Once Koth was the holy city of the long vanished Serpentmen but it had been abandoned for untold ages since the rising empire of the Elves had sacked it in the Age of Legends. Now it was not much more than a ruin, haunted by half forgotten ghosts but the arrival of the Orcs with their bloodlust and hatred stirred the spirit of Gorath, one of the Princes of the Fallen and he appeared to the warbands shaman and whispered promises of carnage, revenge and glory into the hearts of the Orcs. 

This warband became the first of Goraths Chosen and spread word of his dark promise to all they met until the worship of Gorath became universal amongst the surviving Orcish race. Within twenty years, the Great Horde, as it became known, had united or destroyed all Orcs upon the Endless plains and enslaved the Goblins they had discovered living on the Shores of the Cold Sea. 

The Cold Sea

With all opposition crushed, the Horde set out towards the West and the ground shook under the tread of their mighty warbeasts. At this time the Dwarves had not constructed the Great Wall to block the Axebite pass and the Orcish Horde flooded through into the Elven realms and destroyed all they found in an orgy of destruction. 

The sacking of an Elven Megacity

Army after army was utterly crushed until the Dragonlords halted the Horde at the very gates of Azgaroth and during a mighty battle that lasted for days, the allied forces of Elves, Humans and Dwarves finally beat back the raging Horde. The cost was high but he west was once again secure as the Horde was driven back through the pass and out into the Endless Plains.

Sadly for the remaining races, the war had weakened them so badly that they could not wipe out the Blackblooded raiders, instead walling up the pass to keep them in check. 

The coming of the Death has heralded a new era of bloodsoaked glory for the Orcs. Gorath has been reborn, formed from the stinking corpses of the Orcish shamans who sacrificed themselves in one night to bring their dark god to the realm of Aeroth and now his hordes once again march out to conquer the world and put all other races to the sword.

To the East, the Cold Seas Goblins, long enslaved are showing signs of restlessness and increasingly brutal reprisals by their Orcish overlords have fermented unrest and several tribes have rebelled and even now hide in the swamps that border the Cold Sea and strike at their hated masters.

To the South, the Orcs have entered the Jungles of Kesh and have disturbed the degenerate descendants of the Serpentmen and warbands have reached the boundaries of the Southern Desert and battle with the undead Children of the Worm. 

Southern Desert

The main horde though has concentrated on the West and the remains of the Elven empire. Although the only straight route and is still resolutely held by the Dwarves behind their great walls, the Horde has also flooded round the southern end of the Axeblades and Ironwall mountains and attack the ruined Elven states from the south. 

Warbeast tracks, coast of the Sea of Storms

Even as the horde moves up the coast of the Sea of Storms, they battle against the Sea Demons and from time to time, the Daughters of Leviathan, the monstrous offspring of another Fallen Prince, fling their deformed bodies at the horde.

It is a time of bloodshed and terror, set amongst the ruins of a once proud empire and the Orcs have come into their own!

The Scale of Things to Come


I've been pondering on what I am going to be doing with my Leviathan project and while much of the action is going to be skirmish based, I have also got a hankering to play out some large scale battles.

Sadly I don't have the space to field large forces in either 28mm or even 15mm scale so I am planning on trying out a smaller scale instead!

The battles on Aeroth are unlike most fantasy ones as large warbeasts and engines of destruction are fielded by all the races so theres going to be lots of opportunity for me to play around with some putty to make large creatures too!

Similarly, the basing is an issue, I had originally thought of just giving them square or rectangular bases so I could rank up large forces with ease such as my old Lesser Goblins:

Goblin Rabble!

Looking at them, they look the part for a typical fantasy type of game but Leviathan isn't your typical fantasy game. With the addition of all manner of gigantic beasts and the style of play, I think I am going to try something a bit different and use the lipped round bases like I used for my 6mm scifi gubbins:

Based Differently!

While I've mentioned the fact that in 28mm scale, the old Leviathan resin designs are a bit cartoony, I think that making big and chunky sculpts in 6mm should make for an interesting looking force and although the bases aren't to everyones tastes, I really like the look and it will also allow me to use them to make lots of mini vignettes too!
Next up comes the question of what figures to use? My lesser Goblin Rabbles were all Irregular Miniatures and while the unpainted figures look a bit iffy, with a coat of paint they really shine. Saying that, the problem with many of their sculpts is that they are produced in a strip of five or so figures on a single multi base. This becomes a bit of a problem with the style of basing I plan on using as they aren't always very easy to cut apart.

