Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Siren Call...

Morning folks!

It's been a while since I updated the blog but with lots of Real Life goings on, I've not really had much chance to do anything hobby related for ages.

My return to 15mm sci-fi gaming has really reinvigorated my hobby interest and I've rather enjoyed putting together lots of random terrain and painting some small chaps to fight over it but it has got me to wondering about doing something similar for the fantasy side of things...

Now I've tried 15mm fantasy before with my Slann warband and Dwarf Troops that I put together a couple of years ago but sadly both got sold off when I moved house as I had lost interest in the projects.


I've been thinking of putting together some smallish forces with vague hopes of playing some fantasy gubbins, be it an edition of Warhammer or Dragon Rampant but have been putting off any decision as I am just not sure what exact scale to go for.


While 15mm is a fantastic scale to work with, I have seen some amazing stuff done in 10mm, 6mm and even 2mm scale that has me wondering if I can scratch the fantasy itch in a more micro scale sort of way on a similarly micro budget.

I must admit that I am rather conflicted by what to do as on the one hand, I'd love to collect a force in classic 28mm scale but know that is just not going to happen. The next option of 15mm is sorely tempting as figures cost an average of 40p each and have enough detail to be characterful without taking an age to paint and still have enough personality to make for an interesting painting project.

10mm seems to be getting a lot of fantasy gamers interest too with Minihammer being quite popular:

Minihammer Bretonnians (image by Lord Gnarkill over on the Ninth Age forum)

There's a lot to be said for putting together a decent sized force and being able to play a couple of thousand points of Warhammer on a 2'x3' surface and I've seen some cracking armies too but outwith human armies, the available ranges are a bit spotty.

Moving down to 6mm, I actually have a decent Horned Folk force put together for my take on Leviathan:
Horned Folk

Sadly there's not too much choice in the UK for 6mm fantasy at the moment. Irregular produces a large range but I must admit that I have struggled with painting them and the Microworld range, while lovely is a US import that makes it rather too expensive for the purposes of what I am going for.

The final scale I have been looking at is the teeny tiny 2mm:

Tiny 2mm armies (pic from Steel on Sand)

At this tiny scale, individual figures are pretty indistinct but one can get the impression of huge armies duking it. At this scale, as with 6mm, things are going to be more suited to the likes of Warmaster than Warhammer but it might be an interesting project to attempt if I'm feeling a bit mental.

It's all a bit perplexing and I seem to be rather stuck on just what to try, if anything as the urge to try is becoming ever more difficult to resist!

Maybe I just need to experiment a bit as I do have some 15mm, 10mm and 6mm fantasy gubbins kicking about my bits box at the moment so I think I will just need to sit down and try painting a few test figures and see how things go...

In the meantime, I hope to get some more sci-fi goodies added in the next couple of days so watch this space!

All the best!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Squigs Spotted!


Sadly I'm down to my last couple of days of holiday but I have managed to paint a couple of new additions to my Badmoon Warband in the form of a trio of Squigs:


I sculpted these little chaps from a plastic bead with some wire and a bit of greenstuff and am really quite pleased with how they turned out!

Squiggly Beasts

I was originally going to go with the traditional bright reds and oranges for the little guys but settled on a more ruddy finish and I must say the wet, fleshy look that the paint has left them in really suits the little fellows.

Squigs with Prodder team

The three took about an hour to sculpt all told and I have another three to make for my second prodder team so expect to see more of the little blighters soon!

In the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Space Pudding Cultist Temple


I'm about to flit off on a weeks much needed holidays but have managed to finish the newest addition to my terrain collection, the Pudding Cultist Temple!

 The Space Pudding Temple in all it's glory with Brother Maynard, resident loon.

Constructed from a hexagonal box from Hobbycraft, a loo roll tube and lots of bits of cardboard, plastic and grease proof paper, the temple makes an interesting addition to my collection. Be it a simple objective in a game or source of a sinister cult of brain eating space monsters, I've wanted to build one for a while!

I wanted to have a suitably grubby and somewhat dilapidated building in keeping with the rest of my collection but wanted to brighten it up a bit so settled on turquoise for the frontage. I then got the suggestion of adding pink details to it by my wife and think the combination looks pretty decent!

 The Pud Is Good!

