Thursday, 13 May 2021

Rising Above the Stress and Fare Ye Well Chronopia!


I've worked myself into a bit of a rage over the revamped Chronopia and instead of stewing in it, I have decided to try and rise above it and cast any hopes of getting the beloved game that I hoped for to the abyss of lost causes.

I had really high hopes for Chronopia coming back into production after over 20 years and was super excited at the announcement but the ensuing months and first previews of digital sculpts and then artwork plunged me into disappointment and then neck beard levels of outrage up to the point that my wife (ever the voice of reason!) suggested I let it go as I was getting too emotionally invested in a game that wasn't even out yet. The original was my favourite and still is she says and not liking the new one is ok but it's not worth getting into such a state over.

An aptly named Wailer

Instead of raging hopelessly at what is increasingly looking like an incredibly passionate but woefully unprofessional fan project I've decided to step away from any hope of seeing Chronopia getting a revamp and will stick to the original and still best and only version.

I've raised my concerns with the games creators and will not be backing the kickstarter have left the facebook group and will leave it at that...

Having actually posted this has been an actual weight off my shoulders as I was becoming obsessed to a point that only a nerd can get obsessed to and on the plus side, Warzone Eternal is looking like it's going to be ace and I've been putting aside some pennies to back it when it launches so in the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Joys of Gaming!


Just a quick post today as I'm headed out to work soon. I managed to play a quick game of Planet 28 last night with Inquisitor Fisher's team facing off against a bunch of Orks with a grudge.

It was great fun as always and I plan on playing another attempt at the mission and posting it as a full battle report in the coming days but it got me thinking about just how much fun a good game can be and what a pleasure my hobby can be!

There's something really pleasing about playing a game and finding myself rerunning it in my head and thinking about possible future missions and new models I want to paint up and it's got me champing at the bit to get more gaming in.

 Not only that, I'm actively looking for other games to try out and I'm also planning on having a bit of a rummage through my own collection for games I own but have never played. 

One such game is War of Ashes Shieldbash which is a lovely looking game and I have a fair few figures painted up for it but need a few more to get a decent warband sorted. In the meantime, I may use the figures I have in Brutal Quest to allow me to get them into use!

I've also been perusing Guerrilla Wargames awesome Lets Play videos over on Youtube and am liking the look of Relic Blade:

It seems to have a lot of plusses, namely low model count, quirky figures and simple rules. I do believe there is even a UK distributor so I may have a peek at them in the coming weeks but in the meantime, I want to keep the momentum going and keep on gaming!

Hopefully I'll get some more battle reports posted up soon and finish painting a few more models to add to my warbands but in the meantime, All the best!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Battle Report: Unexpected Encounter in Freeport City


As promised, I managed to play another game last night featuring Inquisitor Fisher and her loyal retainer Geralt the Wolfbane who encountered some old foes in the slums of Freeport City!

The Background

Inquisitor Fisher has heard rumours of more Orks than usual being sighted in the rundown slums of the capitol of Farpoint, Freeport City and has decided to investigate. While it is not uncommon to see several of the more 'civilised' clans such as Bloodaxes, Badmoons or even Deathskulls, the rumours identify the Orks as Goffs and such warlike Xenos infiltrating the Orkish enclaves no doubt is a sign of trouble to come.

While heading to meet with a local Ork representative in one of the less salubrious parts of town, Fisher spots furtive movement and as the Inquisitor and Geralt draw their weapons, a group of Goff Boys burst into view, their ambush spoiled by Fishers keen eye and charge forward bellowing warcrys and firing wildly.

The Forces

As I am using a bit of a hodgepodge of rules, I put together a sample of the forces stats and feats that they can carry out by using Hero Points. 

Inquisitor Fisher is accompanied as always by Geralt the Wolfbane while the Ork force consists of four Goff Boyz all armed with bolt pistols and axes.

The Setup 

The game takes place in one of the slums of Freeport City. It is a warren of dark alleyways, buildings constructed from a plethora of materials ranging from adobe to plascrete and scrap. The street, such as it is, is littered with junk and smells vaguely of boiled cabbage, a sure sign of Orkish inhabitation.