One solution is to use Microworld or Baccus as they are all singly based figures but we shall see what we can come up with in the meantime. 

Initial forces are likely to be Orcs versus Dwarves with the possibility of some small allied factions as time allows. 

In other news, I've almost finished my first 28mm figure paintjob for my Orc warband and hope to add some pics in the coming days but in the meantime, I think I am going to crack out the sculpey and tools and see if I can't sculpt up some Orc Warbeasts!
All the best!

Monday 30 December 2013

Winter on Aeroth

"By Goraths guts, its cold!" grumbled Kurgal, attempting to draw his heavy cloak more tightly about his shoulders. His breath steamed out into the frigid air from between his tusks as the Orcish sentry gazed up the snow choked pass with unremitting hatred.

The Axebite River near Krulls Winter Encampment

The Axebite had been impassable for over a month now since the last attack had brought an avalanche crashing down from the heights, burying scores of Orcs and their Warbeasts alive and signalling the end of any possibility of the Horde breaking through the Dwarven lines.  No doubt the hated stunted ones were even now laughing into their beards as they re-inforced and repaired the wall.

Seeing his hopes of a quick victory buried under a thousand tonnes of snow, the Orcish Khan, Krull had flown into a black rage, roaring and bellowing his fury before declaring he would not, under any circumstances retreat back to the safety of the Kragh. 

Having sworn an oath to Gorath, the Khan has set about setting his warriors to construct a winter encampment amidst the pine forest at the mouth of the pass. Its presence is a reminder to the Dwarves that a foe is at their gates but winter has not been kind to the Orcish warriors as temperatures plunged until even the Axebite river froze over. 

Supplies became short and Krull sent word to the Kragh for supply caravans to be sent to his forward position. Unfortunately the Dwarves in the mighty fortress of Dur Zamor soon spotted the convoy struggling up the Old Road towards the pass and forayed out to harass it. Blood flew in the snow and the Orc caravan was thrown back in disarray, harried by fire from the two great guns of Dur Zamor, Gog and Magog.

Finding himself cut off from resupply, Krull has sent armed parties up into the mountains in attempts to find a navigable pass and the grim pinewoods echo with coarse Orc barks and bellows as groups of warriors hunt whatever game they can find.

To the north of Krulls encampment lies the hunting grounds of a barbarian tribe called the Farrions and there have been several clashes between groups as game becomes rare. Several small settlements have been pillaged already, their inhabitants slain and devoured, further enraging the Farrions. Sadly the humans are too small in number to face the Orcs in open battle but they are very adept at springing ambushes or silently killing sentries before vanishing back into their woodland home.

As supplies dwindle, the Orcs have turned first upon their slaves, the Goblins and finally on each other as the old and weak are consumed in a cannibalistic frenzy. From his dark palace far to the East, Gorath, the Orcish god sees the carnage and laughs. Here only the strongest survive and he has provided a boon to the Khan who presides over such pleasing sport. 

In the midst of a particularly brutal storm at the height of winter, an Eye of Gorath appeared to Krull and even now the hulking horned creature acts as a trusted advisor and brutally effective right hand to the Khan. No doubt the coming of spring will herald a fresh assault on the pass when word spreads that the Eye is with Krull and fresh warriors flock to his banner.

The Dwarves have not been idle during the snows. From Lone Peak, Mal Dulm and Kareth Dull, parties of Dwarves have been patrolling the secret mountain passes and battling with Orcish, Goblin and various monstrous creatures and even venturing down to the high mesas and into the forest itself to spy on their foes. 

The Endless Plains in winter

Despite their industrial skill, the Dwarves have found themselves relying on muscle power more than the coal fired boilers of their machines as the bitter cold causes them to break down and the noise they make brings increased danger of avalanche. The Dwarves are once again using sturdy pack oxen for transport. 

Wildlings, great boarlike bipeds have in times past served the Dwarves in battle and once again Beastmasters are bringing their hulking charges to battle alongside the Dwarven troops.

In Aeroth, the hope of peace come the new year is fleeting and all the races are bracing themselves for another year of fighting to survive.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Where to Begin?