I went to town on adding lots of hand written signs on the entryway, be they prayers from supplicants, or advertising slogans written by the cult leader, they added a bit of interest to the building and helped add to the somewhat demented ramblings of a cult of Space Pudding worshippers! 

The posters are made from greaseproof paper with a wash of brown paint to give them a more parchment style of finish and they look the business too with lots of pudding related commandments and ravings.

 Puds for the Pud God! Puddings for the Pudding Throne!

It took me quite a long time to construct and even longer to paint but I am really pleased with the finish and can't help but feel that it will be the focus for several campaigns in the future. Now all I need to do is paint up some suitably masked goons to act as cult members (I have quite a few ideas for this but more on them later!).

 Spycam view

There's enough space on the roof to land a small VTOL or add barricades for when the unbelievers need to be roughed up a bit too.

 Brother Maynard inspects the devotional texts

As I mentioned, I am about to head off on holiday so won't be able to do any more hobby related gubbins till I get back but think my next update will probably be some much needed figures as I an becoming obsessed with making terrain to the detriment of my leadpile!

Creepy Bag Lady inspects the signage, maybe Mr Tinkles would like to join...

Hopefully I will return from said holidays brimming with energy and raring to go on the further investigations into 15mm goodies and my reimagined Imperium setting but in the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

15mm Scale Hive Terrain


It's been a bit quiet here for the last couple of weeks but I've been really busy with hobby related shenanigans!

I've been collecting used till rolls for quite a while now to use for some suitably grubby industrial hive terrain and I've spent the last two weeks building and painting the first few pieces:

 First Hive terrain

I've got lots more on the go at the moment including some larger pieces which I will be adding to the collection in the coming weeks.

At present, the largest piece of terrain I have is the Core Column:


Made from a toilet roll, till roll cores and assorted plastic, card and wire, it will eventually provide me with a second level of walkways to heighten the battlefield.

I made a point of making the terrain as grubby as possible and went to town on adding rust, dust and lots of graffiti.

I've also got some more figures painted! The chap on the left is a heavy industrial unit from GZG and painted up really nicely. The other figure is from Alternative Armies Space Viking range and was sculpted by myself many moons ago.

 Hive Denizens

I've painted him up as another member of my Demihuman force and while the figure is a bit crude, I rather enjoyed painting him.

Next up, there's the vent column, a slightly shorter piece of terrain but still adds some much needed height to the board:

Again I went to town with adding washes to give the piece a really grubby finish and added lots of graffiti, including the MOFO logo (MOllusc Freedom Organisation).

Next up, there's the smaller columns which I need to make another half dozen or so to finish off my terrain collection:

I've really been enjoying making this terrain and need to build some larger structures for my assorted forces to fight over including more surface level terrain but I have plans for processing plants, tox pools and industrial cranes as well as landing pads, downtrodden shanties and lots more!

It's interesting that moving back to 15mm scale has really got me engaged in not only painting figures and playing the odd game, I'm also feverishly constructing terrain and even sculpting some odd bits and bobs to flesh out my existing forces!

Speaking of which, I've just finished a trio of Squigs for my Grots to prod about:


They took very little effort to put together and I'm looking forward to having them finished and added to my fledgling Badmoon warband!

Hopefully I will be able to add some more gubbins to my blog in the coming weeks but we are away on holiday next week so I am hoping to have a relaxing time down south and will be taking a sketchbook with me to thrash out some ideas I have for everything from terrain to figures to the background of my Alternative Imperium so watch this space!

All the best!

Monday, 13 August 2018

O.G.R.E. Warzone


I'm not going to be talking about mythological humanoids or cybertanks from the far future this morning but my new project, O.G.R.E or Old Game Retried Experiments (a handy acronym if I do say so!).

I've settled on Warzone 1st edition as my first experiment as I have the physical rulebooks purchased back in the mid 90's from both Mac's Models and Ral Partha. It was also the first game I moved onto after leaving the GW hobby so I have a real soft spot for the game and its setting.

Having settled on what ruleset I wanted to have a try at, I had a bit of a rummage through my leadpile to see what I had lying around that could be drafted into use.

Handily I had picked up a couple of packs of Ground Zero Games Neu Swabian League Jaegers during a recent sale and I thought they would make decent Bauhaus troops with some suitable conversion.

