Thursday 8 December 2022

Planet 28 2nd Edition!


Just a quick post this evening as I'm knackered after a very long and busy day of work but I had to share the exciting news that my copy of Planet 28 2nd edition and it's supplement, Death in the Throne Room have arrived!

I've only had the chance to take a quick peek within its hallowed pages but its a great looking book and I can't wait to see the madness of the festive period to be over so I can delve into it a bit more.

Death in the Throne Room is a setting guide and has an outline of a campaign that looks like it could be utterly brilliant fun to put together some suitable warbands for but I'm refraining from getting too excited just now.

On a related note, Hobby Dungeon has released some interesting supplements for both Planet 28 and Brutal Quest over on WARGAME VAULT under open license from Mammoth Miniatures. 

I've not had chance to look at them other than the briefest of glances but I look forward to delving into them in the future. It's interesting to see that they are using AI art in them which is a topic for another day.

Hopefully I'll be able to crack on and read all this great stuff in the new year but until then, All the best!