As I have kicked off this new Leviathan blog with a fit of enthusiasm, I figured I should probably spend a little time covering the outline of the project and give a bit of information on the various races and locations of Aeroth!

Having  re-read some of my notes from my previous attempt at gaming the world of Aeroth, I must admit theres plenty to cover so without further ado heres a brief outline of the region of the world called the Axeblade Mountains and its assorted denizens:

The Badlands as seen from the Axeblades

"The Axeblade Mountains are a dangerous place to navigate, more so now Wild Magic has been unleashed by the thrice cursed Elves. With the onset of a winter unlike even I have never seen in my long life its becoming ever more difficult to keep our outposts and settlements supplied and protected."

The Axebite Pass in winter

"This winter has been so cold that even the Axebite River, despite being heated by our forges has frozen. Snow has blocked many of the high passes and even the broad Axebite Pass has become increasingly snowbound. The settlements of Mal Dulm and Mal Hrakken have had their populations swollen by the survivors of the destroyed Hold of Sto Heltd and are desperate for supplies to feed all the extra mouths and our border patrols are struggling to keep the military road open and safe."
Kareth Dull

The Axebite Pass

Kareth Dull lies in the Axeblade Mountains near the Axebite pass. The Holds warriors have been manning the great wall that holds the Orcish hordes from sweeping into the North West. The hold itself lies on the Southern slope of the Axebite pass and extends miles back into the mountains.

The safeland behind the wall, deep in the Axebite pass as seen from Kareth Dull

Its mines delve into the depths in search of ore to feed the mighty forges which supply the great hold with its mighty weapons of war while its great walls have held the Orcish hordes at bay for untold centuries. With the arrival of many holdless Dwarf clans, Kareth Dull has begun settling the surrounding area, sending forth doughty groups of warriors to protect its fledgling settlements.

The great hold of Kareth Dull

In the two hundred years since the Death, the Dwarves have rebuilt the exterior of their great hold and expanded it to include terraced fields and ingenious aquifers that are slowly bringing the land back to life but they must be jealously defended from those who would take it from them and the very mountainside itself bristles with fortifications, gun emplacements and towers.

Mal Dulm
The Pass of Mal Dulm

The settlement of Mal Dulm was the first camp set up by the Dwarves following the Death. Unlike other Dwarven settlements it is situated on the surface and was originally intended to house the influx of refugees from the Hold of Sto Heldt which was destroyed by an earthquake immediately following the death.
View of the Pass of Mal Dulm from the Kareth Dull
Despite being called a settlement it is more akin to a military encampment with the surviving clans of Sto Heldt and colonists from Kareth Dull having quickly built sturdy walls and defences strong enough to withstand even the most determined bands of marauding Goblins.

Situated to the East of Kareth Dull, Mal Dulm lies in a secluded pass and is only accessible via a single narrow trail. While a boon for defence it makes supplying the settlement rather difficult. Fortunately the inhabitants have managed to cultivate small fields of crops in the high meadows above and recently began work on digging mine shafts into the surrounding peaks. These mines have begun returning promising amounts of iron ore, coal and even small amounts of Adamantium.
View of the approaches to the Hanging Road

The road from Kareth Dull to Mal Dulm is a miracle of Dwarven engineering as a large part of it is built along a cliff face. Constructed from solid rock and iron girders the Hanging Road is one of the wonders of the new world. From the Hanging Road the trail becomes more narrow and difficult to navigate so each caravan is led by an experienced trail master well versed in mountain lore.
 Mal Hrakken

The hot springs at Mal Hrakken

 Built at the Southern tip of the newly constructed military road which winds its way through the Axeblades, Mal Hrakken was built next to the steaming springs which have recently burst through to the surface during the same quake that destroyed Sto Heldt. The settlement itself has been constructed directly into the cliff face surrounding the hot springs. Now mighty watermills line the outflow providing the new settlement with power.

The bottom of the cliffs near Mal Hrakken

Mal Hrakken is still a small settlement but is quite well protected. It needs to be as the cliffs hot pools have become the home of several wild dragons and the wealth of the Dwarves have led to strife as several drakes have taken to trying to raid the settlement. One particular dragon, a great grey ironback called Ripjaw has taken great pleasure in attacking the caravans winding their way along the military road.

