Tuesday 30 April 2013

Deadzone Kickstarter


Well I'm off on my hols to the south coast for the week but spotted that Mantic Games has launched a rather interesting new kickstarter campaign, Deadzone!

It's a rather interesting looking concept which features their Warpath Sci-fi setting and features a combination of miniatures game and boardgame and features small groups of figures fighting for resources on a doomed planet infested with mutant monstrosities.

The contagion are mutant creatures unleashed with the discovery of some sort of lost alien tech which turns anyone infected by it into a homicidal killing machine and the sculpts kind of remind me of the rather fun game Trimity by White Wolf Publishing. What's even better is the rather old school orx:

I must admit I'm really rather tempted by a game that only requires a small number of figures and a 3 foot square surface which is most definitely of interest to those of us with very limited gaming space! It has a distinct Necromunda type of vibe to it too and it will be interesting to see how it develops!

All the best!

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Dark Elf Crossbowman


Heres the latest addition to my warband in the form of a Crossbowman:


He's another Grenadier Dark elf. Sadly I lost the tip of his crossbow and have had to bodge another and he had a miscast face so I had to cheat a bit and resculpt his hair a bit to hide it but he looks ok!


Rummaging around my bits box, I only have another three Dark Elves to paint but I am trying to avoid buying anything until I have painted everything in my leadpile so they will have to do for the moment!

Heres a quick shot of what I painted in March too. Not too bad considering how slow I tend to be at painting!

 Fantasy Gubbins

Sci-fi Gubbins

I doubt I will be quite so productive this month but I seem to be doing ok thus far!

All the best!

Sunday 21 April 2013

Dark Elf Warband Witchelf


Just a quick update with a new female addition to the Dark Elf Warband I am working on:


She's originally from the old FASA Crucible range and is rather characterful and includes some rather gruesome trophies in the form of a jawbone and ribcage armour!

Although a bit different in style from the Grenadier elves, the Crucible ones are rather well done and I will have to have a rummage and see if I still have any others!

All the best!

Friday 19 April 2013

Dark Elf Warband Captive Audience


Well I seem to have managed to finish a couple more bits and bobs in the form of a captive and some unspeakable horrors!

 Ramshackle Games Trixie

I must admit Trixie is a great fun figure to paint and whats even better is she is free with any Ramshackle Games order! She should make a perfect objective for games too!

 Giant Spider and Grimelf Leader


The Spiderbeing is a repainted D&D bendy plastic Ettercap but is doing ok for a monsterous creature until I find something better and is suitably gross with its bulging sack like gut and excessive veins!

I have some more giant spiders to paint and will try and even get another Elf sorted out too!

All the best!

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Grimelf Leader


After a long day at work yesterday I got home and spent several hours beavering away with my second job and felt the need to do something a bit more relaxing so painted up this little fellow that I've had in my bits box for years:

Grimelf Leader

He's one of the Grenadier Dark Elves and has absolutely bucket loads of character! I have a couple more kicking about that will probably see use in a Song of Blades/Mordheim/Oldhammer Skirmish campaign at some point! 

All the best!

Saturday 13 April 2013

Rogue Trader 15mm Scale


I know I have put my hobby projects on hold for a bit but heres a quick pic of my villain with retinue for a Rogue Trader skirmish campaign I was planning on running:


The sculpts are a mix of the old Laserburn, 15mm.co.uk and even a couple of sculpts I produced for CP Models too!

I had hopes of getting a squad or two of hired guns and villainous henchmen sorted out too but I am far too busy with Rusty Robots to do much else at the moment but I do hope to crack on and paint a few bits and pieces as time allows.

All the best!

Sunday 7 April 2013

Enough Prevaricating!


Over the last month I seem to have painted up more figures than I have previously done in years and I think I need to take a step back and have a look at why.

Its a bit of a complex one but I have found that whenever I am stressed I seem to sit down and paint figures. Maybe its the relaxing element or the fact it requires utmost concentration or possibly even allowing my mind to amble off on a tangent but I need to face facts.

Bring it on!

I have been working rather patchily on my RUSTY ROBOTS project with the vague aim of getting them cast and into production. With a full time job, commissions and hobby time, I seem to be dodging the more important stuff, like getting my finger out and actually making the project happen.

Therefore I am going to be boxing up all my figures, both unpainted and painted and putting away my paints for a while until The Scrapyard has become a reality. This is going to be a big ask for me but an important decision to make as I have recently found myself increasingly tempted to peruse ebay for bargains, rummage my bits boxes for figures and generally nerd out. If I'm not careful I am fully aware that I will end up doing nothing else!

This needs to stop now and the only way I can do that is to mothball this blog for a while. Hopefully it will give me the space to get sculpting and actually get my project off the ground! Worry not though! I shall be posting regular updates on the progress of Rusty Robots over on my other blog and once its up and running, I hope to get back to here to chill out and paint some old school lead!

In the meantime please feel free to nip over to Rusty Robots and poke around at whats on it and if you would like to see anything specific, please feel free to let me know!

All the best!

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Imperial Guard


Just a very quick update before I head out to work! Heres a quick pic of some EM4 plastic troopers which will be doing double duty as Imperial Guard and Nexus marines!


I went for the classic Imperial camouflage for a retro look and quite like the finish! I now need to find another half dozen I have in a box to round out the squad! Unpainted they are rather uninspiring but a lick of paint really makes them look quite good!

One thing they are short of is heavy weaponry which is being provided by their attached Talos Mk5:

Gauss/Combat rifle and Chaingun!

All the best!