Saturday, 23 March 2019

Song Of Blasters Ponderings


I've had an unexpected week of holidays and have spent much of it off out enjoying the equally unexpectedly nice weather we've been having so must admit that hobby time has been rather limited. What little time I've had spare has been dedicated to lots of illustrations and background scribblings for my Somewhere on the Border project but I've been pondering my ad hoc ruleset Song of Blasters and some of the possibilities it has.

I had originally based it loosely on Song of Blades and Heroes but with a few tweaks as I never really liked the fact that close combat seemed to involve lots of pushing and shoving and actually removing a model as a casualty was surprisingly difficult. Over the last year or so, the rules seem to have developed a bit of a life of their own and have morphed considerably.

Song of Blasters SD Scale

Instead of the two stats of Quality and Combat that Song of Blades had, along with the assorted special abilities which gave each model some more character, Song of Blasters has Quality, Move, Shoot, Combat and Armour as well as special abilities. I felt that the extra stats were needed as I found they worked better but still kept things simple while allowing for a game to run in about half an hour with a reasonable number of figures.

Song of Blasters in 15mm

As things developed, I tried the rules with 15mm sci-fi, Epic scale and my SD scaled stuff and found it worked fairly well for what I was looking for in a game. I've since added more crunchy bits for magic which makes things a bit more interesting without requiring much record keeping or faff. I've also tinkered with using different kinds of dice for this and that and each little revision has brought me closer to what I'm looking for in a game.

Song of Blasters 6mm scale

I must admit it's been hugely entertaining as I play around with the rules but I've been tempted to give it a try with some more RPG Lite elements with smaller numbers of figures (possibly half a dozen a side) with multiple wounds and more in depth abilities such as different modes of attack and defence with everything based around a heavily scenario driven approach.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this project but I'm interested to see how it develops as I'm tempted to use it to paint up some small warbands that I've had kicking around for a while and seeing how things develop. Hopefully I'll be able to post a sample battle report in the coming week or so once I've got myself sorted out but I also need to start compiling my notes as much of the rules are scribbled on bits of paper or stored haphazardly in my rather poor memory and I could really do with putting it all into some sort of order and seeing how I get on...

Having re-read this rambling, I realise it's a bit of a drabble but I kind of wanted to get my thoughts in order and always find posting something on my blog helps so apologies for the meander and thanks for putting up with it!

All the best!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Looking Back


I've been rather busy with Ye Reale Life shenanigans over the last couple of weeks but I've also spent a bit of time looking back over my blog.

It's hard to believe that it's been running for ten years in various guises and in that time I seem to have meandered along from my old Stainless Steel Rat project to Leviathan to 15mm Rogue Trader to Epic skirmish and SD scale fantasy. Now 2mm fantasy and Flintloque has joined the mix leaving me with a rather eclectic selection of posts.

28mm Gubbins

Over the last few years it's become increasingly evident that I simply cannot paint 28mm scale figures anymore. I thrash around and give it a try every few months and give up again soon after as time and time again I cannot get the figure to look anything like what it should (and indeed what I used to be able to make it look like!).

Epic scale Ultramarines

15mm scale Cultists

On the other hand, I seem to really enjoy working in smaller scales, especially 6mm and 15mm which don't seem to pose any challenge for me to paint to a standard I am happy with. Similarly, I've had great enjoyment from painting my own SD stylised sculpts. Maybe it's because I have a strong idea of how they should look painted or maybe I'm just awkward but I can't help feel that this is a bit of a sign that I've identified the scales I enjoy and should possibly stick to them!

SD Boar Company!

Gaming wise, I seem to have flitted around in a similar fashion with Rogue Trader, No Limits, Star Mogul, Leviathan, Epic 40k and Song of Blades and Heroes being tried out down the years. Interestingly I seem to have stumbled over my own ruleset along the way. Song of Blasters is a bit simple and somewhat rough and ready but it does allow me to play quick skirmishes with whatever I have to hand and continues to mildly obsess me as I thrash out new options, special rules and new ways to incorporate some of the more crunchy elements.