Dragon hunting by War Balloon!

A recent addition to the settlement in the form of a squadron of war balloons has been called in to deal with Ripjaw but the high winds and freezing temperatures have limited their use during the winter. In the meantime an exploration party has been dispatched to the Hoodoo Basin to the South in an attempt to locate the troublesome Drakes lair.
Dur Zamor
Lone Peak

Dur Zamor lies at the Eastern tip of the Southern side of the Axebite pass high in the mountain called Lone Peak. It is surrounded by high mesas and grim pine forests but has been built with a single purpose. It holds a pair of mighty guns called Grimm and Gogg. These mighty guns have a range of several miles and have been used to pound the Orcish hordes that move along the Old Road from the Kargh towards the Axebite pass.
Dawn View from Lone Peak

Not surprisingly the Orcish Khans are desperate to destroy the keep but due to its location its proved almost impossible to assault. This has changed recently with the discovery of a narrow defile which leads from the valley of the Seven Daughters up into the High Mesa. Now hordes of Orcs are amassing in preparation of the coming of spring to assault the keep. Fortunately for the Dwarves this force has been spotted and engineers have been working round the clock to mine the defile so when the Orcs do come they will have a very warm welcome!
 The Broken Lands
The Broken Lands and Golden Lode River as seen from the Axeblades

The Broken Lands are a large area of tortured earth riddled with chasms and scree. Even for the Axeblades its a dangerous place with few safe ways through and even the bravest of Dwarven explorers have given it a wide berth thus far. Its Northern boundary is marked by the Golden Lode river while the Axeblades mark its southern border. Despite its dangers the Broken Lands are inhabited. Its is a mecca for elemental creatures of all sorts as the constant movement of earth has provided an unexpectedly strong source of Earthpower.

Lighting strikes in the Broken Lands

It is this instability that has begun attracting adventurers as the quakes have brought precious metals and jewels to the surface and if one can but survive the surroundings, a fortune can be made.
High Mesa

The High Mesa

The High Mesa bounds the Eastern side of the Axeblade Mountains. Its Eastern edge is marked by a steep cliff which proves an initial deterrent to any Orcs trying to approach the Axeblades. 

Amongst its towering spires and hidden box canyons, tribes of wild Goblins live in small settlements set high in the cliff faces, far from the reach of all but the most determined of enemies. Living simple lives of hunter gatherers, these Goblins have been forced to take up arms to defend themselves from the ever present threat of Orcish slavers. Of late several slaver caravans have disappeared without trace, much to the outrage of the Orcish Khans.
Wild Goblin cliff settlement
Hoodoo Basin

The Hoodoo Basin maze

The Hoodoo Basin is a region of strangely shaped boulders, carved by the Ironlode which at one time fed into a large lake, long since drained. The resulting boulder field is a treacherous maze of strange canyons and is almost impossible to penetrate. It is this maze like quality that has attracted Ripjaw, the mighty grey ironback dragon to make its lair in the caverns which lie at its centre.
 The Seven Daughters
Three of the Seven Daughters at dawn

The valley of the Seven Daughters is steeped in myth as the great pillars which gave the area its name are supposed to be the daughters of the Earth Mother frozen for eternity. It is a sacred region for Dwarves, Barbarians and even the nomadic free Goblin tribes and even the Orcish horde avoids entering it for fear of the elemental creatures that dwell there.
 The Kragh

The Kragh is a fortified settlement built into a mesa on the edge of the Endless Plains and ruled by the iron hand of Gugrum the Large, a Khan of truly titanic proportions. Originally a trading outpost of Dwarven construction, The Kragh was overrun and sacked by the horde shortly after the Death. It is one of the few permanent settlements used by the Orcs and is a staging post for ferrying reinforcements from the plains to the endless siege of the Axebite Pass.

With large subterranean storage caves, the Kragh has been used to store everything from loot to slave and supplies and as such Gugrum has become hugely wealthy and his ravenous appetite has led to him becoming so fat that he cannot walk but is carried everywhere by four burly Great Orcs on a solid gold palanquin. This has led to great resentment with the surrounding Khans as they have to pay exorbitant bribes to Gugrum and his underlings for passage through the settlement.

