Monday 28 November 2011

Leviathan Skirmish Gaming


I've been thinking about the possibility of using the rules from Leviathan as the basis for skirmish gaming. I've been having great fun over the course of the last several months using other rule systems to play games in the Aeroth setting but never really looked into the possibility of the very rules I've been ranting about all this time!

Therefore I am going to bash together a draft version and see what I can come up with as the rules in Leviathan are actually really quite good and I believe they could make an excellent skirmish set with only minor tweaking!

I have rummaged out enough miniatures to allow me to try out some games in 28mm scale and will be cracking on with sculpting and casting some suitable stuff as soon as possible!

I've got enough figures to represent a good sized goblin warband, elves, orcs and even barbarians but am somewhat short of dwarves at the moment so will be sourcing a few more while I develop the project a bit!

Forces will consist of up to 20 figures a side supported by one or two warbeasts. I did consider going for a more Mordheim approach with small groups of adventurers supported by their minions but prefer Necromunda with gangs facing off with their own transport supporting them!

This will allow me to really go to town with conversions and scratch builds as I want to have each figure and creature to look different and unique!

I will be very limited money wise for the project but will be setting a small amount of pennies aside per month to allow me to continue my progress. At present I'm aiming to get the goblins finished before moving onto the elves.

Along side this I hope to be able to actually get some time to sculpt again which will mean my boar company dwarves will be getting cast up along side some new races I've been designing!

All the best!

Friday 25 November 2011



As I have taken on the responsibility of getting a new Battles With Miniatures ezine put together I thought it might be a plan to start getting some articles on Leviathan put together!

Leviathan Rulebook

I've pretty much graduated into 15mm scale figures these days and have been harping on about getting rid of all my 28mm stuff and have even sold nearly all my resin Leviathan stuff. This has left me with a bit of a quandary as I really want to support Leviathan in the new ezine but I haven't got anything like enough to make this a viable option at present.

The problem is I like the idea of playing some games in larger scales! I may yet decide to pick up a few bits and bobs to allow me to play some small games!

I think I'm going to have to settle with posting articles on painting stuff and new rules for the time being but was wondering if folks have anything they would specifically like to see with regards to Leviathan? I am going to be interviewing some of the Grendel staff so if there's any questions you want me to ask about any of their systems please post it here!

All the best!

Thursday 24 November 2011

Battles With Miniatures!


Some of you may remember the old gaming magazine Anvil and even the free i-Kore magazine Battles With Miniatures. They were an interesting mixture of painting articles, background and forcelists that in the case of Anvil covered Leviathan, Warzone and an assortment of other bits and pieces while Battles With Miniatures was solely for Void.

After a bit of discussion with the chaps at Scotia Grendel I've volunteered to put together a new edition of Battles With Miniatures which will be covering bits and bobs from all of Scotia Grendels ranges be it Leviathan, Kryomek or Void 1.1!

I am hoping to get a bit of an article put together about Leviathan including some new unit stats and a how to article on the creation of the converted lesser goblin wartower amongst other things but I am putting out the word that I am looking for articles to put in!

It can be anything from a battle report to a pictures of a painted miniature or some background material!

If you are interested please contact me here or over on the SCOTIA GRENDEL FORUM!

All the best!

Sunday 13 November 2011

League Marines


Well I have been having a rummage through my unpainted 15mm scale figures and found these chaps:

US GI Troops

Originally from Peter Pig they are amongst the oldest figures I have in the Stainless Steel Rat project, predating it by several years they were originally purchased for a long failed World War 2 project but I never got rid of them. When I started this project I even went as far as doing a test piece for the Leagues finest:

Captain Gristle

Alas I never got any further than painting him up. Still with a new found sense of money saving I have decided to finish the platoon of them! It will provide some handy good guys for Slippery Jim to command or indeed to chase him if he commits any more felonies!

The original Captain Gristle conversion resulted in a rather heavily armoured figure whose weapon looked rather out of place. With the new conversion I am planning on lightening the armour a bit and updating the weapon to a blaster of some sort.

I plan on making a start on the little fellows once I get back to Portsmouth with the aim of getting them finished asap so I can get on with painting the rest of the bits and bobs I am taking with me which will hopefully result in there being a fully playable couple of forces to play with!

All the best!

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Stainless Steel Collection!

I am currently up at my folks and have rummaged out my Stainless Steel Rat collection! I had been thinking of selling it off as I am having a major clear out of miniatures but as soon as I looked at the little fellows I remembered the fun I've had collecting, painting and gaming with them.

I've therefore decided to resurrect the project to a limited degree. The problem is the miniatures are here in Edinburgh and I live in Portsmouth at the moment. If I was driving back I could simply shove them in the boot and be off but as I am flying with only hand luggage, I may struggle to transport my collection.

I know one remedy would be to simply post them down but I have very (read almost no) space in my current abode as there are four of us sharing.

Therefore I am going to grab some bits and bobs from my unpainted pile and bring that with me. I hope to be able to paint them up while I am busily working away at getting my own range of sci-fi figures sculpted. I've had great fun working on my own fantasy miniatures in 15mm scale and am relishing having a go at sci-fi.