GZG NSL Jaegers

Half an hour of puttying later, saw some armour added on as nothing says Warzone like mighty shoulder pads! I then spent the next couple of days painting them up in suitably Bauhaus colours:

 Hussars on maneuver 

I think they look rather good and make ideal proxies for Bauhaus Hussars for Warzone! I must admit that I really hate batch painting but wanted to get the full squad finished and am rather pleased with getting them all done.

I still need to paint up a second squad and a character and I'll have a playable force for Warzone 1st edition. My next step will be to build a Dark Legion force to fight against!

1st Squad complete!

I suspect it's going to be an entertaining few weeks as I rummage out some suitable miniatures to flesh out the two forces and I'm also making some more jungle themed terrain to represent the steaming jungles of Venus (or Farpoint for further gaming!). Hopefully I will get some more updates in the next week or two but will also add the odd figure or two that I've been painting to keep myself from getting bored!

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Where Games Go To Die


I've been perusing my old rulebook collection and have been pondering why so many great games that have come out over the years have little or no interest on the interwebs.

Yes, they are out of production and often the miniatures are difficult to get hold of but many are available to download for free or at least available on the likes of ebay for less than the cost of a magazine.

A Few of the Many

Over the years I've collected literally dozens of rulesets, usually they promptly go out of production but I have built up quite a decent reference library and they still make for fascinating reading, if for no other reason than the creators of the game poured considerable amounts of creativity into them. Many of them have great settings, unusual forces and ingenious rules but have been discarded purely as they are out of production.

Void 1.1 Viridians versus Junkers

With my re-engagement with 15mm sci-fi I thought I could redress the balance a bit and use the opportunity to both channel some of the creativity I have been experiencing with painting with trying out some of the games themselves.

These days my interests lie mostly in smaller skirmishes with a few squads supported by a character or two and the odd vehicle. To put together a force of this size and paint it in 28mm is quite a project but in 15mm, it's far more doable.

Warzone Capitol light infantry conversions

With this in mind, I am thinking of trying out some of the rulesets that I loved back in the day and putting together some small forces for each I try. In some cases this will mean using existing ranges and proxying stuff and in others, sculpting my own stuff but I must admit I am relishing the opportunity.

Once I have enough for two small forces put together, I plan on posting a review of the rulest I plan on using and playing a few small battle reports featuring the forces. If nothing else, this will give me the excuse to paint some unusual warbands to add to Farpoint's diverse setting and will also give me the chance to actually play a game or two.

If it inspires folks to try out one or more of these old but great games, all the better!

Looking through my collection, I actually have enough stuff to get started on converting a small force and will post some updates as I get them so watch this space!

Hopefully I will be able to post an article or two a week on progress, be it thoughts on the setting and rules or conversion and painting work as the project goes forward and it will give me a little bit of direction when it comes to my hobby too. I also figure that the need to only paint 10-20 figures for the most part will make things a bit more interesting and not result in me getting bogged down.

I also plan on writing up more background to Farpoint as it develops and new forces, factions, movers and shakers appear.

All the best!

Blazing Saddles


I've finally managed to paint a couple of cowboys from Peter Pig. I've had these chaps for about 15 years and it was high time I get the little guys painted.


Although historical figures, I plan on using them for armed colonists and Grox ranchers on Farpoint. I have about 15 or 20 of these guys lying around so I should have enough to represent a decent force of frontier types to whip into a frenzy of anti Xenos outrage while hopped up on moonshine.

I do like the fact that 15mm miniatures are rather flexible and all manner of historical goodies can be ported into sci-fi gaming. The chap on the right is a Laserburn figure and they scale well together.

Next up, there's a giant Sumatran Rat!


This chap is an old GW plastic rat that is about the only remaining part of my Warhammer Quest collection and although it's a mid 90's mono pose, it paints up really nicely. I think I have a few more of these chaps kicking around somewhere and am rather looking forward to painting them up into some verminous menaces for my inhabitants of Farpoint.

Rat Hunting

I seem to be going through a rather productive spell at present with lots of stuff being painted and bits and bobs of scenics shenanigans in the works too.

Hopefully I'll have some more gubbins to show soon, including some new GZG stuff that I picked up during their recent sale so watch this space!

All the best!