Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Catachan Plans


I've been thinking about what I want to do with my 2nd edition project and have decided to aim towards collecting a 500 point force initially for my Imperial Guard Catachans.

Looking at the various different versions of the Imperial Guard armylists from both Rogue Trader and 2nd edition I noticed a rather nice idea from the Warhammer Compendium, a compilation of Rouge Trader rules, which allows for characters of different strengths to act as officers. This struck me as rather a good idea as just because an officer is higher ranking, doesn't mean they are any better in combat!

I dont know if I will incorporate this idea into my force but it does give me something else to think about!

Now onto the Armylist! I am going to be using the Imperial Guard codex for the proper 2nd edition vibe:

For 500 points one can get a command squad and a few squads of guard but looking at my collection I was somewhat disappointed to find that while I have plenty of regular guard, sergeants and officers, I am somewhat short of special and heavy weapons. Still I am not going to let it get me down and am going to make do with what I have got for the moment and keep my eyes peeled for the required bits and bobs.

Currently I have enough figures to field an understrength platoon with a command squad and two squads, only one of which can field a heavy weapon which happens to be a las cannon.

I will incorporate this into my forces background and its actually quite fitting for Catachans who are supposed to excel at jungle fighting and should make for a characterful force. I doubt they will be too effective game wise in a straight fight but as I am hoping to play them in linked scenarios, they should stand some sort of chance!

They will eventually be pitted against an Orkish horde and fighting it out in the steaming jungles that ring Farpoints equator and gradually brought up to proper strength and even get a little bit of support in the form of a sentinel or two.

I have also been thinking of using some proxies as Catachans seem to have suddenly jumped price on eBay. I know it doesn't really fit my project but I am looking at the possibility of using some of the old Void Viridians from Scotia Grendel but we shall have to see what luck I have with finding proper Catachans!

All the best!

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