 Krulls Winter Encampment

The Axebite River near Krulls Encampment

The base of operations of a particularly ambitious and brutal Khan, Krulls winter encampment is a sprawling tent city sitting in the mouth of the Axebite pass. From here Krull has led repeated assaults on the mighty Dwarven defences but without success as even his greatest warbeasts have been unable to breach the wall.

Realising that such a frontal assault is unlikely to succeed, Krull has recently begun sending trusted underlings on armed expeditions into the surrounding mountains in search of an alternative route. Such underhanded cunning is rather unlike most Khans but thus far Krulls expeditions have met with limited success as dozens of Orcs have been frozen in the high mountains or ambushed by Dwarven patrols.
The ever present threat of avalanche

Hunger is becoming a real problem for the Orcs in the encampment and they have resorted to eating their Goblin slaves resulting in many of the remaining Goblins attempting to escape their slave pens and join their wild kin in the badlands and mountains. The fact that their food supply is now running away with valuable weapons and even warbeasts has enraged the Orcs and several punitive raids have driven these free Goblin tribes further into the wild hinterlands.

Whee! Well hopefully that will give you some sort of an idea as to what the setting has in store in the coming months and worry not! The Boar Company will return too for the beginning of a new series of Somewhere on the Border battle reports!

All the best!

Saturday 9 November 2013

November Vor!


Well unpacking is still going well but I must admit I've been bitten by the Vor bug!

Having re-read the rulebook and force books that were produced before FASA closed its doors, I'm struck by what an interesting and unique setting the game had and what a shame it was that it never had the opportunity to really take off before the untimely demise of FASA.

Union versus Growler

I've already enthused about the game in previous posts but the basic premise is that Earth has been sucked into a pocket dimension known as the Vor. This dimension is inhabited by all manner of races who have suffered the same fate as Humanity and they all struggle to survive in the destructive maelstrom and attempt to carve out a home for themselves while attempting to escape.

The Maelstrom

While the background is brilliant and packed with all manner of interesting forces, each with their own motives and quirks, the rules could have done with some finessing but the long promised Vor 2.0 has not yet materialised. Likewise some of the original sculpts are starting to show their age but there is some good news however.

The basic rule system for Vor was re-worked and refined into No Limits, a really excellent and freely available set of rules that ironed out the kinks in the system and has a really exceptional custom force generation system to boot!


Much as I'd like to collect and paint up some 28mm scale forces for the game, I suspect that its going to be easier to use proxies and the nature of Vor actively encourages the use of whatever figures you like which is going to be fun!

I plan on using some 28mm stuff for some small scale skirmishes featuring an almost RPG lite sort of game and the idea is to start with a small North American Union scout team, handily represented by these chaps:

Union Scouts

The general idea is to design a loose sort of campaign with Union forces being sent out to explore nearby planets following the Earths arrival into the Maelstrom. 

As I get chance, I will expand the forces to feature some 15mm scale stuff as I want to get some slightly bigger games in!
I figure that as Oldhammer is getting so much love at the moment, it would be unfair of me to not give some other great games some much needed attention too and there will be ample opportunities to include my Orks, Eldar and whatever else I have kicking around and incorporate it all into my games which is very much in keeping with my Budgethammer pledge too!
In other news, I will be gearing up for some 15mm skirmishing with my Boar Company in the morning so there should be a battle report added over the course of the next day or so and I've not forgotten about my Four A miniatures project either so stay tuned for some fun stuff!

All the best!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

At Long Last!


Well after being offline for the last several weeks, I have finally got internet access in my nice new flat and unpacking continues apace!

Its been an interesting process as I have found loads of stuff I haven't seen in absolute ages including my Vor stuff which I am hoping to put to good use and even more excitingly my Leviathan 15mm scale sculpts which have languished in a box since the end of University in 2011!

The Boar Company Returns!

With a bit of time, I am hoping to add to their numbers, add a host of new characters and races and get back to enjoying sculpting and painting the little fellows as I really need to finish off some more opposition for the doughty Dwarven Boar Company to fight!

I must admit I still have a genuine soft spot for Leviathan which still has the best setting in any fantasy game I have yet found and has oodles of potential to develop but sadly the company which owns the rights for the game is content to just let it stagnate with no revamp or new releases in over a decade!

Maybe I will continue developing the setting for my own use but we shall have to see!

