Monday, 4 June 2012



Its funny how ones mind works. As I am sat painting my Imperial Guard Catachans, I am struck by how well suited they would be for the Capitol Megacorporation from Warzone.


Warzone was the first game I collected once I left the GW hobby, mostly inspired by the absolutely brilliant Paul Bonner artwork that the original rulebook was full of.

Mitch Hunter and Big Bob Watts by Paul Bonner

The game itself was set in the future but limited to our own solar system. Governments have been replaced by huge corporations who have carved up the planets between them and continually battling it out over territory.

Along side these corporate giants theres the Brotherhood, a religious organisation and of course the Dark Legion, an ancient evil that was unleashed and now attempts to crush humanity. Unlike the Grimdark of GW, the Warzone setting has hope and its not all doom and gloom as the forces of humanity actually stands a chance of beating the otherworldly foe if they can stop squabbling amongst each other.

The miniatures themselves were pleasingly chunky and painted up nicely when they were first released but are increasingly scarce these days so I have been thinking of crossing settings somewhat and doubling the Imperial Guard as Capitol light infantry!

Who knows, I may even get my Warzone rulebooks out and try and play a game!

All the best!

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