Fisher and Geralt begin the game on the southern edge of the board whilst the Orks begin at the north. The Inquisitor needs to survive the encounter and if possible exit the board's northern edge. The Orks are out for blood and must kill Fisher but will settle for Geralt if the opportunity allows it.

The Game

As I already mentioned, I am using a bit of a random mix of gaming elements, some of which may get bodged further as I play.

Each turn begins with a dice roll to see if any Hero Points are generated using my old Space Crusade dice with the red dice being the Hero's and the white the Villains. These points can be used to perform feats, be they impressive attacks, extra moves or in the case of Fisher, glaring.

Turn one begins with Fisher seizing the initiative and moving confidently forward towards the approaching Orks, snapping off a shot at the distant figures with her las pistol but failing to hit the leering xenos. As the Orks move towards the Imperial agents, Geralt uses his Move It! feat to sprint forward towards one of the Boyz who has foolishly split away from the rest of his companions.

Turn two sees no Hero Points rolled and the Orks take the initiative with the lone boy on the flank rushing towards Geralt firing wildly with his pistol but failing to damage the Wolfbane. In return, Geralt bellows his clan's warcry and charges the Ork.

A stellar couple of dice rolls sees the surprised Ork badly wounded by Geralt's blistering attack and things may be looking up for the Imperials.

The second Ork, seeing the approaching Inquisitor, opens fire with its bolt pistol and despite her armour, Fisher takes a point of damage.

Cursing as blood begins to trickle from the graze on her cheek caused by the shell exploding on her shoulder pad and hearing Geralt's warcry, Fisher activates her power sword and lunges at the Ork who fired upon her. Unfortunately, she fails to damage the Ork who nimbly ducks under the glowing red blades swing and loses the spike from the top of his helmet instead of his head.

The remaining two Orks rush down the alley on the western flank, determined to get behind Fishers party and attack from the rear.

The Imperials win initiative in turn three and roll a Hero Point too and Geralt runs his blade through the Ork he had been fighting. As he kicks the corpse of the greenskin off his blade, he hears hobnailed boots pounding down a nearby alleyway and hurries towards Fisher, aware that she's about to be outflanked.

Fisher uses a Hero Point to perform her Imperious Glare feat on the Ork as it tries to swing at her and her piercing ice blue eye makes contact with the red of the Goff and he quails under the judging stare (he had rolled a really good attack dice and the re-roll resulted in him rolling poorly!) Taking advantage of the creatures momentary pause, Fisher sweeps her power blade and sends the beasts head flying from its shoulders.

Unfortunately Fisher doesn't get chance to savour her victory as the two remaining Orks burst out of the alley behind her and one opens fire with his pistol at her unprotected back and sends the Inquisitor sprawling. Bellowing in victory, the greenskin rushes forward to finish the job brandishing its axe but is surprised to find the supposedly deceased Fisher pull herself to her feet and meet his charge with a curse.

The second Ork, sees Geralt emerging from the other end of the alley, covered in green blood from the Ork he slew and opens fire but Geralt avoids the shells and they scream past his head before ricocheting off a nearby wall. 

Turn four begins and once again no Hero Points are rolled. Inquisitor Fisher and the Goff in melee with her exchange a flurry of blows but fail to find their marks but Fisher is keenly aware of the fact that the shot to the back has pierced her armour and she is bleeding pretty badly.

Geralt rushes the Ork that fired on him and in another brutal attack wounds the beast, driving it backwards with a flurry of swings with his punisher sword. In response, the Ork fails to damage the Wolfbane.

Turn five one again sees a decided lack of Hero Points and the swirling melee that continues sees Geralt stagger as the wounded and now throughly enraged Ork smash his axe into Geralt's side, cutting through his armour and into his flesh. Grunting in pain, Geralt swipes at the beast, failing to damage it but driving it back somewhat.

Things are looking equally grim for Fisher as the Ork fighting her proves that a wounded Ork is a dangerous Ork as it scores another wound on her and she fights down the pain and snarls at the beast, determined to wipe the sneer off its face if its the last thing she does.