It's not going to be hard military sci-fi though as I feel there's enough companies out there doing a sterling job of covering that area. I am aiming to produce pulp and science fantasy with daring heroes swashing their buckle, damsels in distress, femme fatales, evil aliens, retro robots and more!

I have mentioned it before as I believe that there's space for miniatures inspired by Flash Gordon, Slippery Jim diGriz, Starwars and all sorts of stuff that doesn't require tons of realistic tanks and future versions of the current military!

Worry not! The rest of my 15mm sci fi collection will be reunited with me at some point once my girlfriend and myself have settled down somewhere more permanent!

All the best!

Tuesday 8 November 2011



Well I am still busily working my way through more miniature lots on Ebay but the end is in sight!

I have just added the Leviathan Orc Necrosaur wartower with harpoon, more painted orcs and goblins and even a giant centipede!


Giant Centipede!

I still have some bits and bobs to list but I have got nearly all of it done now!

All the best!

Leviathan Project Ponderings!


Well I am busily working my way through selling off all my painted 28mm scale stuff while at the same time painting more of it and ignoring my 15mm scale miniatures.

I must admit that I seem to be making no sense at all with my hobby. On the one hand I can sculpt all my small scale miniatures for free and paint them to a standard I am happy with and even game with them. On the other I have been devoting a lot of time to 28mm scale which has proved thus far to be too big and expensive for me to do what I want with.

Therefore I have decided to finish painting up my goblin warband and sell it on! I need to concentrate on my 15mm scale stuff and as much as I am enjoying working in larger scale, I need to be realistic. I just dont have the space or the money to collect large scale figures!

I will however be keeping up 28mm scale painting on one project over on my Leutenant Brittan blog. This is because I want to finish what I started with it! I will be heading back to 15mm scale as soon as I finish the goblins on this blog.

I think one of the best things about Leviathan and gaming the Aeroth setting is that huge monsters are common so I will still be able to field big stuff from time to time! I need to concentrate on my small scale gaming as its more affordable and less likely to take over my tiny workshop!

All the best!

Sunday 6 November 2011



Its with a heavy heart that I must report I am being forced to sell my treasured painted Leviathan stuff!

You may remember the Titanosaur, Lesser Goblin Rabble and Wartower:


Lesser Goblin Rabble

Lesser Goblin Wartower

They have been added to ebay HERE if anyone wants a one of a kind model to add to their army!

I am also selling a host of unpainted and painted miniatures, bits boxes and even full games! Its rather heartbreaking to be honest but i just cant spare the space for them anymore!

All the best!

Saturday 5 November 2011



I am currently up at my parents and am having a bit of a clear out of the huge pile of miniatures and box sets I have had lurking in the attic for the last few years and have begun listing them on MY EBAY This includes some really great games I am going to miss including my treasured copy of MAN O' WAR, complete with supplements!

Man O' War!

Its by far and away one of the best games GW ever produced and I am going to miss it but just don't have the space to keep it anymore! I also have stuff like Heroquest with some of the less common supplements:


Please feel free to nip over and take a peek as I will be listing a load more stuff over the coming week!

All the best!

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Goblin Re-enforcements!


Heres a couple of pics of the latest addition to my Goblin Warband, the Antioch:


He's a bit of a hodgepodge of bits ranging from a rat ogres body to a trollbloods legs and a beast of slaanesh's head. Gamewise he counts as a troll but I quite like his unusual appearance!

The Antioch's are a semi-intelligent species that live in the high plains bordering the Axeblade mountains. They are generally peaceful creatures who live on ants and termites, using their powerful claws to break into the insects mounds and long sticky tongues to consume their tiny prey.

This poor creature has been liberated from an Orcish fighting pit by its Goblin masters and now acts as the chieftains bodyguard, pack animal and much loved pet. He still bears terrible scars from the pit where he was driven to fight other creatures for the Orcs crude entertainment.

Heres a pic of the full group so far:

Goblin Warband Progress

Its been an interesting model to build but turned out quite nicely. Alas its going to be the last figure I paint for a while as I am off tomorrow for more than two weeks so updates may be a little sparse here till I get back!

All the best!

Tuesday 1 November 2011

10mm Scale Commission Work!


I have been working on some 10mm scale fantasy painting for a commission and have been given the go ahead to post some pictures here!

10mm Scale Goodness!

I must admit its been rather fun to do and presents different challenges to painting larger or even smaller scale figures!

All the best!

More Demonworld Releases!


Just a quick update to say that RAL PARTHA EUROPE have begun releasing the Dwarves for Demonworld which is excellent news!

Demonworld Dwarves

This means that the 15mm scale player of Leviathan will finally have access to some nice infantry, big war engines and hopefully a wargolem or two!

They also recently released some Snow Trolls which are rather nice too!

Snow Trolls

I rather like the somewhat intelligent look of the trolls which differ from the usual savage and often cartoony look that trolls get!

They would make excellent creatures for the endless frozen tundra found in the far north of Aeroth. Their weapons would seem to indicate that they do some sort of trade with the barbarians too!

All the best!