Saturday, 16 June 2012

Kings of War


I've been taking a peek at the Kings of War rules by Mantic and its looking quite promising.

Handily the figure basing and basic unit types in the game will be suitable to cross over into Warhammer Fantasy too and despite initial misgivings about the Dwarves, I have seen some really rather nicely painted over at HOUR OF WOLVES:

Dwarves by Hour of Wolves

Hopefully my small order will arrive early next week so I can have a bash at putting them together and will post a bit of a review of them too!

I am planning on converting the Dwarves I get to represent something akin to the Clans from Chronopia which should be fairly straightforward with the addition of some boar tusks or horns to their helmets or some feathered plumes. This will also mean that they can double for a Chronopia force too if I should decide to do anything with it too...

Depending on how things go I think I may end up collecting a few more of Mantics Dwarves but no matter what I will be re-working some small elements of them, especially their faces and beards. They look fine for Imperial Dwarves from the Warhammer world with finely tailored beards but for proper Dwarves they are a tad too neat looking and could do with a bit of converting!

The other thing I will be changing is to give them different shields as I do think that round shields suit Dwarves better and will add a bit of individuality and character to different units. 

This brings me onto the background for the force I am planning! The unit will represent one of the regiments of the great Dwarf hold of Kareth Dul which guards one of the only passes through the Firepeak Mountains. Further regiments will be raised, both from the Hold and from some of the outlying settlements as the Dwarven King Gunnar Orinsson seeks to hold onto his territories from marauding bands of Orcs and Goblins.

The army will of course feature the Boar Company acting as a Ranger company and there will be plenty of opportunities for their arch enemy, the rogue sorcerer Rubik Goldhelm to muddy the waters by leading his skeletal legions against them!
The location of the game will be transposed from Aeroth (the setting of the Leviathan game) to Farpoint and the mountainous frontier of the Dwarven empire in the Firepeak Mountains. 

Farpoint is a world driven by magic, wild and ancient and its landscape is constantly changing due to the effect of magical storms. The Dwarven empire lies in the mountainous central region of Farpoint which has survived much of the chaos caused by the storms and is therefore much sought after by the other races who inhabit the world.

Over the coming week or so I will try and outline the history of the planet along with a guide to its inhabitants and civilisations so keep an eye open!

All the best!

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