Turn six begins with no Hero Points being rolled once again but Imperial pluck wins out as focusing all her rage into a well timed thrust, Fisher runs the sneering Ork through and disembowels the greenskin. Pausing to kick the dying creature in the head, she staggers towards the Wolfbane who is bleeding like a stuck pig as the Ork he is fighting scores another hit, breaking his sword arm. 

Before the creature can celebrate, Geralt lifts his pistol and sends an explosive bolt into it's head sending it sprawling to the ground, skull shattered and quite dead.


Geralt slumps and groans, not sure where hurts more, his cracked and broken ribs or his badly mangled arm but sees an equally bloody Fisher glaring down at him. "Come on Geralt, there's no time to lie around feeling sorry for yourself. I'm sure there are more of them out there so suck it up". Sighing, the Wolfbane pulls himself to his feet and painfully follows his boss towards the safety of a local agents compound wondering if he can have a day off after this and plaintively wishing for a drink or ten.

So there we go! Fisher and Geralt have avoided an ambush but what are the Orks motives? Is this a simple attack of opportunity or is there more at work than it appears. Hopefully once they've both been patched up, the Inquisitorial team will be able to get to the bottom of it!

The bodged rules went pretty well and it was a good fun game with the two heroes fighting off a group of goons and my only regret was I didn't get enough hero points to perform any really powerful attacks but I had great fun playing the game and will need to play another soon!

I'm really enjoying playing games with only a handful of figures a side as I can get a game in quickly and don't have to paint too much to get a new force into play either which is a definite bonus.

I've got today off and have a vague plan of playing a game of Planet 28, one of Song of Blasters and one of Brutal Quest which will give me lots to post about in the coming days so watch this space but until then, All the best!

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Havok Meets Space Crusade


Just a quick post today as I've been really busy at work but did manage to play out a game or two!

I've been bodging together some really simple rules based on Space Crusade and Havok to allow me to play a super quick skirmish and gave it a bit of a try through the other night featuring Inquisitor Fisher and Geralt the Wolfbane encountering some marauding Orks in the slums of Freeport City.

For those who don't remember Havok, it was briefly released in the mid 90's by Blubird Toys in the UK and had a selection of prepainted miniatures and the odd vehicle. While the rules were super light, I did love the artwork which was very 2000AD and the figures themselves are rather good and sculpted by Bob Naismith no less so have a real Oldhammer vibe to them and I really need to pick up a few more at some point!

Using the Kommander's Manual (or rules leaflet) along with a selection of dice I've had lying around from various games, I quickly statted up a couple of characters and had a bash!

Essentially each character had two actions and to shoot or fight and perform armour saves had to roll a number of Havok dice to see how effective their action was. It's a super simple mechanic but worked fairly well but I decided to add a bit of oomph to it by rolling a red Space Crusade dice with the resulting number being Hero Points that allowed the good guys to add an extra Havok dice to their roll.

It was a really fun game but I need to work on giving each character some more individuality as at present they all have the same abilities. I eventually started rolling an old Sustained Fire dice from 2nd edition 40k when the heroes used a Hero Point with the resulting roll giving them 1,2 or 3 extra dice and the possibility of a fumble which removed one of their dice to spice it up further and it really worked well with Inquisitor Fisher blasting one Ork boy with a fusillade of Las Pistol Fire and allows for some really brutal close combat.

The further addition of a white Space Crusade dice to give the bad guys Villain Points gave them the opportunity to do some unexpected stuff themselves and resulted in Geralt getting badly beaten up by the Ork Boss.

Sadly my phone was running low on charge and I only managed to get a couple of photos but I plan on playing another session this evening and recording the results as well as posting the draft rules so folks can have a bash themselves it they like.

I'm planning on keeping playing around with the dice mechanics and rules themselves so the battle report may turn into a bit of a ramble into playtesting but we shall see how we get on!

In other news, I have a Chronopia post that I've been working on over the last few days following the release of the latest images that have been making the rounds on Facebook but am unsure if I should post it as I may be being a bit too critical. While I was super excited to hear that Chronopia was making a comeback, the more I see, the less I feel it's a viable project and that it's clearly a fan project with a bit of funding rather than a professional product.

If folks do want to know more, let me know and I'll try to reduce the wailing and gnashing of teeth and post my opinion on what we've seen thus far but in the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Rogue Trader Meets Necromunda With a Bit of Inquisitor!