Song of Blasters in action

It's also allowing me to actually get some games played! I seem to have played more in the last 18 months than I had in the previous eight years which is proving to be really heartening and despite a few fits and starts, I hope to be able to stick with it and get a goodly number of games in in the coming weeks and months!

Speaking of which, I do have some slightly nebulus plans for some SD scale sci-fi gubbins in the coming months too. While Song of Blasters is proving to be an entertaining development, I have a hankering to try one or two old rulesets too! I'm particularly fond of Star Mogul which was a great little game released about ten or so years back and had some fascinating concepts and some rather original races to boot.

I'm also hoping to build some more impressive forces for my somewhat neglected 15mm sci-fi stuff too as I finished the Ork Nobz in December and haven't got round to painting them...

Gosh! I seem to have begun rambling a bit so I may call it a night but hopefully I'll still be blathering away in another ten years with more eclectic gubbins and thankyou all for putting up with my goldfish like attention span and rambling nonsense!

All the best!


Sunday, 24 February 2019

Deadloque Update


I've been a bit busy with work but finally have a week off and I'm hoping to be able to spend a little bit of time in hobby related shenanigans!

I've been slowly painting my way through my Deadloque box and have finished another Zombie musketeer as well as a few odds and ends and have even repurposed an old board game figure into my small force:

Zombie Musketeer

I've given this guy a brown greatcoat instead of the dark greens I've stuck with so far as I'm keen to avoid getting bored of my painting. I'm also still experimenting with the correct skin tones for zombies so this little chap is a somewhat warmer green than the last figure I painted.

Next up here's a Wraith:

Howdy Neighbour!

He's the Lurker from the old Darkworld boardgame and I spotted him in my bits box and thought that his mighty truckasaurus hands would fit in with the style of Flintloque. I sculpted a new head for him to give a more pleasingly cartoony finish and gave him a quick paint job. I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out!

It's not all figures I've been painting though as the box set I picked up from Ebay included some handy scatter terrain which will be making a handy objective for my forces to fight it out over:

 Ye Shotte

The sculpts are really crude but a quick dash of paint makes them serviceable enough!

Finally, here's a quick pic of my Undead force thus far:

The forces of the Star Wraith

I'm still enjoying painting my way through my collection and can't quite believe I've almost finished the Undead from the box. I seem to be spending 2019 in a very productive mode with steady progress on my 2mm and Deadloque projects. 

Hopefully this will continue over the next couple of weeks as I attempt to finish the Undead and make a start on the Elves. I even managed to play a quick skirmish using Flintloque which saw the Elves make a quick raid on an Undead ammunition store and steal some powder and shotte before withdrawing having shot down two zombie sentries and a skeletal guard who was attracted to the noise.

Sadly I didn't manage to get any photos as our cat, Mab decided she wanted to constantly climb on the table, knock over dice and generally be a bit of a menace but hopefully next time I'll get some pics and put together an after action report!

In the meantime, All the best!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Ironclads, Infantry and Undead. Oh My!


It's been a while since I updated the blog but I've been rather busy with work and hobby related stuff so without further ado, here's some pics of what I've been getting up to:

First up, here's the second brigade of my 2mm Orc Horde:

 Tiny Troops

I've had these chaps almost finished for a while but adding the flags and giving the base a bit of a polish seems to really make the stand of Yellowjackets pop.

I need to add a third brigade to finish my Orcish infantry for the time being but putting the bases together is rather tedious so I've been procrastinating!

 Orc Infantry supported by Necrosaur Wartowers

Saying that, I'm really liking how the army is slowly but surely coming together with the horde of infantry looking suitably tiny next to the towering warbeasts.

Here's a scale pic showing the original Leviathan Necrosaur Wartower in 28mm scale next to a 2mm one made by me:

Little and Large

The Old Leviathan range has some stunning pieces in it that ooze charm and I highly recommend folks give them a look. That being said, the moulds are starting to show their age a bit and there's a fair amount of excess resin to clean up with the range but the effort is worth it, especially if you're looking to add an old school beastie to your army!

