Sunday, 10 June 2012



I recently found out that theres a bit of a fan supplement to Necromunda called Inquisimunda which allows folks to field small parties of troops from just about any force within the 40k setting in skirmish actions.

While I love 40k 2nd edition, at present I just dont have the space to play anything larger than a skirmish and Inquisimunda sounds like it might fit the bill until we move house next and I get somewhere with a little more space!

Its also got me thinking that it would make for a good ruleset to play out some games set in the Warzone universe as I quite fancy having a bash at fielding a Brotherhood inquisition team against the forces of the Dark Legion!

For this I am planning on having a bit of a go at sculpting in 28mm scale. Although I tend to sculpt in a stylised manner I think it would suit the style of the old Target Games type of figures! I will also be having a bit of a bash to work on one or two character models for my Catachans!

All the best!

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