Well I've been back to work for a week and it's been fantastic but also fantastically busy which has left me exhausted when I get home and in no fit state to deal with any hobbying but I've spent a bit of time looking at the possibility of combining Rogue Trader, Necromunda and Inquisitor into a game that I'm thinking about trying to play.

It sounds a bit mental but I'm thinking of incorporating some elements from each, essentially the core game of Rogue Trader, the combat style of Necromunda and the D100 dice shenanigans of Inquisitor.

I'm not sure how it will work out but I'm hoping to get the characters and scenario written up over the coming days and try and play the game this weekend. 

To be honest, I'm not quite sure where the idea has come from but I'm keen on trying to see how different elements of each game work together. It may work perfectly well or be an unmitigated disaster but it will be interesting to see how it goes as Inquisitor Fisher and co are pitted against their old foes, the Orks as the followers of the possibly deceased Uruk the Unruly seek vengeance upon the forces of the Imperium. 

I suspect it will involve at most a half dozen figures a side and will be a heavily scenario driven but we shall see how it turns out and I hope to post some ramblings about the process as I get things put together so watch this space and until then, All the best!

Friday, 30 April 2021

Necromunda and Inspiration Lost


I recently spotted a cheap stack of Necromunda books on Ebay and managed to snag them for a really good price and when they arrived I found myself struck by just how inspiring the old GW stuff used to be!

I managed to get the Necromunda Rulebook, Sourcebook, Outlanders, Getting Started and the Painting and Modelling pamphlet.

Now I will be taking a more indepth look at the awesomeness of the rules and sourcebooks in the future but I found myself really drawn to the Painting and Modelling pamphlet that was included in the original boxed set.

It's literally an eight page booklet but it's full of awesome stuff that I can't help but feel GW is now missing. You get a simple guide to painting figures up to a decent but not unachievable standard. It also gives you a few examples of conversions:

I've got a few of the old Necromunda Goliath and Orlock plastics and for their time, they were pretty good, even if the Goliaths had arms like gorillas and I really miss the simplicity of plastic figures. You can paint up a force relatively quickly and easily but the new super detailed stuff seems to me to be just too much. I don't need a lowly grunt to have as much detail as the mightiest of heroes! 

There's also a section on the brilliant cardboard terrain and how to make it a bit sturdier:

I love the old cardboard terrain GW made back in the day. It allowed you to have a great table to fight over without spending an absolute fortune. Yes it may be not super realistic but I'd use it today in a heartbeat if I had it as it really gives the claustrophobic feel of Necromunda's underhive simply and easily. 

Finally, it even includes a bit on how to make some simple terrain of your own! Remember when GW actively encouraged you to have a bash at making terrain from household materials resulting in most of us having a box of assorted tat to delve into when we want to make stuff? 

It's simple and easy but fun to make and I'm hoping to have a bash at making it myself! Gone are the days when GW encouraged such creativity and inspiration as now its all about super expensive plastic scenery kits resulting in so many boards beginning to look the same. 

Remember the old pics from White Dwarf with utterly amazing handmade terrain like this:

I personally find this sort of thing more inspiring than looking at the new stuff. It's got so many small details that draw the eye and while it's stunningly made and painted, I do think I could aspire to making something similar with a bit of work!

Finally, there's the back cover with some lovely 'Eavy Metal gangers, Goblin Green bases included:

If you can find it, it's a really inspiring little pamphlet that one can find all manner of inspiration for their hobbying and I plan to use it as the basis for some industrial terrain for my Inquisitorial agents and possibly the odd gang or two to fight over.

I've got a load of supplies stashed in my bits box and a fair amount of small odds and ends already done but need a load more to really give the cluttered and ramshackle battlefield of the far future and plan on spending the month of May in a bit of a terrain making bash.

I've also been keeping my eye out on possible bits and found this at Lidl:

With a bit of work, it will be getting turned into a raised gantry and cost me £5.99 and I'm looking forward to getting to work on it!

Hopefully I'll have some more posts in the coming days with a load of terrain as well as some more indepth dives into the Necromunda books but until then, All the best!