Speaking of which, here's a pic of the beast in action alongside Necrodon cavalry which I painted last year:

 Fyreslayers take on a posse of warbeasts. What could go wrong?

Here's a pic of the Necrodon by itself. It's a great model, even if it does show the limitations to the one piece moulds that Scotia use:


I've also been busy working on some terrain suitable to 2mm gaming and have put together some patches of vegetation to give my infantry something to hide in:


At long last, I've also got a few Land Ironclads for my Dwarves which I hope to be able to get some paint on over the course of the weekend:

Dwarf Ironclads

It's been a fascinating process working with plasticard rather than putty but I'm rather pleased with the results as they've turned out rather nicely and it's got me thinking about trying to make some larger scale ones next for 15mm!

Finally I've managed to finish another Zombie Musketeer for my Flintloque project:


He was another great figure to paint and the warband as a whole is really starting to come together now and I'm looking forward to finishing the Undead and starting on the Elves!

Lastly, here's a pic of my Vampyre officer with a couple of underlings:

I've come to drink your blood!

It's fascinating how my projects are meandering along so well this year as I'm painting lots of gubbins and really enjoying the eclectic nature of what I'm working on at and given moment.

The only thing missing thus far is 15mm sci-fi but I hope to work on some bits and bobs soon so watch this space!

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Tiny Horde and Skeletal Reinforcements


Well it's been a while since I last updated the blog but I've not been idle. I've been furiously painting my way through all sorts of oddments and seem to be keeping the hobby mojo going well for January!

First up, here's my first infantry brigade for my 2mm Orc Horde:

Orc Yellow Jackets

As previously mentioned, I'd planned on making hair curler armies in true old school style but the times have moved on ant the style of curler is surprisingly difficult to obtain. I'd then thought of just biting the bullet and placing an order with Irregular to get all the bits I needed but I stumbled across an article suggesting Granny Grid (the plastic webbing used for cross stitch) and as I had a few bits of the stuff lying around, and being cheap, I thought I'd give it a bash.

I must admit that my initial reaction wasn't too favourable but once the unit is based and tiny flag added, they seem to all of a sudden work. At 2mm scale, Infantry units are always going to be a bit of a challenge to represent but the impression of ranked troops looks fine from a range of 2 foot which is fine with me!

 Orc Horde on maneuvers

I need to put together a second brigade to make a regiment and give my Orcs some ground troops to take objectives and generally get stomped or blown up so I can see more tiny troops making an appearance soon!

Next up, here's some additions to my Witchlands force for Flintloque:

Vampyre Officer

As already mentioned, I'm finding these chunky figures almost paint themselves and the Vampyre is no exception and he was a real pleasure to work on.

 Zombie Musketeer

Next up, the first of my Zombies. He's great fun and surprisingly expressive for a dead fellow. Again the sculpting is rough and stylised in places (such as his massive hands) but it doesn't matter. In fact it gives the whole thing a charm that more polished sculpts, especially computer based ones, lack.

Militia with Musket

The rather more worn figures for the warband are local militia who have decayed to the point of being skeletal. Again these chaps are great fun to paint and have just enough detail to keep them interesting without being fussy.

Militia with Axe and Pitchfork

The Cossack looking militia is the only one that I had to apply any putty to and that was because his left hand clutching the hatchet was freakishly small...

Hoodie wearing Militia

The last militia is possibly a little boring colour wise, but his pose os great and his grinning skull peeping out from his ragged hood looks fab too!

This leaves me with four more Zombies to paint up, a couple of which need a little tlc as their bayonets have broken off and then I'll be moving onto the Ferach Elves. I do recommend folks take a second look at the Flintloque range as it's surprisingly satisfying to work with. The cartoony proportions add to their charm and I'm really looking forward to finishing off the force!

With all this painting, I'm falling behind in the gaming department with just one game played and now three weeks into the year. On the one hand I really want to get some games played but on the other, my painting mojo is strong so I'm not sure I'll be able to resist painting more gubbins and then seeing about a game or two further down the line.