In more upbeat news, I am hoping to get my games room sorted out in the next couple of weeks which will provide me with the luxury of actually having somewhere to keep all my stuff, and possibly even get a game or two in!

Hopefully I should have some actual miniatures to post pictures of in the next post and an update or two on my Budgethammer pledge!

All the best!

Friday 18 October 2013

Silent Running


Well the bulk of my tat got moved into the new place last night (curse those two flights of stairs!) but theres still some of my miniatures and whatnot to get shifted over the next few days but I am going to be internet free for the next week or so and I suspect there won't be too much miniatures blogging going on for the next few weeks until we have got everything unpacked and sorted!

Still, during this unwelcome hiatus, I hope to have a good sort through all my miniatures and get geared up for some decent updates on my return!

I must admit I look forward to getting my Eldar Hoard into a bath of dettol so that I can get on with priming and replacing the thickly caked on black coat they currently hide under (on closer inspection, it actually looks like they were dipped in black paint!)

I am also planning on gearing up for some fantasy skirmishing in the Four Realms, the setting for Andy Colemans rather excellent Four A Miniatures!

The Four Realms

I began development of the setting some time ago now but alas, work and house hunting has rather taken over my spare time of late but I hope to continue fleshing it out over the next month or so and it will allow me to create some suitably bleak terrain features for the Slate Plains and Debatable Lands too!

 A Tributary of the Ironlode

The setting has much of the action taking place in the bleak Slate Plains, with the Dwarves having been exiled from their mountain fastnesses by an unspeakable evil, they now live a nomadic existence amongst the moors and forbidding hills and rockpiles that make up the vast plains whilst fending off coastal Goblin and Sea Demon raids, not to mention the forces of darkness that range out from the Mountains of Melancholia!

 The Mountains of Melancholia

The world itself is rather dark and is somewhat based off places like the Highlands of Scotland, Iceland and Alaska, with short summers and bitterly cold winters but even the climate is beginning to change as the Sea Demons have re-channelled the warm waters from the south so they now flow northward and along the coastline.

This allows the warmth loving Sea Demons to extend their domain north to the coastline of the Debatable Lands and is pushing the Coastal Goblins inland and into conflict with the Dwarves and assorted Human barbarian tribes that inhabit the region.

A View From the Foothills

For more info on the setting, please feel free to take a peek at the FOUR A BLOG. Its not been updated in a while but I hope to remedy that soon!

All the best!

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Sculpting on the Move


Well packing continues afoot and I've finally sorted out a new home (Huzzah!) and am just awaiting word as to when I can move in!

In the meantime, I was loath to just pack everything away so sculpted up this little fellow:

I have come for your picnic!

Standing just shy of 25mm tall he's a bit of a test piece to see what I can do with Super Sculpey in smaller scales and has turned out quite nice. I hope to get a couple more sculpted up over the course of my move before offering the little blighters up for sale!

All the best!

Friday 11 October 2013

Delays, Delays!


This morning I was all set to move into my new digs on Monday but its all change once again after I received a promotion that will see me needing to relocate to St Andrews in sunny Fife!

To make things even more exciting, I need to find somewhere in the next two weeks and get moved in by then!

Surprisingly all this is putting a decided cramp on my hobby time but I have high hopes of cracking on with some much needed miniature related goodness once the stress of the move is finally over!

In the meantime, I've been pondering the possibilities of creating an affordable series of DIY games mats that will allow me to get some games sorted out in locations other than the perfect bowling green surface with a few perfectly manicured trees strewn around!

I've seen some truly amazing stuff done with not much more than a sheet of canvas and assorted paint, glue and flock and want to do something similar. I have been pondering doing something for a while as I have never understood the obsession with the green or at best sandy coloured surfaces that pass for supposedly alien worlds or fantastic locations.

What if something like this was possible:

Yes I know theres a limit to what is practical or useful for wargaming but even some simplified scenics could really make for a fantastic game and bearing in mind all of the photos above are of earth, why not let your imagination run riot when it comes to sci fi or fantasy!

The initial plan after moving will be to create a series of different coloured surfaces to get me going, Lush Green, Red Erg, Frozen Tundra and Urban Sprawl. That should give me enough to be getting on with and cover most games to begin with and with a bit of experimenting, who knows whats possible!

But first the move!

All the best!