Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cybertronic Heavy


Well I am slowly making progress through my lead pile and have just finished an old i-Kore Syntha T-Synth sergeant:


I wanted to give him a fairly vibrent colour scheme and settled on red, a colour I usually avoid as I can never get a smooth finish. 2 coats of white primer, 3 of bright red, 1 of scarlet and numerous washes finally got a half decent finish.

Many of the i-Kore figures were sculpted in an uncluttered style which rather contrasts from the GW horde o skulls approach which is rather refreshing but I cant help but feel I could do with adding some more details with paint and will possibly go back to him at some point and add in some more unit markings to jazz him up a little.

Currently he has a Cybertronic C emblazoned upon his right shoulder guard as I plan on using him as an Attila Cuirassier unit and for 40k, I suspect he will make an appearance as an Adeptus Mechanicus combat servitor! 

All the best!

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