I also plan on getting to grips with my assorted 6mm and 15mm projects with an aim to get some more painting, sculpting and converting done in the near future so watch this space.

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Second Titanosaur Sighted


Just a quick update this morning before I head out to work. I've managed to finish my second Titanosaur for my 2mm fantasy project and have also finished a trio of skeletons for my Deadloque project too!

Titanosaur Wartower

This gives me a couple of heavier warbeasts for Land Ironclads but looking at the sculpt, I'm thinking I need to make a few more, possibly one with a heavier gun to act as a siege piece for assaulting Dwarven fortifications.

I must admit that I'm finding the whole project rather fascinating to work on as I'm constantly having new ideas for units, forces, warbeasts and all manner of interesting gubbins but I'm trying to keep myself from getting carried away by first concentrating on getting the stuff I have already sculpted finished!
 Titanosaur Unit

 I have found myself looking for Infantry to add to my fledgling force and I'm still swithering about picking up some from Irregular Miniatures but have spotted a few articles from people using hair rollers as the basis for tiny scale infantry. It sounds awful but having taken a peek at the finished article, I must admit that I'm tempted to have a go as in 2mm, the figures are so small that the approach may work! It's also rather in keeping with my budget for the project as a whole.

I suspect I'll need to nip into Boots and pick up a pack and have an experiment and if all else fails, they'll do for interesting conversion fodder.

Orc Warbeast Formation

Last but not least, here's a pic of my skeletal trio for Deadloque:

Dem Bones

It doesn't really show up in the sepia picture, but they've all been an absolute pleasure to work on and I'm looking forward to adding a few zombies as well as the vampire leader of the force in the coming weeks!

Once I've got them all done, I'll post an article on my thoughts on both the figures and the game but in the meantime, All the best!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Little and Large


Well my new year seems to be continuing with painting stuff of random scales and sheer enjoyment as I finished another of my 2mm warbeasts, this time a Titanosaur and a 28mm scale Flintloque figure to boot!

First up, here's my Titanosaur:

Titanosaur Wartower

He's one of the earlier of my 2mm sculpts so is actually a bit on the crude side but I had lots of fun painting him up in traditional Orc Horde colours and he makes a good addition to my fledgling force. 


I'm now down to just two figures to paint to complete the mini project which has been really great fun to do and I'm looking forward to adding to my tiny force with some much needed infantry and cavalry which I plan on picking up next month from Irregular!

Next up, here's a better pic of my Necrosaurs:

 Necrosaur Formation

I've reworked the bases a bit so they aren't quite a featureless and have given them some small scrubby patches to break up the base a bit. I'm still not quite happy with the finish but I can always go back to it in the future to tinker with once the whole force is completed.

Next up here's a slightly blurry scale shot of the whole force thus far:

 Orc Horde Building!

I'm really loving the epic scale of the little fellows and am also turning my attention to some of the other inhabitants of Aeroth for inspiration and possible addition to my micro madness!

Finally, here's a quick pic of Stalinov the Lich:

Greetings Mortals!

I picked up Deadloque from Alternative Armies for a bit of a bargain on Ebay a while back and have decided to paint my way through its contents and was overjoyed to find that the figures were an absolute pleasure to work on.

I owned pretty much all the miniatures from Flintloque and it's associated rules back in the day and had painted most of them before moving and getting rid of the lot. I had very fond memories of painting them though and thought that they might fill the 28mm niche that I've been hankering after for the last couple of years.

Their chunky but characterful sculpts are an absolute joy to paint and it's a crying shame that the studio paintjobs shown on Alternative Armies website really don't do them any justice at all. I highly recommend folks pick up a pack and try painting them as they're great fun. It's also worth noting that they are pretty huge too. Stalinov stands just over 40mm tall from the bottoms of his boney feet to the top of his impressive hat.

I've got a second skeletal Witchlander almost finished and will get some pics taken once he's finished but I seem to be really enjoying all things hobby related this year so hopefully 2019 will be a bit of a golden year for painting and gaming!

All the best!